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  1. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Starter double rig-gone pending shipping info

    Things like this is why I like this sport. Good on you Charlie!
  2. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Quieting new holster rig (creaking)...

    hmmm... maybe it creaks as much as it should and i’m being fussy. I dunno...
  3. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Quieting new holster rig (creaking)...

    Or... imagine how loud it must be if I hear it being half deaf haha
  4. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Quieting new holster rig (creaking)...

    Pics added. I like some creaking. Currently I make a LOT of noise walking with them haha
  5. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Quieting new holster rig (creaking)...

    Hey All... Finally got my shiny new holster rig. She's gorgeous and just what I was hoping for but squeaks and creaks like crazy. I know it needs to break in some but man, you can hear me coming a mile away haha. Would love to remedy as much noise as I can. Looking online I can see all sorts of advice like wear as much as possible to break in, apply leather conditioner (don't really want to soften it), oils like mink oil, candle / paraffin wax, talc / baby powder, etc. So what say you pards? Anyone else deal with this before?
  6. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Are there guns to avoid

    One more for the "go try things" vote. Some didn't and have regrets. I followed the advice and have none. If you'll spontaneously combust if you don't get stuff tomorrow, I'd get the typical go-to's (Vaqueros in .38/.357, a 73 or 66 in .38/.357 and a 97 or Steoger coach gun) so you can sell em' easy if you change your mind later. Those all move fast on the wire. I know because I was often too late to get them haha.
  7. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux


    I got all excited and just read the "please read all part" haha. See my comment above if you're willing to split it up some.
  8. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux


    I'm interested in the shotgun belt slides for 6 double 12GA. Maybe the 4 singles one as well. Maybe the spurs too if you have a pic. What ya looking to get for them?
  9. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Something cool in the mail today

    Wow! Cowboy bling!
  10. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    How many of us actually had Cowboy guns before we got into CAS?

    I almost did. I wanted a cowboy pistol and while researching which to get, one noted it was "great for Cowboy Action Shooting". Hmm... what's that I thought. Googled it, checked out my local clubs, tried some things and went from one pistol to everything I needed (after following the go try things advice).
  11. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    SOLD: Leather patterns for sale

    I had 3 min to act haha
  12. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Shirts *****ALL GONE***************

    Thanks for the pic. It looks like it'll be a bit too big for me.
  13. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Shirts *****ALL GONE***************

    How giant is the 3XL? I'm between 1X & 2X due to extra belly. If it's closer to a 2X I'll take the white one.
  14. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    Shooting with tennis elbow?

    Are they looking for a mid 40’s male who’s half deaf with ADD / OCD, a mild limp and TE? If so, i’m In!! Army wouldn’t take me when I went to the recruiter with my son. Something about too old and too much wrong with me. Whatever...
  15. Half Deaf Hoss Deveraux

    If you are interested in getting into CAS

    I'll preface this with I can be... Frugal. Okay, cheap haha. That and I'm new so my experience is limited but I can at least share a newbie pov. I was one of those that followed the excellent advice of those here on The Wire regarding "do your research". I did. It took me 2 1/2 months of reading, asking and trying. My bride thought I was being too picky and manic (I can be very manic about things, especially nerdy research). I told her I'm trying to buy buy things once with the least chance of regret. I found that the Vaquero's fit my hand best and ergonomically put the site right where I need it when I draw, the 73 worked well for me and I preferred the S x S over the 97. I also moved from .45 colt to .38 / .357 for economic reasons. I love what I got and could not be more glad I did the research. If I hadn't, I'd have gone as cheap as possible (see preface above) and spent less just to eventually spend more. That and research / shopping the Wire for a while you see what moves fast. In the event I ever have to get out, my gear has good resale. To those looking to get in... From one newbie to another, I know it's hard to be patient and not run out get hardware but take the "do your research advice". As for attracting new folks... I've shared it before but my biggest hurdle was cost to play. Starting out you're going to shell out $3000 for good gear if you don't own anything (I had a hat lol). That's a decent chunk for most folks. The folks at matches helped sell me on going for it too. Not egging me on but just being really, the nicest, friendliest, helpful folks I've come across in a long while. For me, it wasn't how much I wanted to do it but how disappointed I'd be if I didn't. The answer was... well, I'm $3000 lighter in the bank haha. I don't reload yet. Reloading isn't scary or daunting to me. But, it's another $600 or more in equipment and materials (that's probably really optimistic). Until I do I'm stuck buying it. Store bought ammo is $23 for 50 ($.46 ea!). I ponied up for 1000 from Georgia Armory for $250 ($.25 ea). Not cheap but way better and it gives me lead to play, time to get gear / materials and brass to reload. $250 ain't that bad except it's on the heals of that $3000. Soooo, if you don't reload and you don't dig for the deals, after $3000 for gear it's $60 ea match for ammo and range / club fees until you do. I can see that being a turn off for the semi committed. I know once I reload it'll be around $.08 to $.13 ea. which is not much at all.

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