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  1. Winchester Miroku 1892 carbine in 38WCF ?

    I suppose You think the HRA Henry 1860 Original . Is made by the same company because it says Henry On It. LOL Just Like S&W making PPK'S . Its NOT a real PPK. LOL Its the same thing . Im not knocking the quality of the Clone . Miroku make beautiful guns . But the are given the licence to put the name on the gun . But its still NOT a Winchester . Winchester went out of business and its just a Licencing game FACT !
  2. Winchester Miroku 1892 carbine in 38WCF ?

    Nice looking rifle .
  3. Winchester Miroku 1892 carbine in 38WCF ?

    That's your opinion. We all know what opinions are like .
  4. Winchester Miroku 1892 carbine in 38WCF ?

    A Japanese Built 92 by Miroku or Brazilian Built 92 By Rossi ~ ( Taurus ) Both are Winchester Clones . One has a Ugly Tang Safety. And a rebounding hammer . The other one has a Ugly Top firing pin Safety . Just because it licensed to say Winchester On it, Dont Make it a Winchester . Ever sense the Olin Company Made Winchesters they all have been clones . They was just American Clones . I have Three Rossi Winchester 92 Clones Pre-safety . And Two Post Safety . Once slicked up and the safety is removed, It dont matter much . And Rossi Clones can Be had Much cheaper then Miroku Clones can be had for .
  5. Browning 92 in 44mg, not Centenial model

    No guess with out Pics. PM Sent .
  6. YouTube gun instructional Videos

    I was told YouTube and Instagram is owned by Facebook. I say boycot them all !
  7. The 94 Winchester

    Hickock45's New 30/30 Video out today .
  8. The 94 Winchester

    My 1951 Winchester 30/30 Has been my go to gun for Years and years and years . Brett Black
  9. Happy Birthday Prairie Dawg!!!

    HAPPY Happy happy Birthday Dawg Brett Black
  10. young'ns and guns

    We wont see this on the National News ! Good for the Journal even Posting This . Guns dont Kill people . People Kill People . Brett Black
  11. Original SASS Decal

  12. New 66 ! !

    Congratulations. Sounds like you got yourself a beauty. Nothing like a good 66. Brett Black
  13. Cleaning up Colt-type single actions by Mike Beliavau

    I have been following Mike years . Good videos to watch . Thanks for posting for the people who don't follow him . And please follow Mike on YouTube.
  14. Deadwood fans

    Make sure there ant no youngsters around !
  15. Deadwood fans

    Sign of a good actor . Could not stand the guy after Deadwood