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  1. Cholla

    Hickock45 does review of CZ-USA Hammer Coach Gun

    I believe it's called the Sharptail and it is a single trigger, with manual change over if needed.
  2. Cholla

    Blizzard of January 2019

    We got 7" here. I'm now taking a break from shoveling and snow blowing. My Father-in-law is transported to dialysis M-W-F and 6:30 am and the transport vehicle isn't 4WD so the driveway has to be cleared.
  3. Cholla


    That would be The Walking Dead-Wood, in which Doc Holiday utters his famous lines, "I'm a redwood if you do!", "I'll be your sequoia-berry", and "Saw when...".
  4. Cholla

    Colt SAA recall

    Having worked in union shops since 1994 I can honestly say that labor costs are the lion share of manufacturing a product. I would say that would be true of any business in the US when compared to overseas. In most places I have worked, the trend is to go to robotics to replace humans as much as possible. If you have been out of the manufacturing scene more than five years you would be shocked at what robotic machines can do. With optical recognition and lasers, many machines can even change their own tooling as required for the piece being made. It is lowering the amount of human labor and lowering the skill required to do the job. In one instance, by using feeders with sensors on them, one robot was used to feed parts into three machines at one time. This eliminated the work of two operators. Luckily I am in a position that no robot can do.
  5. Cholla

    new guy could use some advice

    It took six to eight weeks for my leather from a local craftsman, but he warned me in advance and his prices are so low and quality so high that it was worth the wait. As for the communication issues... I hate that kind of disrespect.
  6. Cholla

    Home made shotgun belt-pic heavy

    I think you found a market. This would be NCOWS compliant too.
  7. Cholla

    Someone's had a bad day already.

    I just sent this to my daughter. She just moved back in with us because of her husband cheating on her.
  8. Cholla

    Hog hunting w/44-40

    I know in one episode, he said he was using .44-40 in his pistols. In two other episodes, the bad guy was the only one in the territory using a .44-40 so that's how Hoppy tracked his man down. In one of those same episodes, the villain was talking about his new powerful Colt SAAs chambered in .44-40 and everyone was amazed that a pistol could shoot a powerful rifle cartridge. The show was entertainment, not a documentary, so what can we expect? It's still fun to watch.
  9. Cholla

    Hog hunting w/44-40

    I wouldn't own a .44-40. Anyone that watches Hopalong Cassidy knows that the bad guy always shoots a .44-40!
  10. Cholla

    Newbie ammunition and reloading question...

    My wife uses .38 in her pistols and rifle. If I were to start over again, I would go with .357 brass. Some rifles have a certain minimum overall length to feed properly. When using .38 brass I have to use truncated bullets and not seat them fully to get to that overall length. If I used .357 brass, those issues go away. The problem is that .38 brass is easier to find and cheaper to buy than .357 brass. As time goes along I will transition to .357 brass.
  11. Cholla

    Year Is Off to a Craptacular Start

    Tell me about it. I was working up a batch of venison snack sticks on New Years Eve morning when my visiting daughter started checking through her husband's cell phone that he had left out. She suspected that he was cheating and she was right. After the dust settled he admitted to having 31 accounts on dating and free sex websites. I had introduced him to CAS and reloading and treated him like a son, so this hurts on many levels.
  12. Cholla

    After the storm....free grazers!

    Tell me about it. We used to live not far from there. We moved here to Indiana to be caregivers to my inlaws back in 1994. 25 years later we are still caregivers and dream of the day we can move back. We just got back from vacation to Arizona (We lived there for seven years) and it was glorious but too short. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't talk about the day we can leave Indiana for home, be it Grand Junction, Durango, or Prescott.
  13. Cholla

    After the storm....free grazers!

    Is that Sleeping Ute in the background?
  14. Cholla

    Thinking of a new press

    I made the jump to Dillon a few months ago. I have two used 550s. Yes, your existing dies should work, but the Dillon dies do come part easy to clean without changing any adjustment. The Dillons have a little of a learning curve which could be translated into fussiness. I wouldn't want to go back to my single stage press but setting up a Dillon isn't as easy as I thought it would be. All things being equal, I would go to Dillon.
  15. Cholla

    I won this Gunbroker auction...

    I would guess GB messed up or the seller forgot to format it correctly. I have had that issue with eBay. eBay tries to force certain settings on sellers and if they don't get corrected, they can end up costing the seller money they weren't expecting.

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