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  1. JD Lud

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    Good point on location location location....darn it too much to consider. I wouldn't think some of the areas in NE Washington would be developed anytime soon...they are a long ways from anything which is part of the appeal (small towns near). The land closer in would be the more likely to be valuable.... I actually think in the next 10-20 years we will see heavy drone/air taxi development...especially in an area like they sound. I live 13 miles as the crow flies to Seattle....imagine when they can use these shuttles from small pads to take people in and out how much that will speed things up. It can't be that hard to scale up a kids toy enough to carry some people....so wondering what that does to land as well around here. Will it increase it now that can use that, or decrease value as now more places have shorter commute times?
  2. JD Lud

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    So my opportunities for what I am looking for go way up and price down if I go 5 hours away. I question how worthwhile it would be if that far away....anyone have a 2nd home or land they travel to? How far is too far?
  3. JD Lud

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    The theft thing is scaring me more and more as part of the idea would be to improve the land every year, slowly as financial resources allowed. Hate to see those improvements walk off. Im used to people trespassing sadly enough, typically would find shotgun hulls that weren't mine on our best pheasant spots, and on one deer hunt maybe 25 years ago I was sitting on a terrace across some timber waiting for the deer near dusk. All I got was a piece of trash driving through the middle of our field in his piece o crap truck with his buddy...I stood up and yelled as he was quite close...he just drove off and to me wasn't worth escalating. Good point on water. Wife loves to camp but would rather use mother natures facilities than shower houses at campgrounds. When we had our motorhome she loved having our own facilities.
  4. JD Lud

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    Lol reading all our replies makes me laugh a bit....it’s like it’s mad max! It’s just a road trip right....used to make those all the time
  5. JD Lud

    Daughter Is driving to Seattle need advice

    Just check passes that will be going over. Maybe get the WA DOT app for info in case chains required when go. There are some passes if coming up south route from CA where can get snow, not sure if they require chains. CA route would likely have less snow most places but potentially bad traffic. Time arrival well for city traffic....avoid 6-9 or 2-6 if possible to make it a bit easier when you do get there. She getting stationed at JBLM?
  6. JD Lud

    Interesting approach to begging

    Being from the Midwest I didn’t see hardly any homeless people. Coming to and traveling a lot along the west coast and even Houston recently has been an eye opener. I have no idea how some cities spend over 50k per homeless person around me with zero impact...except making safe spaces for them to use drugs.
  7. JD Lud

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    Haha good point on the theft part. Hadn't thought of leaving much if anything out there to start but I am sure as time went on it might happen especially if cabin or any buildings.
  8. So...recently moved to WA state. In the past have had the family farm to use for shooting or ATVs and we lived in an area with not so many people so camping was tolerable. We sold our MH when we moved here as near 4 dollar gas, lots of traffic, and tons of tourists booking up many areas. we have debated a bit on buying a boat as I live near the ocean or even another camper but I hate the idea of another expensive depreciating asset. So so lately we have been thinking about buying 10-30 acres to play on. We were thinking something at elevation a bit with some trees and clearings where we can shoot, hike, camp, atv, build a cabin....etc. we have never bought a lot for recreation before...curious on thoughts or experience from those that have. We would probably buy a place that we would not intend on building a house on. I could live without utilities as we could run a generator when out there if needed and it’s obviously cheaper for the most part without. We’re looking for 2-3 hours away, and a place I could safely shoot and have a nice back drop. I would check access and surrounding properties. what items am I missing big and small? Money is a factor....there is a budget and maybe can find one with a cabin set up already. Appreciate thoughts from those that have land like this.
  9. JD Lud

    Reason To Drive A Prius

    Got my first electric bill with a full month of having my hybrid Pacifica. It’s up about 40 bucks....part of that is my hot tub as it gets colder and more lights as darker earlier, but there is a cost for the electricity. Many have studied it and I think it comes out to about half the cost of gas with average rates.
  10. Next up I’ll complain about hotel breakfasts On the good side Hertz has their stuff together. I love walking on the lot, picking the vehicle, driving away. No counter trips, feel like they take pretty good care of loyal customers.
  11. Lol...glad I am not alone it makes me feel better. Today’s flight did little to reverse my concerns about us remaining at the top of the food chain. Only a matter of time...
  12. I travel a lot for work and nothing convinces me of our demise as the human race more than airport traveling. We clearly cannot be a superior species of people..... Things I enjoy over and over..... Groups of people blocking the flow in terminal walking as a pack....because they are the only ones in the airport... People who care only about themselves wandering aimlessly through the terminal with face buried in cell phone....they are like a nascar driver trying to pass them...cutting off your every pass attempt around them. Loading a plane...wow no matter how the airline does it people mess it up. No one can count or find the correct seat....it’s understandable for some that rarely fly and can be confusing, But spent 10 minutes on musical chairs on last boarding as grown ass adults can’t read. As someone from the military, a 100 of me could load these damn planes in under a minute....people just have no care in the world as they stroll down the aisle casually, finally find their seat and spending 5 minutes getting crap from carry on before sitting down while blocking everyone behind them. You would think I would at some point get to meet a celebrity....oh wait I did in Denver years ago.....the one I got to meet? Richard Simmons...with a sweatband and tank top straight out of one of his videos. Venting complete. Flame on.
  13. JD Lud

    Need To Vent A Little and Could Use Some Advice

    Lowe’s is horrible if you call the 1-800 number to order and set up delivery. They sell you item, set up delivery, but twice in a row had to call me back and tell me they really didn’t have the item and couldn’t meet promises delivery date. i just got a new WD combo from Costco. It took 2 months to get order in, but they are monster units that cost 1500 each and the sale price was for a PAIR for 1500! They told me up front would be delayed, delivery was perfect once arrived and no nickel and diming....everything needed for install was included which saves a lot and they moved old ones as well as delivered when I was gone. plus the extra year warranty with Costco. I’m relatively new to them but highly impressed so far.
  14. JD Lud

    THANKS: Brownells

    If you ever drive through Iowa on 80 will go right by them near the middle of the state. The retail outlet portion has a sales room and computers where you basically fill your cart online, hit enter and check out online, and they go pick your stuff for you. A little different but something to try.
  15. JD Lud

    1873 Winchester or Uberti

    I’m just a gun collector and shooter, don’t do cas just shoot for fun. I have I think five Winchester miroku 1873 rifles and they are beautiful. I would cringe to ding them up as some have very nice wood and grain. The Uberti rifles I have handled have all been very plain red stained and I would feel much better beating one of them up

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