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  1. Marshal Hangtree

    Tiger striped stock 12ga Stoeger double barrel

    I didn't think that non-SASS guests could advertise items for sale on this forum.
  2. Marshal Hangtree

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    Both, concurrently.
  3. Marshal Hangtree

    WTS .38/.357 cal and 12ga belt slides

    Sounds good, Brazos Bo. No big hurry.
  4. Marshal Hangtree

    WTS .38/.357 cal and 12ga belt slides

    So long as it's brown and in decent shape, I'll take it. Send me a PM on how to pay up.
  5. Marshal Hangtree

    Re-kindling a old wire debate.

    With beans . . . HUM WHAT??
  6. Marshal Hangtree

    Looking for Shoots

    You're always welcome up in our neck of the woods, Waimea! Nothing special during the summer months. Just lots of heat, humidity, and bugs. Not like you're used to that or anything.
  7. Marshal Hangtree

    WTS .38/.357 cal and 12ga belt slides

    Any pics of the .45 slide? I'm interested.
  8. Marshal Hangtree

    Hat stretching and shaping update

    Lookin' good, Drifter!
  9. Marshal Hangtree

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Ol' Leatherface has got some killer lambchops goin' there.
  10. Marshal Hangtree

    Has This happened to You

    That's a dangerous thing, Bullet, letting your wife rummage around in your gun stash.
  11. Marshal Hangtree

    Hunting loads for 1866 .44-40

    Thanks to everyone for their input. Currently for SASS matches, I'm loading 28 gr of APP fffg under a 200 gr RNFP for my Uberti '66 carbine (19" barrel). Can't wait to put a buck in the buckhorn sights! I may decide to load smokeless just for deer hunting.
  12. Marshal Hangtree

    Pietta 1860 Colt Nipple Size

    Also, you might want to try applying some JB Weld into the contact face of the hammer, then file it smooth after it dries. The groove in the Pietta hammers just reach out and grab the spent caps, causing jams. Once I filled and filed my hammers, no more cap problems.
  13. Marshal Hangtree

    New Shooter needs gun cart idea

    Good job Owen, getting a youngster heading in the right direction. Keep us posted on his progress.
  14. Marshal Hangtree

    Hunting loads for 1866 .44-40

    I have a small plot that is heavily wooded and is used as a major highway for the local deer population. Due to the short distances and thick cover, I'd like to use my Uberti 1866 in .44-40 for a brush gun. I currently load APP for it for SASS, but thought that some higher velocity factory loads might work better on whitetails. Any suggestions on loads or factory ammo that isn't too stout for the 66's brass frame? Thanks y'all.
  15. Marshal Hangtree

    New Shooter needs gun cart idea

    Here are a few pictures of the progress so far. I still have to sand and stain, build the ammo box, build and attach a push handle. As you can see, this is a very simple affair that only required simple hand tools. Please excuse the messy garage.

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