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  1. Brett Black

    John Wayne guns

    I love this pic of the Duke . With his 92 .
  2. Brett Black

    C&B Loading Stand

    WOW a Thing of beauty ! Must be heavy though .
  3. Brett Black

    New or old ruger?

    I like the Old Three Screw Rugers Myself.
  4. Brett Black

    anybody ever seen a Pedersoli 1858 Remington?

    I have only seen them online also . But the Quality Looks Superb online . And with the Quality of Every Perdersoli I have ever seen . I would dare to say YES . Quality should be much better. IMHO. Brett Black
  5. Brett Black

    NRA Ponderings

    Myself and Both of my Grandsons are Life Members of the NRA. I also belong to GOA. Gun Owners of America. You should look in too it also. They are ZERO Compromise on your gun rights . And the have had a louder voice as of late then anyone else ! With all that said . We are under Attack and Need to fight back NOW More then Ever . We need to Support both organization. We the People are pissed off , Our Second Amendment rights shall Not be Infringe Period ! WOW I feel better now
  6. Brett Black

    Gunpowder question

    Modern Unique smokes much less and is much cleaner the the old Unique powder .
  7. Brett Black

    henry 45-70

    I'm using a 50/50 mix of Lard and Beeswax. I melt in a double boiler and Pan lube . I use this mix for all my bullets shooting BP or Smokeless. And for My Cap Guns . This has worked for My Guns for Years and years of shooting.
  8. Brett Black

    henry 45-70

    No Henry Don't use Microgroove rifling at least in The Big Boy Rifles . My 44 and 45/70 Both shoot great with cast bullets and Black Powder ( Goex ) And APP Sub BP .
  9. Brett Black

    Simple way to load cap gun cylinder off the gun

    I load my cylinders off the gun with a Powder ink Press . Then cap with a Snail Caper . The push them tight with a Antler. I Never push on with the Thumb . That like playing Russian Roulette . At some point it will go bang .
  10. Nice 94 . You will miss that one when she is gone
  11. Brett Black

    Unique powder for WB

    Unique is a excellent powder for 45acp and 45 Colt. I don't shoot WB . But I have loaded Unique for over two decades. It's a do all powder short of hot magnums .
  12. Brett Black

    WTS 1851 Pietta C & B Revolvers, (2) SPF

    Hay Lefty . Looks like the white grips are two peace grips ? Just out of curiosity are them just SAA Clone Grips ? I like the look . Free Bump
  13. Brett Black

    Winchester 20 ga

    Looks like she is in great shape
  14. Brett Black

    Sold pending funds F/S Chaparral Winchester 1876 Copy 45-60

    Is there still parts available for this gun ? I thought Chaparral went out of business?

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