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  1. Choctaw Jack

    Weather at WR

    Thanks TL, I can handle the long John's but I don't think Lady Daisy Jane will look too favorably on the girlfriend idea!
  2. Choctaw Jack

    Weather at WR

    Weather conditions between my house(4 Corners area)and Phoenix are bad and getting worse.Just for safety's sake I think I will go long way around,thru Albuquerque to Las Cruces and across I 10. After all that I'm hoping that conditions are good at Ben Avery. So the question is ; How's the weather down there? Choctaw Jack
  3. Choctaw Jack

    Reloading old school - sometimes better.

    Shot a 6 stage match yesterday,with one double charged round.No harm but it sure woke up the rest of the posse!It was loaded on my progressive.Maybe I should go back to the "old school " process as a refresher. Choctaw
  4. Choctaw Jack

    Loop 375 around El Paso

    Billy Boots, Chicken George's route around El Paso is a good alternative,but after living in the area for 20 + years ,I think I would time my trip to avoid peak traffic hours and just cruise on thru on I 10.Just my opinion,YMMV. Choctaw
  5. Choctaw Jack

    Powder coated bullets

    Moe, Don't be surprised if you can't get the black powder to stick.I've tried several methods of applying it and still don't get very good results.The red works great.
  6. Choctaw Jack

    Slow Wire? NOT ANYMORE!

  7. Choctaw Jack

    Advice - shotshell loading

    Tequila, I use 7.5 or 8 size shot in my load.Not much difference in the size of shot, but changing wads or hulls will affect things more.Cheddite primers work fine in Win gray or red hulls,I caught them on sale at the LGS. As OLG says don't trust a stated weight for any size bushing , weigh the charge to verify. Choctaw
  8. Choctaw Jack

    Advice - shotshell loading

    Win AA hulls Claybuster gray wad Cheddite 209 primer 13.4 grains of ClayDot [Mec #23 bushing] Mild recoil with enough punch to handle knockdowns 3/4 oz. 7.5 or 8 shot
  9. Choctaw Jack

    Creepy Kings and Presidents...

    Back in the early 70's I worked for KFC during my high school years.Col. Sanders was still doing promo appearances and TV spots.The ad companies gave up trying to have him speak on camera because his language was so "salty". His motivational speeches to the franchisees were quite....colorful. Choctaw
  10. Choctaw Jack

    What is fistulowed?

    Basically an abcess,can be tough to treat.Had a mare with one on her shoulder,treated it with antibiotics. Took a while to heal.
  11. Choctaw Jack

    Hello from a new guy!

    JR Don't miss the upcoming Land Run shoot just outside OKC.No better opportunity to experience one of the best shoots going,and a chance to meet some of the finest folks around. Hope to see you there! Choctaw
  12. Choctaw Jack

    Double barrel advise

    Wait for a good used Stoeger to come up for sale on the Classifieds.They are good entry level guns,and you will probably get most of money back when you out grow it(like the previous owner probably did). Choctaw
  13. Choctaw Jack

    Winter Range Has Sprung

    CAN'T HARDLY WAIT!! Choctaw Jack
  14. Choctaw Jack

    Pants size 42*****SPF********

    Kid, If Al doesn't take them I will. Choctaw Jack

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