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  1. Doc Southerly

    Cowboy Hats & Boots & More

    I'll take #1 from the first group,,,the 10 1/2 D Dan Post Black Caiman
  2. Doc Southerly


    I'll take the knife and screwdriver...Where do i send the Gold?
  3. Doc Southerly

    SOLD !!Coyote Cap 1887 w/ chokes SHIPPED GUN CASE

    Got the 87 in hand Fairshake and I am very pleased! Very nice,, and it shoots better than I can,, but will be fun to improve with....I appreciate all the extra effort you put into getting it here....you are a great Pard to deal with and I wish you all the best! Thanks again, Doc Southerly..
  4. Doc Southerly

    Three Cut, a Ruger and '73 magician

    Thank you Cody, that is very nice of you and I will pass it on to Levi, who is still grinning from ear to ear...He realizes that Iron Cowboy only had one or two bad stages that gave Levi the match, and the competition is tough...hopefully these kids can enjoy it for many years...We really do appreciate all the help you and the other Cowboys gave us as new shooters.... Hope we get to posse up with you again down the trail... Doc.
  5. Doc Southerly

    SOLD !!Coyote Cap 1887 w/ chokes SHIPPED GUN CASE

    I'll take it and treat it right...PM sent.
  6. Doc Southerly

    Three Cut, a Ruger and '73 magician

    Met Three Cut this weekend at the Ga State shoot and he was especially helpful to my 13 yo son shooting in only his 4th match ever. Had a problem with the grip screw on one of his RNV's and Three Cut told us the fix,,,and I did not realize I was getting advice from a master,,, thought he was just a real nice guy, like most all the Cowboys we have met so far...!

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