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  1. You got em'! Send me a message with your mailing address. And ... love the alias. Best best song!
  2. Set of mismatching grips that I used for the last three years on my Ruger New Vaqueros. They really do look like new - or at least well taken care of. I kinda liked having one for left (nice diamond pattern) and another for right (smooth) with totally similar feel ... no one knows except you. Ended up getting a deal I couldn't refuse for a matching pair (free), so I am moving these along. ;o) $35 for the pair plus shipping (or $40 all in) - don't want to break them up - selling as a pair.
  3. Ripple

    Bond Arms barrels and grips

    Just sent you my cell.
  4. Ripple

    Bond Arms barrels and grips

    First "I'll take em" gets them.
  5. Some nice Bond Arms pieces for sale. These are all from my Bond Arms Defender. 3" 45 LC stainless barrel (note that OAL as you can see in picture is 3.5") New is $130. Asking $100. White plastic grips. Asking $15. Trigger guard. Asking $15. 3" 22 LR stainless barrel. New is $130. Asking $100. SOLD. Extended Rosewood grips. New are $70. Asking $35. SOLD. All prices include shipping. Everything is like new, except the white grips, which are fine but worn.
  6. Ripple

    Sass set up. Helping a shooter move on

    How much of the Doc Noper gear do you have left? I am interested. And I sent you a message.
  7. Ripple

    FS Kimber 1911 Limited Edition PRICE REDUCED

    Sent you a message.
  8. OMG. I got an offer and went to my local gun shop, where it has been on consignment. They sold it five (5) days ago and failed to tell me!!! I feel bad that someone got their hopes up AND I also lost 15% consignment, not to mention that they sold it for less. Learn to breathe and move on ... but that is bad business by the gun shop.
  9. It's a beautiful gun, but Wild Bunch is just too much for me.
  10. All of the FFLs I deal with don't have any issues with Colt 1911s. Give your local FFL a call. If you are interested, we can do the exchange in person at an FFL near me.
  11. Thanks Badlands. I paid $1,500 which was a fair deal for both of us. That is my asking price.
  12. Colt M1911 GOVERNMENT WWI REISSUE U.S. ARMY 45 ACP cal. Model #O1911 Factory New & unfired Very limited production of less than 4000 units Replica based on original 1911 blueprints down to ALL the packaging Duplicates the 1914 US Army contract 1911’s Double-Diamond walnut grips Original rollmarks & inspector marks 5" bbl Government barrel profile Smooth, straight mainspring housing w/ lanyard loop Carbonia blue finish WW I screwdriver tool & replica original US Army 1911 manual Original style tan cardboard box with handgun & extra mag wrapped in wax paper Two 7-shot magazines included All boxes and paperwork as new from the factory Bought from Hedley Lamar for $1500 to use for Wild Bunch but decided I didn't need another way to spend money. Unfired. Like new. $1500 is my asking price. Check your local laws to make sure a 1911 can be shipped there. Make me an offer by messaging.
  13. Ripple

    WTB-Brown Pale Rider Coat

    What was it about the rules that he broke? Just clueless and wanting to learn.
  14. Ripple


    I'll take it if you include shipping.

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