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  1. Leadleg Vaquero

    Uberti SASS PRO

    Any offers?
  2. Leadleg Vaquero

    Uberti SASS PRO

    Would trade for a NMV Vaquero in .357 with 4 5/8” barrel in good condition
  3. Leadleg Vaquero

    Cowboy action gun cases

    I run a voodoo tactical type case as mentioned above for lever guns, and one of these for my shotguns https://boytharness.com/product/double-takedown-case/ pistols are in a double pistol pouch. Having all three makes it easy to move them around and not so dang heavy.
  4. Leadleg Vaquero

    Uberti SASS PRO

    had a question about the hammer, and yes it has the firing pin on it
  5. Leadleg Vaquero

    Uberti SASS PRO

    I have a slightly used SASS pro for sale in 45lc. It might have 60 rounds through it. I had intended on picking up a second, but ended up changing to .357 and this is the last I have in 45. It has 4 3/4” barrel, and as stated before, hardly shot. Pm or text 713-825-0079 with any more questions $475 shipped Leadleg
  6. Leadleg Vaquero

    Renegade 73

    Pm sent, I’ll take it
  7. Leadleg Vaquero

    Renegade 73

    pm sent

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