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  1. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    So side benefit....charged it up and drove about 19 miles to movie theatre with 6 on board. It went down to about 40% charge which is pretty close to what it’s supposed to get, but as I pulled in I saw these nice charging reserved spots up front. Pulled in, tapped the card on it and charged up while at the move for 2 bucks....many are free though. Got 19 miles back home on electric again...no gas for almost 40 miles and had some E left. this van rides extremely well and is very plush and full of tech. Color me impressed if this doesn’t fall apart or have some serious issues but so far I’m surprised many more don’t own this vehicle. A completly loaded, hybrid type vehicle to carry a family for under 35k after tax credit. I couldn’t get a mid level Odyssey for that price with just a gas engine and half the features. Wife much prefers it over the odyssey, doesn’t miss the truck one bit and is 110% happy. time will tell...
  2. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    Just imagine it it right side up
  3. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    Depends what trim could get and how low....I think about 7,000 off msrp is doable on an 18 but that was the highest end model...might be slightly less discount on a lower trim. Check out pricing in Gilroy CA to use at your local dealer. depending on your state you may get additional tax breaks, but the Pacifica Hybrid meets federal requirements for the 7,500 tax credit for 2018. So you have to have at least a 7,500 tax liability to take full advantage of the rebate....say you only had a 5,000 fed tax bill you don’t get extra money back. In looking at MSRPs, I would probably suggest limited. There are so many features on it for so little extra money vs say the touring plus...it almost makes it a no brainer.
  4. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    Well about halfway home with the new ride. Kid from Dave Smith was pretty good to work with, not without a few snags. I have NEVER seen as many people as were working inside each showroom as I did there today. Desks crammed in everywhere, very busy. I should mention again they smoked the best price I had prior to them...it wasn’t close and would have done it again. i must admit this thing is pretty cool. The lane departure system is sweet where it senses the paint lines and steers you back into center if you wonder. The 20 harmon kardon speakers, apple car play and all other goodies are really handy and well done. Interior is very well done and it feels and rides very upscale....doesn’t seem like in a minivan. About 32 mpg but the hybrid part really doesn’t help until doing in town driving...first roughly 33 miles is all electric then it switches over. So if you keep trips under 30 between plugging in could never use gas, but has gas when you need it. the tech is great in this thing.
  5. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    And that worked out well for her....Also yes have taken a look at all thre reviews and forums I can find. Owners forum pretty helpful. We are actually picking up right now..
  6. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    Haha Badlands that’s what I feel like....wife’s choice on this one.
  7. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    I hope it will be cheaper. Electric motor reliability is supposed to be superior, and the warranty on battery and hybrid portion is 10 yrs or 100k miles which put my mind at ease a bit. But you could be right....I never intended to buy one just sort of happened so haven’t studied up that much. With gas on the way up might be a great time to try it....hope I don’t regret and end up wishing just got Odyssey. It ends up that a hybrid is cheaper than a gas model to buy with the tax credit but have to pay more up front. Chrysler gas vans seem to plummet hard after a year of use so I was hoping the hybrid portion would help resale, given my location especially. I told wife if we got gas only it was an Odyssey for reliability and resale...only way I’d get Chrysler was hybrid so we shall see....pick up tomorrow.
  8. JD Lud

    Traded a truck for a hybrid minivan.....

    No cost for charge...just plug into 110 with cord if you aren’t with 13 hour full charge item....if not you can get 220 charge station which is around 200-300 plus install time. I already have the needed juice in garage for rapid charger so good to go.
  9. JD Lud

    Wanting some help with 243 purchase

    I’m not bagging on Ruger at all...as I own several rifles and revolvers. Also if you are set on a price point I understand completely. Just googled a quick Ruger American vs tikka and picked a quick one...link below. Tikka is like a budget cooper in my mind....it will shoot just as good. the crossfire is a lower end scope in their lineup. I had a viper at one point and not impressed as others were. I have a venom and had to use their customer service on a dead one and they send me a used one as a replacement. Nice people but I’m not into them...to be fair never tried their higher end. Weaver super slams are great for the money and Natchez usually has on clearance and you can get mag and reticle you want. I also found Nikon pro staff to be better than viper for less money but we all see differently and value different optical attributes. https://www.fieldandstream.com/answers/rifles/tikka-t3x-or-ruger-american-in-7mm-rem-mag
  10. JD Lud

