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  1. JD Lud

    Advice needed - Finding the right ammo

    Just buy a Tikka and save a lot of time best bang for the buck, and under moa guarantee.
  2. JD Lud

    Do you pay bills with a credit card?

    Yep find a card that rewards the way you want...and fire away. Much safer to use credit than debit as people can’t wipe your account. Alaska airlines is the latest one I got since I started flying them all the time.
  3. JD Lud

    Well I Got My Wish - Snow

    I’m up here on the peninsula side 13 miles as the crow flies to Seattle. It’s funny how much 2 inches of snow impacted things last Monday...and now 8” plus 1-3 coming each day this week....I don’t expect to go out. We live in a quiet area of acreages, but snow shovels are unheard of so I am a popular guy.... Making a trip to grocery store today....if it was like last week I’ll need armor and weapons to get through the store...
  4. JD Lud

    What the heck happened? and what should I do?

    Sorry for your losses. Set emotion aside and get your own attorney...IF you are prepared to go down that road with your sister. Sounds like nothing to lose with that relationship though...trying to play nice will only cost you financially and drag this out longer.
  5. JD Lud

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    Straight walled vs tapered....lots of difference in case prep. If I was only ever going to do pistol ammo, or never planned to process rifle brass...a progressive is good. If you have to deprive, lube, size, trim, clean off lube etc on used tapered rounds that gets to be a bit of a process in itself and to me lends toward batches...plus I measure every rifle round charge except 223. I stopped reloading 223 lately as it’s cheap enough to buy in bulk and no carpal tunnel on case prep.
  6. JD Lud

    Need to buy some .44-40 cartridges 200-300, who has the best price?

    I third sgammo and second ammoseek
  7. JD Lud

    Initial Cost of Reloading

    I would look hard at the frank ford wet brass cleaning method....reduces lead dust concerns greatly and comes out a lot cleaner. Some folks here told me about it and 10 times better than dry media plus safer.
  8. JD Lud

    New California ammunition laws

    So I’m here in California today....and people here tell me the California police monitor the sporting goods stores near the border out of state, record those plates, and send to check points for when they re-enter. Wow... so so if your going to get ammo...maybe park at the craft store and Uber...
  9. JD Lud

    New California ammunition laws

    All this talk and other threads talking about new ammmo laws....plus reading all the new bills introduced in Washington state scares me. When I look how the vote harvesting (thanks Hardpan) worked in California I expect them to emulate in other states. i just placed the largest single ammo order I ever have even though I reload. It’s only a matter of time where I live before per bullet taxes or no buying online starts. I am sure components will start getting hit after a couple years.
  10. JD Lud

    I. Hate. Squirells.

    If you shoot say a 22 from inside your house, depending on size you may not even hear it outside. So if you can open some patio doors for kill zones and shoot from inside no one may ever know.
  11. JD Lud

    Serious pilot skillz

    Yes a tailwind will reduce lift. It looked like he just didn’t have enough power to compensate due to density/altitude. You get more lift when in ground effect from the air cushioning you so to speak as it reflects off the ground, or when you hit ETL, effective translational lift which is when you gain enough forward airspeed. Downwind turns when close to max are bad. They have high altitude training in Colorado west of Denver that most go through since many theatres they operate in put the aircraft at or near max and they have to pick what to carry.
  12. Found these recently, might be useful: https://liberaltears.net/
  13. JD Lud

    Fences and walls don't work

    It’s just a part of your chicken coop security package. Get some technology with it You sure it’s not Coyotes?
  14. JD Lud

    Video review of Winchester 1873 Short Rifle .357.

    The miroku 1886 is pretty awesome as well for 45-70 fans. Have not found a flaw on my 6 mirokus.
  15. Great summary Hardpan

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