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  1. OOPs

    Double strike sorry. Cactus Jack Calder
  2. First Match Today

    Competed in my first match today, at Cross Creek Cowboys, Wagram, NC. Finished 15/15, had a great time and received much needed friendly advice. Definitely going back. Boy was I bushed. Still a great time and good bunch of people. Cactus Jack Calder
  3. What animal makes these prints?

    I thought it would be a house size cat that didn’t want to get his/her feet wet. I’ve see tracks of a running rabbit. Those aren’t quite right.
  4. Make a hole in concrete

    Make sure there are absolutely no high spots under the block. A sand or dirt bed under block will help as long as dirt isn’t packed real hard. Don’t press down hard on the work to avoid cracking the block. Let time, water and light/moderate pressure do the work. Good Luck.
  5. The week I was born...

    J Bar, I wonder if anyone else noticed. Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow! Regards, Cactus Jack
  6. Stretching Hats

    Well the hat Jack arrived and I am waiting for the hat to dry from the first attempt to stretch it. I had already removed the sweat band. It is plastic so it think it wouldn’t take a permanent stretch. I will try to reinstall it after I get the hat to fit. If I am lucky the sewing holes will remain in the felt and I will be able to sew the band in again. Thanks for all the advice, Cactus Jack
  7. Stretching Hats

    Blackwater, Well I had already removed the sweat band before I saw your post. The sweat band was stitched into the hat with a chain stitch, so once I cut the thread it was easy to zip it out. It is plastic and had a very stiff thin metal wire in it. So I figure that stretching with the wire in place would probably not work well. I didn't know there was a wire in there until I opened the back seam of the sweat band, but I knew it was stiff and keeping the oval shape of the hat really well. The wire has been removed from the sweat band now. I plan on putting the sweat band back in with a tack stitch in the front and maybe along the sides. Then stretch the hat and try it with the band in place. Once I get it to fit right, I will do a better job of stitching it in and I will store the hat on the stretcher to keep it at the right fit. Thanks for the help Cactus Jack
  8. Stretching Hats

    J Bar, Randy, Hellbender & all others who replied, I ordered the Hat Jack through Amzn Prm. Free shipping as I joined them. I use their service enough to make it worth the $. I will remove the inner hat band as it appears to be plastic (remember Nauga hide?). I often wonder how many Nauga's have been harvested over the years. I hope the demand hasn't put them on the "Endangered Species List". Thank you all for the advice. I will post my success (or failure) once I get the hat jack.
  9. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Miguel, the boy from Valle de Bravo, charged into Tarrant on his burro. The poor beast was exhausted after the trip and nearly collapsed in front of the Sheriff’s office. “Where is Senior Pete ?” Shouted Miguel. When Pete appeared in the doorway he said, “Senior Pete, they have left, Senior Black’s gang have gone to Mexico.” “Our village is no more captured by those evil men.” Pete said, “Miguel, come in and get some food and water and tell me all that has happened”
  10. Stretching Hats

    Ok, thanks to all. Not sure there is a hat shop in the area. I’ll look and see. There used to be a western wear shop and he did hats. But if he was still around I wouldn’t need to stretch a hat. I’ll look into the hat stretchers and find one. The inner band looks leather like but has a fiber inside so it is probably plastic. The outer hat band is glued to the hat in several spots with a soft glue. I’ll remove it and fix it after I get the hat stretched to fit properly.
  11. Stretching Hats

    A while ago I saw a thread about possibly stretching boots. I need to know about the other end. I have a felt hat that is tight and I was hoping someone here has had some experience and can tell me how I might be able to stretch it. Probably need about 1/8 hat size stretch. The hat has an interior hat band(? not sure that is the right name). Any hep is appreciated. cactus Jack
  12. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    As they waited for the Sheriff to return Ed and Pete heard the shooting out in the street. Ed jumped up and headed for the door, Pete said, “Hold it pard, no one knows we’re here but the Sheriff, we want to keep it that way for now.” “Let’s wait for Cool or Jim to get back.” “You know Jim ain’t been gone long enough to be involved in that fracas.” “He’ll be back soon and then we’ll learn what happened.”
  13. ? for ALPO: its about eggs

    Chester Good (of Gunsmoke) once said something to the effect that egg shells dumped into the coffee pot before you boiled the coffee removed some of the bitter taste. He also said that he didn’t remove the old grounds until the pot was too full to make enough coffee at one time. Then he would take the pot out back and “chip” out the sediment until the pot was empty. Next he had to season the pot with at least one brew before it was ready to make good coffee. If I remember right Matt Dillon wasn’t that fond of Chester’s coffee. There was no mention of whether the egg shell dissolved in the coffee, but I bet there wouldn’t have been much left after Chester boiled them everyday. How’s that for useless info?
  14. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    After dark Ed and Pete slipped into the jail by the back door. Sheriff York was alone and listened to what they had to report. “I’ll get Ranger Cool and be right back.” Said the Sheriff. Once Ranger Cool was there, Pete told him of the situation in Valle de Bravo.
  15. They are watching and listening...and we let them.

    Pat, I would be interested to know what Alexa has to say in response to ......Rass’n frass’n Sonumma bastigating hoohaa fracker... Once you get her programmed you should try it on her and see what she says. Let us know the results.