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  1. Cactus Jack Calder

    Just needs a coat of paint

    Maybe greese the axles?
  2. Cactus Jack Calder

    loading blocks SOLD

    PM’d you. I’d like 2. Cactus Jack Calder
  3. Cactus Jack Calder

    Startling new study finds, well, you need to read it for yourself

    Took a course in Statistical Analysis in college. The title of the textbook was “How To Lie With Statistics”, written by the Instructor. Being an Engineer it was very important to be able to backup all my recommendations for construction projects with good “Statistics”. I always got my Capital Improvement Projects approved for the next years budget.
  4. Cactus Jack Calder

    I saw a B-24 land today in Aurora Oregon

    Yup you are right Pat. Don’t know where the thread I thought I was in went. Thanks for the vote of confidence. No now I remember it is all OLG’s fault for talking about “round engines” then I lost my head.
  5. Cactus Jack Calder

    I saw a B-24 land today in Aurora Oregon

    My dad started me at age 5 sitting next to the car up on blocks handing him tools. It took a while but I finally learned what a 1/2” open end wrench was and we were off. By 9 I could remove, disassemble, clean, reassemble and reinstall 2 barrel carb ready for tuning on a 37 Buick 6 cylinder engine. Dribble a little gas into the throat while dad cranked her over and she would fire up. Next came tuning the idle by ear. Can’t do that stuff on today’s cars. Dad spent most of 27 years designing and building round engines (Cyclone 9’s and Cyclone 18’s) at Wright Aironautical in Woodbridge, NJ. Eventually they had him working on those dadblaim’d turboprops. Though he did help design and build a 40,000hp transmission for a hydrofoil Destroyer. IIRC that got scraped before they built the ship, but Wright’s successfully built and tested the transmission to the USN design and performance spec’s. I also saw, (on bring your family to work day, behind the security screen), the vertical lathe making the end bells for solid fuel rocket engines and the welding of the solid fuel cell bodies (steel at least 6” thick) with automated welding techniques. Cool stuff for a high school kid to see even though I couldn’t tell my friends at the time.
  6. Cactus Jack Calder

    Jello! Breakfast of champions!

    Linn, glad you are feeling better. Thank your wife for all of us.
  7. Cactus Jack Calder

    Snakes Surf?

    I can say it does happen. As a teenager I witnessed a rattlesnake swimming into the surf in Florida, before the beaches were all developed. As there was a dog harassing it I figured it was just trying to get away. So I sicked the dog of the snake and used a piece of 2x4 to work it up into the barrier palmetto scrub. I figured I was doing a good deed. Nope! Soon the snake was headed back to the surf, and I have the snake skin to prove it.
  8. Cactus Jack Calder

    HIgh School Graduation Disgusting!

    I’m North Jersey boy. A small town (4 square miles) within commuting distance to NYC. Now a haven for liberals I expect. In 1962 we had the prayer with three Pastors/Preists/Rabis present and participating, the Plege of Alegance, and the National Anthem. No body was upset and to the best of my knowledge the only people who didn’t join in singing couldn’t reach the high notes. I hope they still have those signs of respect and unity as several of my friends remained in town to raise their own families.
  9. Cactus Jack Calder

    So what's an Hombre to do?

    RG, I actually have a code book I use to remember combinations and passwords and such. SWMBO thinks I am a little nutty, but she still has to ask me what her passwords are when she needs to sign back in to her devices.
  10. Cactus Jack Calder

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    OLG, “Refusal to Comply” is good. It is more to the point than the word engage. Now how do we get this into a formal request for a change in the handbook?
  11. Cactus Jack Calder

    So what's an Hombre to do?

    RG, you could just write the combination on the wall next to the safe. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering it.
  12. Cactus Jack Calder

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    +100 to Rambling Gambler. “Refusal to Engage” sounds right to me. It defines the action as deliberately failing to follow stage instructions. An action that is not acceptable whether it results in an advantage to the shooter or not. It also differentiates the actions of a confused or forgetful shooter from those of a shooter who deliberately ignors the stage instructions.
  13. Cactus Jack Calder

    Yesterday was National Liver and Onions Day

    When I was about 14 I would passout when I stood up quickly. The diagnosis was anemia, without any tests. I got liver for diner three days a week for nearly a year. The rest of the family ate other meals, but I got the liver. I can’t stand liver anymore. My wife loves the occasional meal of liver and onion. We eat out and I get something else. I’ve learned to stand being in the same room with fried liver, but no way am I eating that stuff again in this lifetime.
  14. Cactus Jack Calder

    Gun belt SOLD

    Would these hold Uberti Cattleman pistols? I mean would they hold them securely. I don't know much about Vaqueros, but I have seen some mention of them having heavy frames.
  15. Cactus Jack Calder

    All gone!!

    I would like the 12rnd 38 cal slide. I’ll PM you.

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