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  1. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Problem with my Uberti Highwall

    On the Uberti double set trigger you set the triggers with the rear trigger, when the front trigger is pulled it releases the rear trigger which is "set", as the rear trigger moves back to the forward position an arm on the trigger moves upward hitting bottom of the sear, moving it up and releasing the hammer. The arm on the rear trigger was not hitting the sear hard enough to dis-engage it from the trigger. This evening I removed the sear spring and lightened it and now will release as it should( had to remove the spring and lighten it several times before it worked). This was suggested to me by the gunsmith who does work for Cimarron. If you look on Cimarron's web site in the parts section , look at the diagram of the double set triggers and you will see what I'm talking about. Thanks for all the responses
  2. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Problem with my Uberti Highwall

    i had thought of that. I removed the screws but the problem is still there. I removed the trigger assemly, tried it again by manully tripping the trigger by hand, still seemed way too hard. reintalled the trigger group and tried it without the side plate screws in, still did not work.
  3. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Problem with my Uberti Highwall

    I started to do some dryfire practice with Ubiberti Highwall {has double set triggers} a couple days ago but when I pulled the trigger the Hammer did not fall. tried several times with same result, i pulled the butt stock off and found nothhing loose or broken. I cocked the hammer, set the triggers, puled the trigger and they functioned like it was supposed to except when the rear trigger hit the sear it did not trip the hammer. It seems to me that the trigger is not hitting the sear with enough force to disengage it from the trigger notch. I can push the rear trigger forward it it will disengage the sear and the hammer will fall, but it seems to take way too much force to do so. Any thoughts or suggestion as to what the problem might be and the cause? Thanks in advacnce for any and all suggestiions.
  4. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    SASS Kentucky State Match 2019

    Let's get this back on page 1
  5. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    SASS Kentucky State Match 2019

    TT, if you c&b are Pietta i also have 4 extra cylinders you can use.
  6. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    SASS Kentucky State Match 2019

    TT if you're shooting 45s I got plenty of bp 45 ammo loaded I won't be using going to be shooting 44-40. Will loan you all you need for the match.
  7. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Kentucky Derby

    Happy Birthday Blackwater! Glad to hear the foot problem is under control, look forward to shooting with you this year.
  8. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Help indentifing maker of Tang Sight

    I recently acquired a Single Shot Inc. highwall. The rifle had a transition type tang site on it and a globe front sight. I removed the tang sight to replace with a soule style just because I prefer this type sight( which I already had so no additional purchase was necessary). Most tang sight I have encountered had no markings as to maker.This one however did have a marking on the bottom of the base, a shield with a the letter A inside he shield. The quality of the sight is quiet good, all adjustments are tight, staff detent holds stall in vertical position with no play, and no play in vertical or windage adjustments. I did attempt to take pictures the sight markings but so far I have been unable to get a picture where the marking is clear. Just wondering if anyone might have an idea of the maker of this sight. I an thinking Axtell maybe but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    FS Springfield Armory XDM Compact 40 S&W

    I have for sale a Spingfield Armory XDM Compact in 40 S&W, 3.8" barrel, comes with 2 magazines, one 16 round with grip extension, one 11 round, holster, magazine holder and hard case. Has had approximately 150 fired through it. $490.00 shipped to your FFL. Can EMAIL Pictures upon request,(never had in luck with photobucket.)
  10. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    FS CAS Guns

  11. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    FS CAS Guns

    I have the following guns for sales. No trades. All prices include shipping. Prefer USPS money orders as method of payment. (1) two (2) Ruger New Model vaqueros, 45 Colt, 4 5/8" barrels, High Gloss Stainless Steel, Will only sale as a pair, NIB $1250.00 ​​SOLD ​​PENDING FUNDS​ I bought these because I had never used Ruger in 25+ years of CAS thought I would see what I was missing but found I do not like the grip design or balance. (2) Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited, 45 Colt, 24"octagon barrel, checkered stock, has usual safe dings on stock. $1100.00 ​SOLD PENDING FUNDS This was my wife's rifle but she quit shooting regularly after a couple years and it has sat in the safe since except for a few shoots in the preceding year (3) Uberti 1866 Short Rifle, 44-40 Winchester, 20" barrel, in the white, action job and short stroke kit (this was done prior my trading for rifle) I don't know what kind of SS kit was used, previous owner stated gun has been test fired only and was a backup gun, I have never fired it, I did remove the brass carrier and lighten it . $1150.00 (4) Uberti 1860 Henry, 45 Colt, Blued with case hardened steel frame, 24.25" barrel, No modifications other than stock springs lightened. $1250.00 (5) Uberti 1866 SRC, 44-40 Winchester, Chief Crazy Horse model, brass plating is faded on some of the tacks. $975.00 My phone is my only camera at present and I have had no luck using photo bucket, will e-mail pictures on request. Thanks in advance for any interest shown
  12. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Capping a precussion revolver question

    My friend uses #10 Remington caps as do I. Before I changed the nipples I never had a problem with caps falling off. I had shortened the old nipples a bit so that when seated the caps where we're on a fatter section of the nipples. I never had time to do these as I got the nipples the day before the match. I use a short plastic rod to set the caps. I do occasionally have a spent cap fall off,usually between my hand and the grip,not a fun experience.
  13. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Capping a precussion revolver question

    He also pointed out that a lot of conversion cylinder must be taken out to be loaded so what is the difference?
  14. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Capping a precussion revolver question

    He doesn't like using a capper because of sometime they fall off, his reason is he can squeeze the caps and put them on with confidence that they will stay on. I did for one match by hand with the cylinder in the gun and it was a pain. And that was on new nipples, the match before I had at least one cap per gun come off per stage with the new nipples. I had replaced them because the other were becoming deformed. They had been on the cylinders for about 12 years
  15. Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

    Capping a precussion revolver question

    This was brought up in a discussion with a friend recently and I could not give him an answer that I knew was absolutely correct. I have looked through the Shooters Handbook and RO1 mamual,did it very quickly at work so I may have missed the answer to the following question. Is a shooter allowed to remove the charged cylinders from his C&B revolver at the loading table to cap them by hand the put them back into the revolver?

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