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    The Cowboy Capital of the World
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    Shooting, hunting, reading, theology, gun collecting, pipe collecting, motorcycles.

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  1. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Prayer posse

  2. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    Reverend Malachi Gossett 106712 Bandera, Texas I just started! First match was 10 Feb. 2018
  3. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    Struck out at the gun show. I’m looking to trade for a Winchester 97 shotgun, a Cimarron Thunderball.357, Colt revolvers either single or double action, M1 Carbine, a pair of .357s I could use in matches etc. or I’ll take $1500 shipping included.
  4. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    BTT last bump before taking it to a gun show. I’ll take $2000 or trades, no offer will be ignored.
  5. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Pair of Uberti Cattleman 357 BH ***** SOLD *****

    I’m interested, but it will depend on if I can sell my fancy Mauser at the gun show this Saturday. Nice set. Love the grips. My Cimarron is a birds head and it just sits in my hand perfectly. I’ll follow this thread and if I’m lucky on Saturday and no one else has snatched them up I’ll let you know.
  6. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    BTT Just bought a lever action, need to sell this one to replenish the gun fund! All offers will be considered.
  7. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    Thanks for the info. My step grandpa just told me it was a Norma. I’d never heard of it either. If you’re ever in Bandera again shoot me a pm, maybe we can grab a cup of joe and sling some lead!
  8. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

  9. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    The only stamping anywhere on the rifle is 358 Norma and a serial number that starts with N.
  10. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    The action is a Mauser type, but it’s made by Norma.
  11. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    Non-CAS rifle

    I’m trying to sell my late step-grandpa’s custom .358 Norma Magnum that I inherited. It’s got a hand carved/inlaid stock done by Rinehart Fagen back in the 70s. Comes with a Simmons scope and leather shoulder strap. It’s beautiful but it’s a show piece and I have no use for it. Asking $2500 obo, or might consider trades for a nice lever action in either .357 or .45LC. Would prefer a face to face in the San Antonio area, but will ship to your ffl, buyer will pay shipping. Thanks for looking.
  12. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    The historical Malachi Gossett is a bit different. https://books.google.com/books?id=04s7DwAAQBAJ&pg=PT197&lpg=PT197&dq=Malachi+Gossett+civil+war&source=bl&ots=PmoH6UDOGK&sig=p1XH8abdkKHlhCZvGx6FgQFjKIs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwih9pKIrOXYAhUBc60KHTkdDbkQ6AEwC3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=Malachi Gossett civil war&f=false
  13. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    Wow some of y’all have really put some time into this! Very neat. As for me... Malachi Gossett was raised by hi mountainman father, traveling, trapping, and prospecting from the mountains of Colorado, down through the New Mexico Malpais (bad lands), and into the Sacramento Mountains. He ended up being a tracker and scout in Texas just before the “ War of Northern Aggression” then joined the 2nd Dragoons, and later the Texas 36th Cavalry. After the war, Malachi decided he’d seen enough of the bad side of life and became a preacher in a little town in the Hill Country. But trouble seemed to follow him...ghosts from his past found him and he had to take up arms again. Preachin’ hell-fire on Sunday, and dealing it out on Monday. Outlaws and sinners don’t want to cross... The Reverend Malachi Gossett! lol.
  14. The Reverend Malachi Gosse

    How far do YOU go? Alias and Story

    I was just wondering, when y’all come up with your alias, does anybody create elaborate back stories for their persona? I know several people, myself included, have chosen historical characters, even still there’s been plenty of fiction written about real people. Just curious how deep down the rabbit hole y’all go with your alias.

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