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  1. punxsutawneypete

    Wire Slowdown update

    Or the Pony Express!
  2. punxsutawneypete

    What the heck happened? and what should I do?

    I examined titles to real property for decades, and I saw a lot of strife come from estates. For myself I took a realization that nobody except a surviving spouse is entitled to an inheritance, so I decided that it was up to me to make my own way and accumulate my own wealth. The net result to me was that when I got pushed toward an early retirement, I had all of my debts except my first mortgage paid and I was able to retire on my own dime. For what it's worth, an executor of an estate is a fiduciary, which means that he/she has an obligation to act for the best interest of the estate. This is where a good estate attorney would come in, determining whether an executor is acting in the best interest of the estate and whether it would be possible to have the court remove and replace the executor.
  3. punxsutawneypete

    Discussion at the post office...

    Gobbler's Knob is the location of the Groundhog Day ceremony at the borough of Punxsutawney, PA.
  4. punxsutawneypete

    Discussion at the post office...

    But there is only one Punxsutawney!
  5. punxsutawneypete


    Get out the sun block and the bathing suits. This morning at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, PA, the Seer of Seers, Punxsutawney Phil declared that he did not see his shadow so we can expect an early spring.
  6. punxsutawneypete

    And that Pards, is a wrap!

    I'll be right over!
  7. punxsutawneypete

    Coming back after along time

    I have a similar story, which Black Hills Barb included in her range report for the North Mountain Shootout. I was away for a number of years for a variety of reasons. Because of medical issues I did not feel I could participate in the match, but Barb said that I was more than welcome to come up and hang out. I wasn't in the clubhouse more than 5 minutes when I was recognized and welcomed back. It was like I had never gone away. That's what Cowboy Action shooting is about.
  8. punxsutawneypete

    Drinking vs Yoga?

    You got me!
  9. punxsutawneypete

    Today at my dad's place...

    Sounds more like Frostbite Falls. Have your dad say hello to Rocky and Bullwinkle for me.
  10. punxsutawneypete

    Teenagers Baffled by Rotary Phone

    For receiving crank calls? <<<rimshot>>>
  11. punxsutawneypete


    And I'm looking for cargo pants with pockets big enough for one.
  12. punxsutawneypete

    How Cold is Too Cold?

    The age and health of the participants is something that needs to be considered. I have cardiac issues and I don't do much of anything outside if it's below freezing or above 85 degrees.
  13. punxsutawneypete


    You are correct. Just a foggy memory remembering the cover of the book posted by Sedalia Dave,
  14. punxsutawneypete

    Lincoln Highway

    Around hear it goes from Lancaster to York to Gettysburg to Chambersburg. Part is US 30 but where the by-passes were built it's PA Route 462.
  15. punxsutawneypete

    Old phone

    They are the real deal. They click when I dial. My Snoopy and Woodstock phones say they were made back in the 1970s.

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