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  1. Uncle Tater

    Ballistol to clean black powder?

    I’ve been using one part Ballistol mixed with four parts water (20% solution) for cleaning American Pioneer Powder with great results.
  2. Uncle Tater

    Loosening up a new SxS???

    Howdy Cholla, I’m having the same issue with my new CZ. I didn’t think of using lapping compound but that might better show the wear areas that need to be smoothed with a polishing stone. Cleaning and numerous open/closing cycles haven’t helped a bit so far. Tater
  3. Uncle Tater

    Home made shotgun belt-pic heavy

    Howdy Partner, It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you shoot this morning. I must say your belt looks better in person. The pictures don’t do it justice. It seemed to be very functional in both speed and security. DIY craftsmanship all around. Job well done.

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