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  1. Ranges at which to practice

    Sorry if I missed it in the shooter's handbook, but I'd like to know the range (distance) at which each type of firearm is supposed to be used. My vaqueros arrived and I need to see where they hit at the relevant distance or range of distances used in competition.
  2. Getting Out of the Game

    Such a tempting deal. I would have jumped on this package a couple of weeks ago..
  3. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    The gentleman that sold me the 340 said he shoots .357 magnum with it. His coworkers confirmed it. He was a really big guy. I shot one .357 round with it and it turned my hand black and blue. The next time I returned to that store, the guy who sold me the 340 had his hand in a cast. He went in the back when he saw me. His coworker told me he broke his hand shooting .357 in his 340.
  4. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    Does the ARX ammo have enough energy to reliably cycle a semi-automatic? If so, I might try it in my LCP and my SDS.
  5. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    I will do that. I keep an SDS .45 ACP with laser in my vehicle, and I'm able to fire it one handed at the range and get all rounds on target at 10 meters. I also have an SDS 9 mm with laser that has less felt recoil than the .45, but I don't find it to be more accurate for me. With the critical defense lite ammo, the snub nosed revolver kicks a bit harder than the SDS .45 ACP. I'm pretty sure I could still get all rounds from it on target at 15 feet. But I'm talking about a person sized target, not a paper plate.
  6. my derringer build

    You may find the 22 mags force you to aim lower. The 9 mm kicked enough that I had to aim about two feet low even with the target only about 10 feet away.
  7. my derringer build

    I have a 9 mil cobra over and under that fell on the floor a few years ago and obliterated the bone in the tip of my left pinky while I was reholstering it. Several surgeries and a bone graft later, I could play guitar again. But I haven't even loaded that derringer since that day. It's a shame, I guess, because it has a professional hammer and trigger job that cost more than the gun did.
  8. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    I have no problem with other pistols. I've just noticed with that one, due to the recoil, I can't hold the pistol steady after the first shot.
  9. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    I notice that the muzzle energy on the RDX is less than the critical defense lite, and so is the low recoil hydrashok.
  10. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    Me too. I can't hold the laser dot still after the first shot. My hand shakes.
  11. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    We have the same pistol. I'm so worried about missing on the second shot and hitting someone else that I stopped carrying it. I carry an LCP now.
  12. Cowboy Loads for Defense?

    I'd like to know whether cowboy loads are suitable for defense purposes, especially the store bought 38 special. I actually became aware of CAS in the first place because I was looking for some lower recoil rounds to use in my Scandian frame snub nose .38. I did carry with cowboy loads at one time, but someone talked me into switching to the 90 grain critical defense rounds after those particular cowboy loads became unavailable. The critical defense rounds are still a little too snappy though, and my accuracy suffers. The cowboy loads were much more accurate. So I'm thinking about going back to cowboy loads now that I've purchased them online, unless there is some compelling reason not to do that.
  13. Holsters

    JM-Leather is recently introducing something called "Rough Stock" which was explained to me as follows: The holsters are a new item and color, calling it “Rough Stock” which is brand new for us. It is making the holsters to display some scars and grain so a new holster looks older or more ‘cowboy’.. There are no pictures on our site yet as I am working on a second rig for more pictures before we display them.
  14. Need Custom Gunbelt

    Got two gun belts with holsters and shotgun slides from Johnny at J-M today. That was what, 8 days, if that? He had holsters already. He just needed to make matching belts in our sizes and matching slides.
  15. Category Question

    I already blew my budget on a '73 Codymatic, so I'm deciding between Wrangler and Duelist. The costuming is a challenge for me because the official SASS outfitter tops out at 2X. So I'm not trying to do CC or B Western any time soon.