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  1. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Non-SASS Red Dots for sale

    Doing my winter cleaning. Have way too many red dot sights. 1) Burris Fastfire 3. NIB. 3 MOA Red Dot. $180 shipped 2) MeprolightTRU-DOT RDS. 1.8 MOA Red Dot. NIB. $200 shipped 3) MEPRO 21 Bullseye Red dot Picatinny Rail Adaptor. $290 shipped PM or email for more details [email protected]
  2. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Carrying long guns from the line

    A little off topic, but some of us newbies try to play this very enjoyable GAME by the rules. The rules are not that complicated, but do have a few twists and turns. We appreciate it when someone who really knows what they are talking about take the time to educate us. Yes everything is in the rule book. But in all honesty some of us poor old not techy folks do better with paper books instead of a screen. So again Tks PWB
  3. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Carrying long guns from the line

    Thank you PWB. Just use good gun handling techniques and we should be ok
  4. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Jim Bowie, how is he?

    Just got an update. Jim is still fighting an infection. Also will have prostrate surgery the 16th. Sure any prays sent his way would be appreciated
  5. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Alabama/Clemson National Championship

    Roll Tide Roll. Another SEC fan
  6. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Travel tips to Yellowstone.

    My favorite time to go to YS is late May. The park is just starting to get over winter. The new growth has the creatures down low where you can see them. We’ve seen buffalo, elk, deer, wolfs and bears roaming the meadows in the northern part of the park. The northern part of the park is more interesting to us. The southern part of the park has the geysers, Old Faithful and such. Probably more hot Springs than the N part. For my wife and I, after see the geysers a few times was enough. Beat school being out is smart. Traffic is a killer during the summers
  7. Arkansas Jim 107095

    In 2019

    I was in Florida to watch them leave the pad. An unforgettable experience. Was in Dallas to watch them land on the moon. Watched on a small black and white at my uncles house. Hard to really see them
  8. Arkansas Jim 107095

    From 50 Years Ago

    When I lived in Minot ND, there was a church just down the road from my house. Pretty often they did a fund raiser with Lutefish or spaghetti. Tried the fish once. Will not happen again. The spaghetti was much better
  9. Arkansas Jim 107095


    Not it being a rum drinker myself, this thread got me curious. Of all the rums reconmened I could only find Pyrat locally. Turns out it’s pretty good. I’ll try and find some of the other when i’m In Hot Springs this weekend
  10. Arkansas Jim 107095

    I'm feeling kinda sick

    Hoping your dog finds his/her way home shortly
  11. Arkansas Jim 107095

    All Sold PF - Grip Panels for Ruger Bisley

    I’ll take the other pair of grips. PM me with your details when you can. Tks
  12. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Haunted Fresno

    You probably were not feeling anything when you left there. I only made 1 yr at Roosevelt. Moved to Arkansas in 74
  13. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Haunted Fresno

    I went to Roosevelt High back in the 70’s. Knew a student that claimed to have “ felt” Leslie
  14. Arkansas Jim 107095

    What is it? Any guesses.

    Looks like a Styker. A wheeled assault vehicle and personal carrier

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