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  1. Hi Windy , sorry I missed you guys , could of used you tool box with your credit card in it . had major motorhome problems ,$$$$$$$$$$ 9 1/2 weeks in Yuma , see you this fall in AZ. 

    1. SouthwestShooter


      shouda called, I could have fed ex'd you the box.


  2. Splitthumb

    WTB Broken 73 Bolts

    I received a check with no note attached alias or anything , my wife and I could not identify the address or business heading on it & threw it in the burn pile , we are full time RVers , & get our mail every 2 months . I went to original posting this morning & saw the LA. address for Dakota Steel and realized that it was his check for the 73' bolt that I sent him back in March 24th . Sorry for the mix up , Splitthumb
  3. Splitthumb

    Wtb 1873 bolt in 357

    Call Cowboys & Indians (Jim Bowie) , $135.00 complete with extractor . firing pin , & firing pin extension , new model . Ships in 3 days . They are in the middle of moving to AZ. I believe .
  4. Splitthumb

    WTB. Original 1897 SG in fast mode

    My renewed 97's are race ready & not shot out shotguns , I buy them & make them race ready , I've done 35 plus 97's , they have never been shot in any competition , so you get a 97' race ready but not a worn out one . Splitthumb
  5. Splitthumb

    Cowboy Guns For Sale

    I'll take the Marlin 44 mag , send info so I can send the money ,208-771-0333 ,Splitthumb
  6. Splitthumb

    WTB. Original 1897 SG in fast mode

    R U still looking for a race ready 97' ? Call me at 208-771-0333
  7. Splitthumb

    WTB Broken 73 Bolts

    how about $20.00 with shipping?
  8. Splitthumb

    F/S Short Stroke Kit small Caliber __SOLD___

    is your stroke kit a 3rd. gen. or a 5th gen ??
  9. Splitthumb

    Uberti ‘73 in 44 magnum.

  10. Splitthumb

    '97 FOUND.

  11. Change my contact name to Splitthumb , not my real name , Thomas Puls

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