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  1. TheRealTheDanimal

    Uberti Cattleman Disassembly

    No insult taken! I've tried that one as well. I think it might just be stuck in there more tightly than it should be
  2. TheRealTheDanimal

    Uberti Cattleman Disassembly

    Appreciate all the replies! I'll post an update when I get the chance to try some of the advice here. I guess there was a thread I missed, my apologies for the repeat post.
  3. TheRealTheDanimal

    Uberti Cattleman Disassembly

    Did a quick search and didn't find any previous threads on this, so I thought I'd ask! I'm having trouble removing the basepin from my Uberti Cattleman. It's a one of the New Models without the screw in the front of the frame. It moves in and out to activate the hammer drop safety, but I can't get it any further out. I've searched other forums and Youtube without much luck. From what those have said, I just need to pull REALLY hard, which I've done to no avail. I put some solvent down the hole (so to speak) in case there was anything in there causing it to stick, which also did nothing to help. I don't want to take pliers or something to it, as that will obviously damage the finish and metal bits. I just want to give my gun a good cleaning and lubricating like a responsible owner.
  4. TheRealTheDanimal

    Shot My First Match!

    Won't lie, the big bore calibers are calling my name! Even BP is tempting, though moreso in the cap and ball sense. Definitely going with SxS, just have to decide if I want the style of hammered, or the speed or hammerless. Gonna try out a few revolvers; specifically a Bisley, and an open top. I really love the style of the open top conversions. Mostly just trying to get my hands on as much as possible before whipping out the bank card.
  5. TheRealTheDanimal

    Shot My First Match!

    Goodness gracious, this got many more replies and much more quickly than I was expecting! Forgive me if I don't respond to each comment individually, but be assured that I read what everyone had to say. I definitely appreciate the outpouring of support! Luckily the folks that run the club I shot with are all class acts, and were more than willing to provide support, both through equipment and advice. It doesn't hurt that I have about 3 or 4 clubs within a couple hours of the homestead, so if I had the time I could be shooting virtually every weekend! I've learned my lesson about "buy once cry once" in previous firearm pursuits, and trust me, I'm not one for crying any more. There's about half a million things I'm interested in trying, so I know over the years there is probably gonna be plenty of buy/sell/trade/borrow on my part as I try different techniques, categories, and equipment. Anything I buy in the short term will be things I'd use whether I stay with CAS or not--the guns I already own I've had for a few years. Luckily I'm grounded enough in reality to know I'm never gonna put forth the time and effort to be a world-class CAS competitor--my MO is enjoying my time here. That should keep me from dropping too much cash into the Gucci stuff. Same with how I shoot USPSA, everything production, no special gear purchased or modified to shave off fractions of seconds. I'm sure I'll be asking more than my fair share of questions here! Again, thanks for all the replies! I can already tell that this is a fantastic community.
  6. TheRealTheDanimal

    Shot My First Match!

    After years of lurking in the shadows, I finally shot my first CAS match this past weekend! I'm a fairly experienced USPSA and 3 Gun shooter, and I have to say this way a blast (pun intended). Definitely way more fun than I've ever had at a 3 Gun match. Definitely the coldest weather I've ever shot in, and it definitely presented some challenges regarding manipulating the firearms, but made it a little more fun. Even shot everything Duelist to top it off. Already had one pistol and a rifle I was familiar with (1873 Cattleman, 1873 Short Rifle, both Uberti in .357). Another shooter loaned me his slicked up Vaquero and a Stoeger hammerless Coach. Let me try some of his CAS loads to compare to my factory stuff as well. Those lowered hammers make a big difference! Of course now comes the part where I have to buy a shotgun, another revolver, leather, and all the other gear... I have my eye on a few guns, trying to decide if I want more practicality or more style--there's something to be said for looking and feeling cool. Apparently there's a club member who makes the leather I was using, which seemed to be solid. Any suggestions for things to pick up, what order to buy things, what to avoid, etc are welcome. Right now I'm thinking leather first, then guns, with costume being the lowest priority and something to build upon. I'm somewhat aware of things that are not ideal (1887 shotguns, top break revolvers, cross draw, etc).
  7. TheRealTheDanimal


    Shooting my first match this coming weekend with a mix of owned and borrowed equipment. I will be needing a shotgun of my own, and this looks like a prime candidate! If it's still available I might be shooting you a message to take it off your hands come Saturday evening. Already have a reliable FFL and everything too.

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