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  1. Cactus Jack Calder


    Linn, Thank you. Looking forward to what ever comes next. Cactus Jack
  2. Cactus Jack Calder

    Friendly Customer Service

    One of my favorite experiences at a local store was when the total ended in $0.38. Since I had dimes and pennies in my pocket I gave the clerk 4 dimes and 3 pennies expecting a nickel in change. The clerk said “Oh you gave me too much” and returned the 3 pennies. Then he entered the amount I had given him (minus the three pennies) and gave me 2 pennies change. I believe he never realized what had just happened. I blame the “new math” they tried to teach my kids. My wife and I weren’t having any of that, so we taught them real arithmatic. Math isn’t a major portion of their livelihoods but they take care of business.
  3. Cactus Jack Calder

    Lubricating a shaft

    Don’t use petroleum products on aluminum to aluminum friction surfaces. Use Lithium Grease. Petroleum products can cause the aluminum to aluminum surfaces to bind. I don’t remember why that is. My father had a degree in Metalurgy and he told me that information. J-Bar is right oil will migrate out of the joint and weather will increase the effect. Use grease. Lithium will not cause the bind that petroleum will. Use petroleum on steel. It helps prevent rust and doesn’t cause the binding it would with aluminum.
  4. Cactus Jack Calder

    Hey electricians

    +100 I am an Electrical Engineer. Worked for a power company my entire career. Sodium Vapor lights give off orange light. I never worked in accounting or billing so I don’t know the costs, so they may be cheaper to run. Street lights are on a contract with the local government, so they may take the lowest cost option. Also some of the brighter lights (Mercury Vapor and others may shine into the neighbors houses and be annoying. CJ
  5. Cactus Jack Calder

    Knowing A Woman

    Maybe this explains it! At least that’s how it seems to work for me.
  6. Cactus Jack Calder

    What I Have Been Doing Today

    I spent about 3 hours converting one of these - To one of these! It has two faces back to back. Sorry about the size of the pictures. I tried to shrink them a little but don’t know how to do it. This is a relaxing hobby for me. I plan to give one to each of my 3 nieces and 2 sons for their Christmas Trees. 5 Santa ornaments in all. Well one for our tree also, so 6 ornaments. CJ
  7. Cactus Jack Calder

    Whadaheck is an outside coin turn?

    I hope I got the picture loaded correctly. Otherwise the text below I’ll make no sense. The disk in the center of the attached picture is the outside of the door lock on standard public toilet stalls in this area. You can see that the disk is slightly domed and has a slot cut in the face. This slot can be used to unlock the door with a quarter or large bit screwdriver. I know as I’ve done it, when the local urchins would lock the door and crawl out under the partition. They thought it was great fun to have the stall locked with no one inside. I think this is what Alpo has been reading about.
  8. Cactus Jack Calder

    So, Are you a breast man or a leg man?

    I’m with YL and UB. Thighs are best legs attached are a bonus.
  9. Cactus Jack Calder

    Fur blanket

    +1 We went to Alaska 4 years ago. There we saw the Inuit (Eskimo) clothing displayed by native people. It all had the fur on the outside.
  10. Cactus Jack Calder

    The storm has passed

    I moved from NY to NC to avoid the snow. We still get some, I just stay inside until it goes away. Usually gone by noon.
  11. Cactus Jack Calder

    Elegance In Dining, Military Style

    Alpo, I agree with you. However, the Chief Mess Cook didn’t. I could pick out the onions from the green beans and even the peas, mashed potatoes are another thing. Either way everything tasted of onions for about a month. Each division on the ship had to send someone to work in the crews mess deck. After a month the onions disappeared. Mind you, I’m not saying anything happened, but I think the scavenging sharks stopped following us for a while.
  12. Cactus Jack Calder

    Elegance In Dining, Military Style

    Whenever there was “replenishment at sea” we always sent our best “procurers” to the line for the mess supplies. Somehow a case of frozen steaks always ended up in the AC vent in our shop. We had a PO2 who hailed from Hawaii. He would pass the word “Luau tonight”. The shop had a popcorn popper with no feet that rested on a large bearing. The division would eat steak dinner with potatoes for 2-3 days. Then back to the crews mess for the duration of the cruise. Some of the desk meals I had while at sea. Don’t get me wrong the US Navy had better meals than the Army’s MRE’s any day. However, our ship was accidentally oversupplied with little pearl onions. As many of you know, if you turn back an oversupplied item the automatic (3M) supply system would cut you off of that item. So we had little pearl onions in every thing that you can imagine and probably some things you can’t.
  13. Cactus Jack Calder

    What Are You Reading

    Just finished “Code To Zero” by Ken Follett. The begining was a little unusual but interesting. Once the storyline really took hold it was a page turner.
  14. Cactus Jack Calder


    In 1970 as an Engineering student I had to take a college course in statistical analysis. The tittle of the text book was “How to Lie With Statistics”. I guess the makers of Advil and all the major TV News Bureaucrats took that course also.
  15. Cactus Jack Calder

    Ice House

    Here in Rochester ,NY where I am visiting family, I remember that my Mother’s Great Aunt had an ice chest in her kitchen. It was placed up against a back window and the iceman drove his truck into the back drive, reached through the window and set the ice block into the top loading ice chest. She had that ice chest until she had to leave the old farm house due to age. Don’t know where the ice came from. In Rochester it still gets cold enough that I would think you could harvest ice in shallow ponds. The big lake, Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze enough. Though last year they had a problem with the surf freezing and being pushed on shore. Some lake front cottages were damaged by advancing ice foam.

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