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  1. Aggie Bill

    F/S SKB 200 12ga

    LISTED FOR 4 MINUTES, you must be fast around here or you lose out! I just love this site!
  2. Aggie Bill

    How Do You Define Quality In A Firearm?

    If it don't shoot straight each and every time, not worth having! I don't like jambs!
  3. Aggie Bill

    Body Part Called Yet!

    I do believe that's where I hear it, a long time ago!
  4. Aggie Bill

    Body Part Called Yet!

    I google body part yet, looked in my medical dictionary and I could not find any information. SO, I went to the doctor yesterday, my cardiologist, I've been seeing for 21 years, practicing for 23 years. I ask him if he had ever heard of a body part called a yet. In fact I had to ask him twice, the first time, he had a funny look on his face. I had been reading one of the good guy saves himself by using a gun stories. The bad guy comes into a liquor store, pistols whips the owner, break a bunch of bottles, takes all of the cash and appears that he's now going to kill the store owner, when the owner pulls his own gun and shoots the bad guy in the stomach. Bad guy taken to hospital and the article states the bullet is in him yet.
  5. Aggie Bill

    Best currently available "Peacemaker"

    I bought a PAIR of Great Western Alchimista II 1873 Revolver (38/357) on gun_broker for $999 plus $45 for shipping and $20 for my FFL, including a $300 action job done by Pioneer Gun Works (Only Test Fired) in early January of this year. Sweet Deal & SHOOTING.
  6. Aggie Bill

    need your guys opinions

    If you have them laser checkered, turn around maybe a couple of weeks. Just a thought
  7. Aggie Bill

    Captain Charles McVay

    Captian Charles Butler McVay, III; (1898-1968) In 2001 he was exonerated by congress and the Navy of all guilt after years of pleas from his remaining crew, school children, congressmen and even the captain of the sub that sank his ship. His story is told in the play "Failure to ZigZag" and the movie "Mission of the Shark, the last voyage of the Indianapolis". The general story is also mentioned in the movie "Jaws"
  8. Aggie Bill

    Personals Ad, 1800s Style

    Today, any 18 years old hasn't even held a real job, much less bought a car or paid for their own insurance. This young man had clear land and planted a crop, times have changed.
  9. Aggie Bill

    Special Good Deal ???

    What / Who is APP?
  10. Aggie Bill

    Safety Not Working New Marlin 336

    Thanks Rex
  11. I bought a new Marlin 30-30 model 336 / 1895 lever rifle around last Christmas. I have not shot it, I did added a new scope. Today I was cycling the rifle and I noticed that if the safety was ON or OFF, it would still FIRE. I know you can look at the hammer and see if it's cocked or not, since it's new I would like for the safety to work. I believe I read that Remington was not honoring Marlins repairs? What would you do?
  12. Aggie Bill

    Portrait of Lotte - 0 to 16 years in 4 minutes

    All I can think is first child!
  13. Aggie Bill

    Rumor on 2019 Texas State match

    I found their website, (Looks like April 2019), so when will it be? I have a RV, just a long haul from East Harris County by horseback.
  14. Learn something everyday, Did n't know any gun shoot 357 & 9mm. Good luck with your search!
  15. Tow to your local gun range and never have to leave! Nice setup!

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