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  1. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Stone Colder

    When I started shooting ( June of this yr)I didn’t have any 38 special brass to reload. So I bought 1000 rds of 38 special 158 gr factory to get some brass. My Taylor 73 didn’t like it, it was too long. So I shot up some in my pistols so I could reload and shorten up the oal. I did buy some 125 gr that would feed in my rifle It gets old, but it’s best to talk to someone who has been shooting for awhile on EVERYTHING you buy. No sense in making the same mistakes they probably made, or know someone who has. Most folks in our game will be happy to help. I know the folks I shoot with are great about helping me Jim
  2. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Misc stuff for sale - holsters, suspenders, belts

    I’ll take #2, the XL shirt and blue floral suspenders. Let me know how to get gold to you. Tks Jim
  3. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Sass category list

    http://www.briggsdalecountyshootists.com/sass_categories.htm There is a list I found
  4. Arkansas Jim 107095


    Due to a family vacation, this is the first time in 3-1/2 yrs this little fellow isn’t in my bedroom at bedtime. Sure miss him
  5. Arkansas Jim 107095

    Who is this Father Kit Cool Gun Garth?

    I also always enjoy Garth’s posts. I’m one of those folks who reads a lot and posts very little. I will miss his contributions to OUR forum. Hope he will reconsider and stay with us Our county is becoming very intolerant of folks and views that are not exactly like ours. A small noisy minority try to run things for everyone else. Let’s think about the spirit and ideals of our game and try to apply them to the way we live our life’s. My way and thoughts are just that. If and when I voice them you can agree or not. That is one of the Great things about or country. I too yearn for the “ good old days”. But things change. Let’s evolve and enjoy life. There is room for all to enjoy what is I’ll get off my soap box and get back to mowing.
  6. Arkansas Jim 107095

    SOLD: J Peterman Cowboy Shirts

    I’ll take #1. Please PM me with info on payment. Tks

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