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    If you are on facebook, this is a great group to find all sorts of trappings. Someone had listed a pair last week. You can also find holsters, chaps, horses and all sorts of other things.
  2. SOLD E Garcia Spurs

    Wish i would have seen these. Garcia is a fine maker and you seem to have underpriced them.
  3. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Alias: Ginny Hinny SASS# 106245 Location: SW Missouri but i shoot in Oklahoma. Years: more like months. Pic is from my first official match last month.
  4. Why an AR pistol?Ballistics (P 2)

    Because, i look good in black. Its also a perfect HDW.
  5. Dodge Ram SRT 10 Viper engine Truck

    Beautiful truck and very well worth the money. Someone will be getting a steal of a deal.
  6. Dodge Ram SRT 10 Viper engine Truck

    Funny thing is, if you click on the picture to view the slideshow, they are all right side up.
  7. What's on Your Head? Wool Hat Cleaning and ReShaping

    The dragon fly was a gift from sarge. He knows my affliction for them. I think i am going to add some structure to the second as the pigskin is pretty thin. I am just not happy with it. The last i had added a thin piece of black lace i found at walmart but i think i am going to do a couple different bands i can change out based on my outfit of the day. I really like the Brit West collection. Some of her work is a little over the top but i like the style, just a little more muted for me.
  8. What's on Your Head? Wool Hat Cleaning and ReShaping

    Here are a few i customized for steampunk. The cowboy hat was a blank an acquaintance purchased off ebay for 30 bucks and shaped by soaking in a tub of water and then used manual manipulation to get the look. The others i just perused pinterest for ideas, purchased clearance ribbon and came up with them as i went.
  9. Does anybody else do this? Open a can without alerting the pets?

    You mean to tell me, you dont have to be in the same room as your pets? Will someone please send mine the memo?
  10. Wimmen That Smell To Good

    As a woman who is allergic to about everything in life, i cant stand anyone that bathes in perfumes or colognes. I do enjoy some and there are a few i can remain in the rooom with. But a woman at work walks in through a door behind me and i sneeze and cough for the rest of the day. I have brought it up many times. The rule at work is if i can smell it 5' or more away from her, its too much. Think i will issue an allergen recall and see if that fixes the issue. I just think some people dont think.
  11. cowboy boots

    As far as boots go, when you try them on they should be confortable in the store. Whether leather or synthetic, they wont stretch that much. I use to live in my boots and my go-tos were Ariat. I didnt get along with Justins all that well, until recently. Now i seem to have flopped, i get along a bit better with justins but still really like the footbed in the Ariats the best. Ariats also have a great warranty, as lng as the store you purchased them in is willing to honor it. Justins are made in the US. I have heard great things about Anderson Bean but havent had the funds to buy a pair. I did love a pair of paisley sting rays but at the time couldnt justify spending the 400+ on a pair of boots. Allie---where do you find the best place to purchase patterns for making your own clothing?
  12. For the collectors. Abebooks is my go-to used book store, especially when finding some obscure ones. https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=21872973116&searchurl=tn%3DSled%2Bdriver%26sortby%3D17&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title12
  13. Original Lumpy Grits...you need to be learnt

    Visit with Sarge about the CMP, he is well versed in how they work. He is also very well versed in the Garands. Good dad.
  14. What's so bad about gluten?

    Lol, not quite that bad but my adorable niece had a peanut allergy bad enough that if she was in the same room with someone eating a peanut butter sandwich, she would break out and had difficulty breathing. We have had instances where employees would be eating a sandwich and have their work smock sitting hext to then and then go back to work without washing their hands. So e people are clueless.
  15. SOLD>Ladies Leather Vest

    Will take. Sending pm.