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  1. Doc Southerly


    Hi DLD I'll take the Black rig if it is still available...PM sent.. Doc Southerly
  2. Doc Southerly

    Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler

    I use a FA wet tumbler with water and dish liquid together with ceramic media - 3mm balls ....do not use smaller balls or they will stick in the flash hole ...can seperate over a bucket using the FA screens or a rotary seperator....Lay out on towel to dry....No problems,, no dust, no lead.....
  3. Doc Southerly

    Stoger coach gun sxs

    Is this still for sale? Does it have reversed triggers? If not, does it have a slot for each trigger, instead of both triggers in the same slot in receiver. Thanks..
  4. Doc Southerly

    FS: Cowboy pants size 44W 34L Classic old west Styles

    I'll take #5 and #9 plus $16 shipping.
  5. Doc Southerly

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (spoiler alert!)

    Loved it...important life lessons in every story for those that pay attention...Each story is independent of the others, but each gives insight into the American Frontier, some find the humor ( and use satire to showcase it) of Old Westerns, and others the harsh, often desperate and deadly challenges faced by those living life on the Frontier... Seen it multiple times,,, enough to learn all Buster's song's and memorize the lines from the Cantina and Saloon scenes,, which I predict will become classic videos of the Gunfighter stereotype.... I can also imagine multiple stage scenarios set around each of the stories....
  6. Doc Southerly


    Al Overa,,,Is the stock still available,,,sounds perfect for my son... PM sent.

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