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  1. Cibola Al

    Thank you for fixing the SASS Forum

  2. Cibola Al

    Quieting new holster rig (creaking)...

    Sure is purdy.
  3. I'll take a medium brown.
  4. Cibola Al

    Sheriffs Model SAA

    Pietta has a 3.5" model https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/-Sheriff--Posse-Models-3-1-2-c422.htm
  5. Cibola Al

    Need to buy some .44-40 cartridges 200-300, who has the best price?

    I have always had good luck with www.sgammo.com Also gotten some deals using ammoseek https://ammoseek.com/ammo/44-40-winchester
  6. Cibola Al

    Pants size 42*****SPF********

    Message sent.
  7. Cibola Al

    New grips for Schofields.

  8. Cibola Al

    Lever wrap and butt stock cover for Winchester 1873

    I paid a premium for the Palo Verde lever wrap, but it sure is nice. https://pvgunworks.com/Product-category/lever-wraps/ I haven't as yet felt the need for a stock cover for my 1873, but the ones Slapout makes look nice. I am considering one for my coach gun. http://www.oldslapoutholsters.com/products2.html
  9. Cibola Al

    My new Grips

  10. Cibola Al

    Alliant sport pistol

    Almost bought some during Midsouth's last hazmat free deal. In for more info on this powder.
  11. Cibola Al

    Hat's by Lil'Grizz

    Probably be another 5-7 weeks until completion, but when it gets here I'll get a pic up. Al
  12. Cibola Al

    My new Russian No 3

  13. Cibola Al

    Took a spur making class, it was a blast!!

    Boy, those turned out nice.
  14. Cibola Al

    WTB/T need some 9mm brass

    If nothing else comes up, I've got a gallon freezer bag full. Mixed headstamp, but all honest to god once fired. Several of the guys I shoot with use 9mm but don't reload. I gather all the brass then separate out my 38 super, the rest just goes in a bag. It hasn't been tumbled, but I'd send you the bag for the price of the medium flat rate box.
  15. Cibola Al

    Wild Bunch

    I got to shoot with Tex at my first Wild Bunch shoot. About the coolest dude ever.

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