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  1. Cactus Jack Calder

    So what's an Hombre to do?

    RG, I actually have a code book I use to remember combinations and passwords and such. SWMBO thinks I am a little nutty, but she still has to ask me what her passwords are when she needs to sign back in to her devices.
  2. Cactus Jack Calder

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    OLG, “Refusal to Comply” is good. It is more to the point than the word engage. Now how do we get this into a formal request for a change in the handbook?
  3. Cactus Jack Calder

    So what's an Hombre to do?

    RG, you could just write the combination on the wall next to the safe. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about remembering it.
  4. Cactus Jack Calder

    Change the Spirit of the Game penalty!!!

    +100 to Rambling Gambler. “Refusal to Engage” sounds right to me. It defines the action as deliberately failing to follow stage instructions. An action that is not acceptable whether it results in an advantage to the shooter or not. It also differentiates the actions of a confused or forgetful shooter from those of a shooter who deliberately ignors the stage instructions.
  5. Cactus Jack Calder

    Yesterday was National Liver and Onions Day

    When I was about 14 I would passout when I stood up quickly. The diagnosis was anemia, without any tests. I got liver for diner three days a week for nearly a year. The rest of the family ate other meals, but I got the liver. I can’t stand liver anymore. My wife loves the occasional meal of liver and onion. We eat out and I get something else. I’ve learned to stand being in the same room with fried liver, but no way am I eating that stuff again in this lifetime.
  6. Cactus Jack Calder

    Horse for Sale?

    You may have heard that New Englanders are known for their reticence. This habit of saying only what is needed to communicate a thought or answer a question is illustrated in the story I am about to relate. There once was a Connecticut farmer who had a mule sick with the colic. As he was on his way to see the veterinarian in town he passed along his neighbor Sy’s field. As turns out Sy was plowing the field behind a mule. Remembering that Sy’s mule had been sick with colic, he stopped and hailed Sy as he came around. “Say Sy, I remember your mule had been sick.” “What did you give him for the colic?” Sy replied, “Turpentine, gidap mule.” And Sy was gone on around. Thinking this would save him the expense of a veterinarian bill, the farmer purchased some turpentine and dosed his mule with it. Well of course the mule promptly died. On his way to town to purchase a new mule the farmer again saw Sy plowing his field. Stopping along the fence he again hailed Sy. “Say Sy I gave my mule turpentine for his colic and he died.” Sy responded “So’d mine, gidap mule.”
  7. Cactus Jack Calder

    SOLD !!WTS, Custom Holster Belt, hand carved & Tooled Now $125.00

    I think you are right about them looking good together. However, I agree that it would be a shame to chop off some of that carving on the belt. My problem is the belt is too short. I’m working on it, but have too far to go to take a chance on making it in a reasonable time frame. Keep looking. I found some of my guns here on the classifieds. Just hold out until what you want shows up. I have been happy with what I found.
  8. Cactus Jack Calder

    Gun belt and holsters

    Would these hold Uberti Cattleman pistols? I mean would they hold them securely. I don't know much about Vaqueros, but I have seen some mention of them having heavy frames.
  9. Cactus Jack Calder

    SOLD !!WTS, Custom Holster Belt, hand carved & Tooled Now $125.00

    Redwood, Look at the picture of the buckle tab attachment to the main belt. It is held on with “Chicago Screws”. They can be removed and new holes punched further down the main belt. You would probably have to cut the main belt but it could be made shorter. I don’t know about the loop under the buckle tab. Not sure what that loop is used for. Obviously you would loose so of the fancy work. Just a thought. CJ
  10. Cactus Jack Calder

    Roadside Restaurants

    The Pik-N-Pig in Carthage, NC. At the McConnel-Gilliam airport. A grass strip where locals fly in to eat dinner. The best smoked dry rub Boston Butt I’ve ever had. Advertising is by word of mouth only, and you will never find it empty when open. If you are in the area they are open 6 days, closed on Mondays. They also have the “Junkyard Dog”, a full scale model of a P40 made from junk by a local artist. Great for the kids to stare at in wonder.
  11. Cactus Jack Calder

    What's hiding in our boat?

    http://www.bear-tracker.com/coon.html +1 Raccoon Don’t know what happened to an image I put in here. Just disappeared.
  12. Cactus Jack Calder

    When some trades go bad...

    Pat, my Dad always said; ”Never tell an Englishman a joke on Saturday night, he will laugh in Church on Sunday.” By the By, he was half English. Me too.
  13. Cactus Jack Calder

    Are you a turtle?

    As Marshall Mo Hare and Blackwater said. You bet your sweet @ss I am! Set ‘m up bottles. I’ll buy the second round, just not the first. I owe my pretty face to a lineman that knew to not warn me to “look out”. I’da looked up and caught it in the face. Instead the hard hat split on the bill and I landed on my my @ss under the pole.
  14. Cactus Jack Calder

    I did not dine alone

    Happy Birthday Linn. That was beautiful.
  15. Cactus Jack Calder

    Worn-Out Guns

    My wife’s grandfather gave me his Winchester 1897. Said it was no good “the choke was shot out”. Winchester records indicated it was produced in 1909 and “Pappy”probably purchased it new that year. He was 90 something when he gave it to me. I was the closest male in the family. His hunting partner who was 6 mo older and always called him “The Kid” said it wasn’t the choke it was his eyes that were shot. I used it for years hunting birds with no problems.

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