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    My wife, my dogs, history, guns and shooting, IDPA, USPSA, Trap, fishing, plastic models, computers, Alabama football, Braves baseball and Manchester United. Yeah, I'm a geek. An eclectic geek.

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  1. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    JP Sauer Colt clones

    Well I shot it today and wow is it a hand cannon! .44 Magnum is one heck of a round. What other .44 caliber loads are safe to shoot from guns chambered in .44 MAG?
  2. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    1866 Yellowboy

    That is a good deal!
  3. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    JP Sauer Colt clones

    I bought it yesterday at Cabela's. Got over $50 off in Black Friday discounts and traded in a Super Blackhawk that I inherited (didn't like it) and got $300. So I think I got a bargain. Gonna go to the farm Wednesday and shoot it.
  4. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    JP Sauer Colt clones

    The JP Sauer has a Bisley type grip. It's longer and deeper than the Blackhawk. That grip is so small my pinkie is off the grip. This gun is not for competition, just for fun.
  5. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    JP Sauer Colt clones

    What do you guys think of the JP Sauer Colt clones? There is one at Cabela's for $429 in .44 mag. I was thinking of trading in my Super Blackhawk in .44 for it. I don' like the Ruger, the grip is too small.
  6. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    Found 1 WTB Stoeger nickel double trigger coach gun

    I just bought one at Cabela's .
  7. Major J Hawk SASS#107720


    Can someone please explain the difference between the winning the SE Regional Championship (Sidekick) and the Overall Match Championship ( Slick McClade)?
  8. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    What SASS type main match rifles are actually being made today

    I bought a brand new Japanese Winchester 1873 in 45 Colt. It is beautiful! Shoots factory (Fiochi) ammo smoothly too. I ain't fast so I don't know how workable it is but I hear there are kits. A bit pricey too but well worth it.
  9. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    History Lesson Needed

    LOL you answered as I was editing. Great minds think alike.
  10. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    History Lesson Needed

    Copper jacketing was invented in Switzerland in 1882 by Col Eduard Rubin. It was a small bore rifle bullet 7.5mm and 8mm and was the precursor, combined with the new Spitzer shape, to the 8mm Lebel round for the French Lebel rifle of 1886. So it is highly unlikely that jacketed ammo was used in Earp's hand gun. Besides, the Buntline was a fictional pistol attributed to Wyatt Earp by the author Stuart Lake in his fictional biography Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal.
  11. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    Leather recomendations

    I've got the guns now I need to get the leather. I'm looking for a fancy B Western double strong side rig. What are some of the reputable leather makers you guys use?
  12. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    It ran well. I had one hiccup on a stage(probably operator error) and round ended up vertical in the receiver. I just turned it upside down and two rounds fell out. I shot the rest in the tube and then grabbed the two on the table and loaded them and reengaged the target for a clean stage.
  13. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    Birdie, you and my wife would get along real well!
  14. Major J Hawk SASS#107720

    What's the best B Western rifle?

    Man it’s perfect!
  15. Yo Major did you ever receive the photos I sent you?

    As a courtesy would you let me know you did receive. Want to make sure what I send gets delivered.


    Thank you sir:

    Jackrabbit Joe #414


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