    Wanting some help with 243 purchase

    I strongly 2nd the Tikka. The smoothness of the action will put more expensive rifles to shame, great trigger, great accuracy. They T3 Hunters were on sale for like 500 bucks, might still be able to find some. I am a firm believer you won't find a better rifle for the money.
  11. Well its a somewhat sad day and I felt compelled to share my apprehension. My wife has always been anti minivan...and we have 4 kids. We have had Yukons, Suburbans, Navigators...you name it...We recently moved outside of Seattle and I have a work vehicle, so our family vehicle was our F-150 so we could fit everyone but tow it behind our motorhome. Since I spent an arm and a leg for a house out here and gas is about .75 to 1.00 higher per gallon we sold the motorhome so no longer needed the truck to pull behind it 4 down. So we began our quest to get space for kids looking at big SUVs again. They are so expensive out here, and the dealers wanted to give us about 0 for our 2018 F-150...well a bit more. I didn't want to go back to a car payment as having the truck paid off is nice so I wanted to trade off on the cheap. We then started looking at 3 row midsize SUVs as we were always used to needing 4WD in the winter...but those 3rd rows are cramped. So then I brought up the dreaded M word again...minivan...she was so tired of us all in the crew cab she said fine...lets go look. She then proceeded to fall in love with an Odyssey and all the new tech features like lane departure and active cruise...etc. Enter the dealers in the Seattle area wanting to make 10k off the deal so needless to say I shopped a lot. The first (and only) dealer I went told me I would have to do a credit check before I could negotiate...I told them my trucks paid for and im writing a check...they wouldn't budge so I left. This is why I never go into dealerships for the last 20 cars I have bought...changed my rule so wife could see the van. While shopping around, we noticed the Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid. The wife loved the look of this one, and I started looking into the hybrid part. Most of her driving around here is fairly close, and this bad boy says it goes 33 miles on just battery before the gas engine kicks in. I think that sounds pretty neat cause im cheap thinking she can make all her trips without gas and plug in when home......then I find out they have a 7,500 dollar federal tax credit if you buy one. I do the math and you can get the limited trim that parks itself (no hands on the wheel, no kidding) and has all the technology while saving money over the gas one and long warranty on the battery and hybrid part. As I mentioned gas out here is pricey, and only going up...I think resale would hold a lot higher on the hybrid as well especially where I am at. So I call around a few places, they proceed to lowball the hell out of me and want MSRP for theirs (must be a lot of financially illiterate people here) which I politely tell to get lost. End up finding a very nice dealer in Idaho with a big name...they dont even need to see my truck and beat the guys here by thousands making it a no brainer. Long story not so short, ill have the new family hauler on Friday....the elusive hybrid minivan. Im curious on what to expect and and freely admit im not buying it to save the planet..im buying because I live in an area I dont really need 4WD and it doesn't get that cold for better battery performance. Plus lots of hipsters that would probably pay well for it when its time to upgrade. If anyones interested, ill post some thoughts on it once we get hands on it.
  12. JD Lud

    Scope recommendations...?

    The Leupold vx3 or 3i in a 2.5-8 would be a very easy scope to get behind and has a great field of view with clear glass. It’s quite light and compact as well. I’m assuming she’s not turning knobs at all or going long range....
  13. JD Lud

    Yeah. Prius. Washington. Say no more.

    Moved up near this area a few months back....had to stay near Olympia. Olympia to me appears a dirty town in many places, with lots of homelessness and some look really strung out. They are very close to cars when driving downtown, where I felt uncomfortable so no way would my wife go downtown. We moved across the bridge on the sound....no homeless around and much quieter, cleaner area. People there seem somewhat smug and we don’t have to follow the rules we make the rules type.....government workers.
  14. JD Lud

    Registration fees...

    Proposition 65......enough said.....so many warning labels on everything you buy that no one will pay attention to any of them.
  15. JD Lud

    Doing business in California...

    I often joke with people that if I’m ever about to get fired I would get a gender transition ( not really maybe a dress and name change)..... I would likely be promoted immediately. Nothing like leaders you don’t respect because they got their position because of their plumbing/ethnicity over their performance. Watching forced metrics pass over very qualified and experienced employees is a sad thing really, very sad when the passed over employees basically give up at 40 as they realized no matter what they do they can’t compete. Its also a disservice to those females/minority employees that do a great job. People think they only got there because of quotas when in fact many are fantastic, they have to work harder to overcome that perception.

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