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  1. 1873 Feed Issue

    A few of you have PMed me for an update. The local CAS gunsmith who was working on it for me said it had a bad timing issue that was intermittent and caused by a stripped lifter screw. He also said the mag spring was not the correct mag spring for that rifle, and the spring kit that Cody sent me to replace it would not fit that rifle. So I guess there was a mixup there. Cody asked me over the phone which rifle it was before he sent me the replacement spring kit, and I told him what was on the box label. Maybe the rifle was shipped in the wrong box? IDK. The local CAS smith also machined the loading ramp so it should handle shorter ammo now, hopefully. I hope to get it back this weekend. Fingers crossed. :-)
  2. WTC out of category

    I see that now. Thanks.
  3. WTC out of category

    Regarding firing 4 rounds and holstering, isn't that a SDQ? Page 22 of the handbooks says: Holstering or staging a revolver with the hammer down on a live round.
  4. Getting rid of unwelcome guests just got harder.

    We got female cats from the local cat rescue. One of them turned out to be a good hunter.
  5. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    Let me just clarify that there is zero chance of me doing any reloading for as long as I am still working. I'm in that fortunate situation where I have way more money than time, and it just doesn't make sense for me to spend time reloading, as opposed to generating more billable hours or enjoying my scarce time off. I have too little free time to spend any of it reloading, and I would walk away from CAS before I spend time reloading. So to all these suggestions, including all of the PMs about reloading, I say thanks, but no thanks.
  6. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    Well, it turns out that the Ultramax .357 cowboy ammo may be just what I am looking for. According to Brandon Baller at Buffalo Arms, "The 125 grn is 1.571" long and the 158 grn is 1.562" long. I only measured 2 from each box."
  7. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    My SO and I are sharing one rifle right now and we don't really know other CAS people well yet, so I think at least one more rifle is in our future.
  8. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    That's the exact mod mentioned by my local CAS gunsmith who is working on it now. I'm surprised it is not part of the typical Codymatic tuning for a '73 chambered in .357, but maybe there is a reason for it.
  9. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    I think mine was probably perfectly tuned for handloads of the proper OAL when I received it, and I messed it up using the commercial rounds. I already have a local CAS gun smith looking at it, and we'll see what he says. I wouldn't expect Cody to fix it at his expense.
  10. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    They offer the Ultramax .38 special cowboy loads that I'm already using. Cody told me that Ultramax is owned by Magtech (or something like that) and that they have lead projectiles that are softer than other brands, which can cause problems if the OAL is already borderline on the short side. I notice that Buffalo Arms also offers Ultramax .357 Cowboy loads. I messaged them to ask if they know the OAL of those.
  11. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    I'm absolutely amazed that there are no commercial cowboy loads in .38 special that have the longer OAL that is needed for the most popular rifle in CAS. I spy a commercial opportunity.
  12. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    I shot my first match on Saturday. As noted above, lots of folks there told me my '73 likes rounds that are longer than those commercially available in '38 special. I can pay one of the locals to reload for me, but I don't want to be limited by his bandwidth or availability. So it's possible a different rifle may become my main rifle. It depends.
  13. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    For a Rossi '92 in .357/.38, what OAL does it like? A lot of people have told me that the '73 likes an OAL in the 1.50s, such as 1.51, 1.57, or 1.59, but all of the commercial cowboy rounds I've found so far seem to be in the 1.40s, and there is one commercial .357 cowboy round in the 1.70s at Cowboy Choice Ammunition. Since I don't want to reload, I'm looking for a rifle that is more forgiving of OAL variation, or at least likes 1.45 type OAL. I don't necessarily care about winning, but malfunctions take the fun out for me.
  14. Most reliable CAS rifle?

    My limited newbie experience has convinced me that I probably want a backup rifle that is maybe not so fast but very reliable, and can feed commercial rounds with various OALs, no problem. Is there such a thing? Please advise.
  15. Storing pistols in holsters

    Ive read of concerns regarding some holsters losing their shape if stored without a pistol or some kind of shaper inside. I've also heard of blued pistols losing their color from being stored in some holsters. I want to store mine and my BF's stainless pistols in our high quality JM-leather holsters. Mine are brown leather and his are black. Any reason not to do that?