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  1. WTB - 44-77 Brass

    Still looking
  2. WTB - 44-77 Brass

    Looking for some Jamison 44-77 brass. If you have any to part with let me know. If you know the rim thickness that would also be helpful. Thanks.
  3. WTB: Colt SAA 38 spl DELETE, Got it Thanks

    Colt only made 38 special in the 2nd generations, right? Maybe a handful of 1st gens. 3rds would only be 357???
  4. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Just looking for something to turn into a 44-77. I already have a barrel. So a Remington rifle or action for me to build up would be great.
  5. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Still looking. Want to start a project.
  6. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Thanks for the feedback. Still looking
  7. WTB - Remington Rolling Block

    Looking for a 1902 or 1910, smokeless, rifle or action.
  8. 40-70 Sharps Straight Brass

  9. Norma 45 Basic Brass

    1 Box of 100 still available.
  10. Winchester AA Shotgun Hulls Old Style

    I’ve had these for about 30 years so it’s time to find them a new home. Once fired, picked up from a police range. These are the red hulls. They are dusty and the brass bases are tarnished. I’ll ship in a large flat rate box. Looking at other posts 450 should fit in a box. If I can get more in I’ll fill it up. $60/box shipped. Only one box for now and once I pack them up I’ll see what’s left. I’m thinking 2-3 more. But only one for sure.
  11. WTB . . . .44 Colt dies

    I used 44 russian/special Dies, that’s what’s available. I have a set of rcbs legacy (3 die set) with shell holder for $50 shipped. They look new, maybe 100 rounds loaded on them.
  12. Norma 45 Basic Brass

    I have 2 boxes of 100. This is new/unfired brass. Each box of 100 is $200 shipped. Ins extra. Headstamp is Norma and length is aprox 2.90 1 box of 100 remaining.
  13. 40-70 Sharps Straight Brass

    Bertram, new/unfired 123pcs $250 shipped. Ins extra.
  14. A Zoom 44 Colt Snap Caps

    I have 2 unopened packs of 6. $25 each shipped Not sure if the make this caliber anymore. I looked online and didn’t see anything but did not look that hard.
  15. Starline 44-40 Brass **sold**

    Box of 1000 pcs. New/unfired. $175 shipped conus. The brass will be moved from the Starline box to a USPS Priority box for shipping.

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