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  1. Ginny Hinny


    Not realistic. Most big country ranchers dont jaunt around in helicopters and dont pay 85k for a bull. They would pay 5-10k for a sexed embryo. Range cattle are also pretty wirey cattle. The opening scene also made me cringe. For having horse people (reiners) on the payroll, who told them shooting a horse through the throatlatch would dispatch them. It also didnt say why costner was in that scene to begin with. Although he was carrying a Ruger, i hope in at least .45. Roping and loading a wild horse? Then backing that newly haltered horse out of the trailer? They really couldnt do better than that? The least they could have done is back that trailer up and let the horse run out of the trailer. Just too much language, unrealistic storylines, a bit too raunchy for my taste. The cinematography was beautiful, the cast could be good but it just struck me as wrong. The horses they are riding are mostly reining horses and show horses. They could have at least used ranch tack that was actually used and not brand new also.
  2. Ginny Hinny

    What a great reason to cheat on your wife

    I read Stephen King as a preteen, watched horror flicks while babysitting and had seen Coma on HBO. I am still afraid of spiders, clowns give me the creeps and i hate surgery thinking i will be the one that doesnt wake up. So far, i have survived all encounters with spuders and clowns and the only thing surgery has done is make me lose a few body parts that were trying to kill me and make me horribly naseous for three days. I did have an encounter with Salmonella as a child and was left with a heart murmur. And as a CSI, i test your poultry weekly (daily right now due to a questionable test result) for campy, (an e coli indicator) and salmonella. Bad Housekeeping has killed more people in a month than salmonella, e coli and lysteria do in a year but they give me job security. Moral of the story, live your life loving those who are in it, leave those that cause drama, cook your ground meat thoroughly and watch that first step out of the shower.
  3. Ginny Hinny

    Preakness Runs Saturday

    Looks like justify was able to come out on top. Its not the first time i have been wrong, just the first time that day.
  4. Ginny Hinny

    Preakness Runs Saturday

    We shall see if Bob can keep him sound into the Belmont. I dont see it happening although he wont be facing a very gamey field.
  5. Ginny Hinny

    For those who like royalty...

    His mother was a great influence on the boys and on future generations through the palace. I am glad to see the boys growing up and taking their place but i also love to see them emulate their mother at times.
  6. Its a two year stint and it gets old being told, no thanks. These boys (and girls) are pretty friendly. Offer them a non caffeinated beverage, a bit of small talk and send them on their way. I see them now and again in SW missouri on their bikes.
  7. Ginny Hinny

    Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    It depends on what he is willing to trade in return, that '73 is a beautiful rifle. <thinking ng not so appripriate thoughts about this one. >
  8. Ginny Hinny

    Ideas to Grow SASS Membership and expand the Sport

    As i see it, this game is a lifestyle. How do you market the lifestyle? Its cowboy, its renegade, its back to the good ole days. Its taking care of yourself, your neighbor and your way of life. You have to be able to convey that message across the board to people that like the idea of the old west. Sarge and i have worn our costumes to Costco after matches and many people are caught by surprise. They think its fun. Some people stop us and ask about it. It gives us the opportunity to promote the sport through actions. There are some that think it odd but most are friendly. The promotion of the sport should be through the action of its current members. Why do you enjoy the sport? What is it that draws you? They say the best salesman are passionate about their product. What part of CAS/SASS are you most passionate about? What is it that keeps you going to monthly matches? My perspective is a little bit of everything. I enjoy shooting the old west guns. I really enjoy the people and the environment. I enjoy getting dressed up and playing the part. And one of my favorite is that its a cumulative experience for what i think about society. The morals of your word being your bond. And the biggest bonus? Sarge looks mighty fine in all his old west gear. It suits him. Plus he is the technical guy and keeps us both on track.
  9. Ginny Hinny

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Alias: Ginny Hinny SASS# 106245 Location: SW Missouri but i shoot in Oklahoma. Years: more like months. Pic is from my first official match last month.
  10. Typically you would measure 2 inches below the waist for a gun belt.  But with the different cuts of ladies jeans i.e.. Low Rise, High Rise, etc. that can vary some.  Also it will stretch some with wear and the amount of stretch will vary depending on thickness of leather, lined versus unlined.   

    1. Ginny Hinny

      Ginny Hinny

      Thank you for that information.  I am a pretty high waisted lady with a long, narrow hip so i am a hard fit as it is.   I had my chinks belt custom fitted and had to go with a youth yoke.  So that wasnt much help in fitting my gun belt.  We do have a good fit on it now and i see years of great fun with this rig!  If i order any others, it will be worth my while to take a trip to the craftsman for fitting. 

  11. Ginny Hinny

    Iso 1897 Magazine Tube

    There is a company in Jackson Hole Wy that does remans on the original model takedowns. (Info from my brother that owns one). He is going to look up the company and send me the info. You can do a google search, maybe you can find it that way before my brother gets back with me.

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