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  1. Dog biscuits?

    Australian Shepherds and they are only well behaved when waiting on treats. Things have changed quite a bit since that time, they have also changed a lot more in the last 4-5 years.
  2. Dog biscuits?

    www.dogfoodadvisor.com Not all kibble is bad. Trust me, i know exactly what goes into protein fillers and dog food fillers. Its my job as a USDA inspector. Unfortunately, its the job of the FDA to inspect pet food plants (finished product) and they sorely lack funding. To each their own though. If you want to post a recipe, i will try them out for my dogs.
  3. Dog biscuits?

    Garlic helps repell all sorts of parasites. In the amounts that should be given to dogs, garlic is non-toxic.
  4. Dog biscuits?

    Not when its much cheaper to buy them. My hoard loves the CostCo brand. Do you need a dog?
  5. ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK? Tennessee State Championship

    You all are going to be very handsome in pink! 3 minutes ago, Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903 said:
  6. a little advice needed

    I have ridden quite a few ex race horses. The reason i found is they just werent fast enough and got beat. I only had one that had a ligament issue off the track. A little magna wave therapy made him good as new. What i have found is people tend to take them and throw them out to pasture. Going from the track environment to a pasture environment right off the bat causes a lot of digestive issues. Ulcers and colic, from mild to severe is what i have seen happen. But it sounds as if your neighbors have been off the track for some time. Treat them like a horse. A good farrier, a good vet work up, a bit of chiropractor work and a teeth floating does wonders for any horse you get in, no matter the breed. Oh, and a purge worming. Good luck woth your two new apps and with helping the neighbor.
  7. Rescue horse arrived today

    I have a special place for Appaloosas. Here is my little mare. She tore a suspensory and had to be hand walked for 9 months. I got to ride her for about a year and show her a bit, she was a finished reiner before she suffered another injury. I gave her to a friend who adores her. I purchased this mare from Hall of Fame breeder/owner, Jim Wild. Sadly he passed away this year. He owned Wapiti and kept his stall and run empty all of the years. Jim was a great man and truly an ambassador for the breed! If you are interested, its possible to get hardship papers on your pair. The ApHC website has the info.
  8. ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK? Tennessee State Championship

    Here is a link to a wrangler, pearl snap buttin down. The nice thing about these rodeo shirts is they usually have a longer sleeve and tail so you dont lose your shirt tail running from stage to stage. https://www.cavenders.com/western/men/mens-shirts-apparel/wrangler-shirts/MTP134K?cm_mmc=Google-_-Men%7CMen%27s+Shirts+%26+Apparel%7CWrangler+Shirts-_-CSE-_-Wrangler+Men%27s+Tough+Enough+To+Wear+Pink+Long+Sleeve+Western+Snap&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqvnr65Pn1gIVyIV-Ch0eVAuSEAQYASABEgIkCvD_BwE Good Luck to everyone at the shoot and if anyone is interested in donating to local causes or helping out a woman in your local area shoot me a pm and i will hook you up! I have been messing with this disease going on three years and it seems that women get younger every year! I currently have a very close friend who is stage IV with two young boys. She was 36 at diagnosis. If nothing else, pray for these women who should be rockin and rollin but instead are fighting for their lives. Good day, Ginny PS....this shirt is currently ON SALE! Get two day shipping and maybe have it before the weekend.
  9. Ladies Outfits for the Price of Postage

    I will take the blue if still available.
  10. new additions to the farm

    So, which sale did you get them from? The pics look pretty good especially if the gelding is 22.
  11. ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK? Tennessee State Championship

    If ya'll really want to stand out in pink. https://www.nrsworld.com/cinch/mens-cinch-pink-pinpoint-oxford-long-sleeve-shirt-1751 Also, as much as those national charity organizations garner donations, not much of that is seen by women that have been diagnosed with the many forms of breast cancer. If you want to really make a difference in a womans life within your community, here is a list of ideas to help out. 1. Donate time and groceries making precooked meals that can either be microwaved or thrown directly in the oven. The last thing a woman is able to do after a mastectomy or chemo treatment is cook a healthy meal. These are by far the most appreciated items that can be directly donated. 2. October is breast cancer month but its also time to winterize. A great way to help out is organize a few handymen and women to help with a few seasonal chores for a woman that has been recently diagnosed. Rake leaves, clean out gutters, stack some firewood. Clean a chimney or have a service do it. Go through and check for drafts around windows. Caulking is cheap enough but the labor can get costly. Helping a woman with these tasks is another way to show your appreciation. This is also a good way to get the local high school football/basketball or FFA involved in community projects. 3. Women that are handy with knitting can make beanie caps to help keep cancer patients from being exposed to the elements. These can be made in bulk and either donated to a local cancer charity or directly to an oncology group. Trust me these are priceless. 4. We call them sunshine boxes. This includes a nice felt throw, chapstick, lemon gumdrop candies, books, and water in small bottles in either a canvas bag or nice reusable box. These can be donated to women going through chemotherapy. There are other items but i cant think of them at the moment. 5. This is a big one and only costs you a bit of time. Take her out to coffee or bring coffee and a listening ear. A lot of women going through many types of cancer treatment get lost in doctors appointments and surgeries. They forget to have girl time. A woman who is just there to listen is invaluable. You would be surprised at how isolated some women get. They most likely cant work, they cant make it through a shopping trip and are relegated to staying away from public places, so having someone stop by just for a visit is a lovely thing. And remember, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with some type of breast cancer in their lifetimes. Donate Local, help your community first.
  12. new additions to the farm

    Did you get them from that barn fire? There have been a couple lately.
  13. Posse me with...

    The question should be, "What cant i do with a pair of fencin' pliers?" Its not fixin' fence, its cowboy art.
  14. Spurs

    You may just try an upward angled shank instead of the dropped shank. I know the dropped shank sounds cooler as you can drag the rowel on the ground and make 'em jingle a bit more but you can also take a flathead screwdriver, force it between the rowel holder and spread the bar just a bit. The rowel against the metal will give you plenty of jingle. I have had to do that when my rowels would get gunked up or when i needed more spin on a rowel to engage against a horse. Instead of stickng the horse, i could roll the rowel. I could also lighten my leg up quite a bit by using this method.
  15. Spurs

    What kind of spurs are you wearing? If you are hitting the toe of your boot on the rowel of your preceding spur then you are walking like a supermodel. If your spurs are riding up, you can take a black rubber band, wrap one end around the inside spur attachment, run it under your boot, against the front of the heel and wrap the other side over the opposite attachment. Put the rubber band under the spur leather so its not as noticeable. Also, if you catch your spurs, the rubber band will break. I would suggest either a much shorter shank or wear them around the house for a few weekends.