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    Buzzard Hill, Alabama
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    Shooting, clawhammer banjo, old pickup trucks

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  1. Marshal Hangtree

    He Hung Up On Me

    That's excellent, Sarge!
  2. Marshal Hangtree

    Man I hate baseball...

    I'm lovin' watching the Braves.
  3. Marshal Hangtree

    making Henry Big Boy SASS ready???

    Donating it to the nearest Law Enforcement Officer in Buzzard Hill, Alabama is the best thing to do with a Henry. Let me see if I can look one up for you.
  4. Marshal Hangtree

    Current Cimarron 4 Click SAA Revolver information

    What is the advantage of a 4 clicker over a 3 clicker, besides 1 more click?
  5. Marshal Hangtree

    WTB Conversion cylinders for Pietta .44

  6. Marshal Hangtree


    Hope y'all have a great match up there, Mr. Bandit. Wish I could make it.
  7. Marshal Hangtree

    WTB Boots

    PM sent, Jess. Where in Mississippi are you?
  8. Marshal Hangtree

    WTB Boots

    I bought another pair in black, so I don't really need these anymore. I bought these from another pard here for $50 back in the spring. You can have them for the same price plus actual shipping.
  9. Marshal Hangtree

    He Hung Up On Me

    It had to be a scam. After all, It's obvious that you're not old enough for Medicare, Miss Mo.
  10. Marshal Hangtree

    The Good, Bad and Ugly

    I'd cut 'em every which way but loose.
  11. Marshal Hangtree

    WTB Boots

    I have these in 11D if you're interested. Very comfortable. Leather, heels, and soles in very good condition.
  12. Marshal Hangtree

    Boots for Age-based Categories

    Excellent, Johnny!
  13. Marshal Hangtree

    sold both paircowboy boots

    Are the brown boots 10?, or 11?
  14. Marshal Hangtree

    Glad to be back.....

    Glad you're back, Bud.
  15. Marshal Hangtree

    Florence is coming!

    This Flo . . . . .or the other Flo . . . . ?

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