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  1. How to measure correct belt size.

    I purchased the Lady Gunfighter HP.
  2. How to measure correct belt size.

    Update: we received the new belts and mine is perfect! Beautiful workmanship, straight lines and very nice finish. Fits perfect. Now, we seem to have an sizing issue with Sarges, again. Instead of being too small, it is now too big. :/ So i am using an unfinished belt we purchased, punched holes, fitted him and his gear with this belt, put a tag through the hole that fits center and we are going to send that back, along with the new belt. If it doesnt fit, he is stuck with whatever they send him because they have been more than congenial about the deal. I give them an A++ for customer service. pic of mine included. I wanted to edit out my face as nobody wants to see it but sarge threatened to send the original photo if i did.
  3. new western

    Pups name is Bentley because he is so fancy. Kind of a big goofball, just like his dad.
  4. National Reciprosity

    A point to ponder. When 2A was written, the madatory firearms training was along the lines of "if you couldnt shoot straight, you starved." As many plainmen and women of the old west found out. I still recall a biography my grandmother wrote when she was in grade school. They were moving from oklahoma heading towards Arizona. Somehwere along the way, they were ambushed by Indians (native americans to those sensitive folk). She recalls being a child and the fear of the arrows impaling their covered wagon. Her father pulled a firearm and with never firing a shot, ran off the ambush. But it shows how far removed, from just two generations, we have become.
  5. What happened to the wire?

    Showing off her body in that manner, nobody has to. She has worked hard for it and can rock it. Just be glad i dont have to see the ramifications of such a large distribution of plastic in 20 years on her. Talk about looking at your toes!
  6. Marine Dancing

    Similar to the dollar dance at weddings. Giving the bride or groom cash and well wishes. In this instance cash for appreciaion.
  7. What happened to the wire?

    When you look like that, yodeling is not required. It appears she has other things taking up her torso to be able to carry a tune.
  8. new western

    I noticed the horses and dog more than anything. They ride some nice stock.
  9. What Is Your Club Doing To Help Shooters Improve?

    Hopefully, i will be able to attend a few of those in the near future.
  10. Cooking a holiday raw vegan turkey

    Domestic, not wild. - an organic grower lost a flock due to a rain storm. The ones in the open stared at the sky, any roosting in a tree was killed by a lightening strike. True story.
  11. Anyone watching Godless on Netflix?

    Pretty decent story line but i had to at the horse breaking.
  12. Cooking a holiday raw vegan turkey

    The only animal dumb enough to drown in the rain. (A domestic that is, those wild ones are coy little buggers)
  13. How to measure correct belt size.

    If bullriders and bronc busters dont lose their jeans with them, a little CAS action aint gonna budge 'em.
  14. How to measure correct belt size.

    They were great. Send it back and they will make a new belt with the correct measurements. I measured my waist, with jeans at 33". The widest part of the hip. My waist size is 26, my natural hip is 32.
  15. How to measure correct belt size.

    Well, Sarge and i finally received our Mernickle holsters. Beautiful work but...neither of the belts fit as measured. Is this a common issue? We followed the instructions from their website and sent in the order. It seems we both need to add between 4-6". To the center hole. Sarges belt fit on the last hole, mine, hmm, not even close. Any suggestions? Anyone else have to send their belt back?