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  1. Juiceharp Jen

    now even General Hooker offends people

    I grew up n Georgia, and I was taught that it was really Sherman tha beat Lee. His tactics might be considered war crimes today, but I'm not one to criticize. The daughters of the confederacy gave us lectures after school and taught us racist songs. It was a different time.
  2. Juiceharp Jen

    1911 for WB and 3gun?

    I already have an XDS 45. Would that likely be acceptable in open class at the local matches?
  3. Juiceharp Jen

    1911 for WB and 3gun?

    Thanks Allie Mo. I registered over at the WB forum and I will read the rules. From what folks said on the WB forum, I would need separate 1911s for WB and 3gun because WB requires 45 ACP and any callibur but 9mm is a disadvantage in 3gun. Also, it looks like my .357 rifle is not legal for WB, so I'm not sure if I will pursue it. I can't start shooting again until summer, though, so I have a few months to think about it. Thanks again.
  4. Juiceharp Jen

    1911 for WB and 3gun?

    I went ack to the gun show and held a bunch of different 1911s. I'd say the Ruger felt best in my hand and held the steadiest sight picture. I was trying to find the rules for WB pistols and so far all I've seen is that they gave to chambered in .45 ACP. Are there any other restrictions, such as on sights?
  5. Juiceharp Jen

    1911 for WB and 3gun?

    I have the opportunity today at a local gun show to purchase one of the (new in box) Colt reissues of the 1911 for $1,400 USD. I'm guessing this one would be legal for WB. I've never shot WB or 3gun, but I'd like to get a 1911 that would be suitable for both. The Colt reissue has the old mil spec sights on it, and I'm told that those sights will be less than optimal for 3gun. Are the mil spec sights required for WB? Could I use a more modern 1911 in WB, with better sights? Is there a good option for having just one 1911 or do I really need to get a different one for each type of competition? Thanks.
  6. Juiceharp Jen

    Smoking At The Loading Table

    If people are smoking at the loading tables, I will wait until they are all gone away and the smell has dissipated before I approach the loading table. Want me to hurry up and load before they leave? Too bad.
  7. Juiceharp Jen


    I touch the address bar, type the letter 's,' and touch 'GO.'

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