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  1. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    SASS, The Early Days

  2. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    V.C. - Victoria Cross K.C.B. - Knight Commander of the Bath K.C.I.E. -Knight Commander of the Indian Empire C.L.dH. - Chevalier Légion d'Honneur U.S.M.H. - U.S. Medal of Honour S.A.P.T - San Serfino of Purity & Truth 4th Class Nope, Colonel Flashman, or Sir Harry, or Flashy works just fine, dependin on how well ya know me. ;-)
  3. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    People of Cowboy Action Shooting

    SASS Alias: Colonel Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE CLdH USMH SSPT SASS #: 535 Life Member Where you are from: La Verne, Ca. How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: 1984
  4. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    1866 Yellowboy

    Not bad atoll, atoll. If it's anything like mine, ya might wish to take some Emory Paper to the Side Plate Edges. Not much though, as they're Razor Sharp. So if you're not carefull while pullin um off, they'll Bite ya Good.
  5. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    SASS, The Early Days

  6. Salutations, Y'all.


    Seems I'd to Rejoin as I'd not Visited in Awhile, due to some members, Stuff & Nonsense.


    So I'm back, For Now.


    Also I've some BAD NEWS.


    My wife, Lady Elspeth Flashman aka Nancy E. Moran-Culpepper, lost her 4 year Battle w/ A.L.S. on 2 July at 0200hrs '18. I was my Soulmate's Primary Caregiver for those 4 years & it took its toll.


    A few will remember Lady Elspeth, as she Dressed to the Nines mostly, her Rapier Sharp Wit, & she Ran the 'Puters for E.o.T. & the Great Northfield Raid for 15+ years here in So. Cal.

  7. Col. Sir Harry Flashman VC

    New Western being filmed in SW Colorado

    Canby, it's based off of Actual History, so prob be using one of the Real Ones that did the Transporting.

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