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  1. El Cubano

    What Category Can I Shoot this in?

    Just finished customizing my new runnin' iron, wondering what Category it's legal in.
  2. El Cubano

    Wild Bunch 1911

    To be fair, he actually did end up with L = V/.159 so he would be solving for L since he measured volume instead
  3. El Cubano

    Wild Bunch 1911

    I prefer to use a known quantity of inert gas such as 1 mole Argon to fill the barrel. Then I measure the temperature and the pressure of the gas, and plug it in to the ideal gas law to get the volume. V = (nRT)/P where V = Volume, n = Moles, P = pressure, T = Temperature, and R = 8.31432×10^3 N⋅m⋅kmol−1⋅K−1 Once I have the volume, I just use Ramblin Gamblers methods to solve for length. I prefer the Gas method because its less messy, when you're done you just uncork it and let it waft some where.
  4. El Cubano

    Non CAS custom recurve bow

    Beautiful piece, but no price?
  5. I'll take a black one
  6. Any interest in a trade for a pair of NMV in 45? (not bisley)
  7. I have a pair of almost new Slick Hammer springs for my NMV's. They are 13lb zinc coated springs and usually retail for 10 a piece + shipping. They have about 150 rounds on each one and still look and feel new. I will take 15 shipped from my hacienda to your ranch. Thanks!
  8. El Cubano

    SOLD Stoger Uberti Competition 73-- 20"-- in 45 FS Lower Price!!

    I have one of these. Its a shotgun style butt stock with pad instead of the crescent, but it is not a shortened stock. It also has a short stroke as shown straight from the factory but the rest of the internals are the same, so new lifter spring, hammer spring, and safety spring are all handy. Its probably one of the best values in 73's as you can drop a new set of a springs in for fairly little and have a short stroked rifle thats very slick for relatively cheap.
  9. El Cubano

    Shooting with tennis elbow?

    Latest research on this also says playing through the pain does not actually slow down healing, it just you know, hurts. I recommend the band and beyond that, ice it a bit if it gets really sore.
  10. El Cubano

    Cimarron new 380 acp pistol

    Because unless you reload, you wont be buying schofield off the shelf almost anywhere. A large chunk of purchasers are actually not CAS shooters, just people looking for the odd ball. I've actually seen quite a few replicas sold at the local gun shops, and yet have not met a single CAS shooter buying one. Its the same reason its 380 ACP instead of 38 short colt, while we think its only for us, the reality is the vast majority of these guns are actually sold to people who just want something cool looking to shoot and would love to be able to find ammo on the shelves at their local range or GS.
  11. El Cubano

    45 Colt - Accurate Nitro 100 loads

    Wow, 3.5 is low, even with trailboss the lowest I got reliably was down in the 4.0 range before it started going inconsistent. I upped it to 4.3 +/- .1 and it's dead accurate to 25 yards. He needs to work up the load to get to a consistent burn. That will probably still be under the published minimum but it will be closer to 4.5 I'd imagine.
  12. El Cubano

    Stoeger Coach gun spacers or recoil pad

    While I have not personally used one, i have seen one used: http://www.kick-killer-recoil-pads.com/kick-killer-slip-on-recoil-pad-with-lace-up-closure/ Not sure if this is what you meant by the leather stock cover, but if it was feel free to ignore this
  13. El Cubano

    Shiney Cartridges

    I actually cant remember the last time I changed my media lol. I love shiny brass, so I actually deprime, then wet tumble with pins to clean the inside and out, load, then finish with a dry tumble in walnut with polishing compound. I add more polishing compound when it starts taking more than an hour or 2 to get the brass looking like white gold.
  14. El Cubano

    Shiney Cartridges

    If i can use an inertial puller to get components back, how in the world is tumbling going to be anymore violent than that? I guess i'm alone on this, but usually I load up 2-300 rounds, and toss them in the tumbler for a few hours to polish them up to a mirror shine. So far with trailboss and win231 i've yet to ever have an issue.
  15. I'd be interested in the 45 slides if you want to part out

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