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  1. Shotgun Round Count

    I would not consider it excessive. I think the best part of the matches is loading/shooting the SG on the clock, and watching others do the same!
  2. What's wrong with these pictures

    I’m sure it was a dare to put aside his ‘87 and Lightning for a match. Lassiter most likely has a dozen of one and a score of the other
  3. Value of three 97's - Added more pictures

    The ‘52 is the one with the recoil pad? Can you tell if the butt stock was cut for it, or was it just added onto the end?
  4. WTS Argentine FN-49 *SOLD AND GONE*

    *polite cough*
  5. FS Stoeger / Uberti Lightning Pump Rifle

    Ok, I want this gone, so last price drop: $550 local, $650 shipped.
  6. Ides of March, Who's Excited

    I’m confused - does the Ides match take place tomorrow?
  7. ‘87 technique.

    At what point do you close the lever, and with which hand?
  8. How Many Marlin Rifles Have You Owned

    Just one. Good enough for me - I’d rather own a variety of firearms than multiples of one. The spice of life and all that
  9. ‘87 technique.

    That was excellent. Much better than my hours of dry-fire practice with the ‘87, and I load the same way you did. But I do reload from a bandolier, so my movements are a bit different. How did you manage to get a hull to stay on your hat brim??
  10. Dillon 650 handle-standard or roller?

    I have two 650’s, one with the ball and one with the roller. I don’t have a preference for one over the other; any money spent on either rig would be for more usable options like a case feeder or a primer interrupt device.
  11. WTS Argentine FN-49 *SOLD AND GONE*

    With the factory rear sight. It took me less than five minutes to remove the scope mount and reinstall the sight.
  12. Federal primers

    No worries. I’ve been doing that, but wondered where people were finding Fed primers. I haven’t looked in a month, but they seemed to be “sold out” wherever I checked.
  13. Federal primers

    Where are you finding standard Federal primers?
  14. FS Stoeger / Uberti Lightning Pump Rifle

    Hi SCJ, I’m pretty solid as I believe it’s a good price for the buyer. I will sell it for $600 FTF in the Tulsa area to local folks.