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  1. On the Efficacy of Beer

    I read an article in Biblical Archaeology Review that said that scientists had found traces of beer on Israelite alters and found early Hebrew recipes as well. It seems that the Israelites learned to brew beer in Egypt, where beer was invented, and during the 40 years in the desert used it for drink offerings! You can probably find the article online at Biblical Archaeology Review’s website if you are so inclined, it was in an article sometime either late 2010 or early 2011.
  2. Getting started in Oklahoma

    Howdy from Texas! You took the opposite track I have. I have everything but a shotgun. Hope you find what you’re looking for soon!
  3. Welcome Warrior Ridge Rambler!

    Welcome! Kick yer boots off and stay awhile.
  4. new but interested

    Howdy from another newbie! I too bought a Henry Big Boy when I started out. I got the carbine in .357 and I ran into the fact that it’s slow, and only held 7 rounds rather than 10. But I loved it so much I decided to just buy a second lever gun, a used Winchester 1866 clone I found in the classified forum. I run .45 LC, but my pistols are reimbursed different makers, a Cimarron and a Ruger, but they both run good. I have had the chance to shoot with a club and got to borrow a model 97 shotgun, and for me I think I’m going with a side by side. What everyone says is true, the guys who have been in this a while are great folks and have no problems letting you use a gun or two! Hope you have fun!
  5. Growing Mary Jane

    Not sure if you are starting a conversation... or trying to put a team together? Hmmmmmm.
  6. Prayer posse

  7. which AR is better?

    When I built my AR I used a S&W upper and barrel and have really liked it, I’ve shot light and heavy bullets through it out to 200M with great accuracy. I have no experience with the Ruger.
  8. Coffee and the Military

    Nice mug! I was on the Tigris River, so we got some pretty significant humidity too.
  9. Coffee and the Military

    125 degrees in Iraq, I was drinking coffee. As a fire team leader in Afghanistan my whole platoon knew, do not speak to Gossett until the second cup. Missions before my coffee could be particularly violent, even if it was just guard duty! I miss the Army life.
  10. First Match

    Actually she chose the alias “Lethal Lexi” I’ve just got to get her membership and make it official.
  11. People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Reverend Malachi Gossett 106712 Bandera, Texas I just started! First match was 10 Feb. 2018
  12. First Match

    So today my daughter and I shot in our first match with the Texican Rangers. We had a blast! My daughter only shot her .22 pistols but had a great time learning and getting to shoot. I had a great time as well. Got to try a model 97 shotgun out since I do t own a shotgun yet. I shot .45 LC and my .38 rifle I purchased from Sam Womack. Ended the day with only 3 misses. I can’t wait until our next match!
  13. Favorite non SASS handgun?

    Favorite wheel gun is a Manhurin MR73 .357, tricked out by Gary Reeder. Favorite semi-auto is my Sig P229 Legion. Google the history of the Manhurin revolver it’s very interesting. Many people compare them to Korth revolvers, some even preferring the Manhurin.
  14. Your first gun

    I got my first gun at 7, it was a cheap .22 break down from WalMart, looked like a Browning, but wasn’t. First B.B. gun was the next year, a Red Rider. First gun I ever paid for, my dad bought it for me, was a Rossi .357, first long gun I filled out paperwork for was a Remington.270, and first pistol I ever bought was a Ruger single six .22/.22mag I got at a gun show. The only ones I still have are the Single Six and the B.B. gun.
  15. Non-CAS rifle

    Struck out at the gun show. I’m looking to trade for a Winchester 97 shotgun, a Cimarron Thunderball.357, Colt revolvers either single or double action, M1 Carbine, a pair of .357s I could use in matches etc. or I’ll take $1500 shipping included.