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  1. Posse Determination

    I know m local club typically has two posses and is willing to put families that share equipment in the same posse. Other than that, I would like to know if there are typical conventions or guidelines for forming posses. For example, is it normal to put known plinkers in one posse and group more competitive folks in another posse? Or is it more typical to try and mix plinkers with competitirs so that one posse does not complete the match much more quickly than the other?
  2. Scout Belt History

    Wow. That is one pricey coffee table book.
  3. Scout Belt History

    Checked my correspondence and the craftsman who did my rig suggested the buckle to the rear specifically to make room for a slide up front with a cross draw. So I guess the buckle can be front or back. I like the taper in the back because it effectively functions as a cutout for my camel hump. :-)
  4. Scout Belt History

    Thanks for the link. My scout belt has that taper, but I thought the scout belt was meant to be buckled in the back instead of the front.
  5. Scout Belt History

    My search skills must be poor today, because all my queries are getting swallowed up in Boy Scout belt search results. What I'd like to learn about is the historical development and use of the scout style gunbelt, any advantages or disadvantages versus the ranger style gunbelt, and the reasons, if any, for the scout belt falling out of fashion and when that occurred. Any good links out there?
  6. Recovery Time from Double Neck Fusion?

    Make that a triple fusion.
  7. '73 length

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that there is a trade off between accuracy and steadiness of sight picture. The longer barrels are more accurate, but the front sight can be more jittery, requiring more time to acquire a good sight picture. At the ranges we shoot, the accuracy is not typically a problem. Of course, if you don't use the sights, then there is no benefit to the shorter barrel as far as sight picture is concerned. That said, I doubt there is enough difference in an 18 vs 20 inch barrel that most of us would notice either way.
  8. Recovery Time from Double Neck Fusion?

    I had a lower back discectomy back in 2013, which stopped the shooting pains down my legs but did little for the pain near the spine. I was back playing disc golf and even won advanced ladies division at a tournament only three weeks later. I had upper back surgery last March. It was a C7/T1 laminectomy, which removed bone and returned feeling to my left arm. I was offered a T1/C7/C6/C5 triple fusion, but went with the lesser procedure hoping it would be enough. Unfortunately, I still had shooting pains down my arms and lots of upper back pain (which is said to almost always be due to neck problems), so we went forward with fusing the other discs. I managed to talk to my surgeon's PA today, and he said I can't even take NSAIDS for six months; this particular procedure needs to heal a specific way over several months. It sounds like I may need to put off any more matches until mid summer or fall.
  9. Recovery Time from Double Neck Fusion?

    I had a double neck fusion a week ago, and my follow up Dr appointment is a week away. Meanwhile my boy friend's job requires him to request all time off for the year immediately. So I need to know how soon I can participate in matches, and I need to know now. Anyone have relevant experience and can advise?
  10. Rifle shooting technique

    Wildcard Bill showed this video to me last night from Facebook. It's getting a lot of shares.
  11. Cartridge loops

    I noticed that Whitey Finn on Godless wears two gun belts. Would it be legal for SASS?
  12. Cartridge loops

    I saw that FB thread too. I think the ruling was that the slanted loops on a horizontal belt would not be authentic, because they were always perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the gun belt or cartridge belt. On a bandolier, I think the loops would also need to be perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bandolier. But I don't know for sure. I was wondering what kind of cartridge loops would really be authentic. Cartridge belts were introduced at some point in the 19th century according to one source, but when did cartridge loops on Gunbelts begin to appear? Slides? I think one commentor said that such loops are post 1900, but maybe I misunderstood.
  13. 1873 Feed Issue

    A few of you have PMed me for an update. The local CAS gunsmith who was working on it for me said it had a bad timing issue that was intermittent and caused by a stripped lifter screw. He also said the mag spring was not the correct mag spring for that rifle, and the spring kit that Cody sent me to replace it would not fit that rifle. So I guess there was a mixup there. Cody asked me over the phone which rifle it was before he sent me the replacement spring kit, and I told him what was on the box label. Maybe the rifle was shipped in the wrong box? IDK. The local CAS smith also machined the loading ramp so it should handle shorter ammo now, hopefully. I hope to get it back this weekend. Fingers crossed. :-)
  14. WTC out of category

    I see that now. Thanks.
  15. WTC out of category

    Regarding firing 4 rounds and holstering, isn't that a SDQ? Page 22 of the handbooks says: Holstering or staging a revolver with the hammer down on a live round.