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  1. Beefalo Bill

    The Mechanic and the Surgeon

    Now that's Funny !!
  2. Beefalo Bill

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    Just remember, you should periodically shoot off a gun in your neighborhood, it helps keep the property values down, "i.e." keeps the taxes lower!!
  3. Beefalo Bill

    Left in the dark! What to do?

    I agree, a two barrel shootin' gun would have done the trick on that pesky varmint.
  4. Beefalo Bill

    That's Gun Control

    I saw a woman give an interview where she said, and i quote: "A mother shouldn't have to worry about her child getting killed every time they rob somebody"
  5. Beefalo Bill

    Which do you do?

    Pump action 870 "boom stick"
  6. Beefalo Bill

    Wire Slowdown update

    I dont know what you guys are complaining about, its lightnin' fast on my AOL dial up ! BBZZZZZZBBBRRRRRBBEEEEPPP
  7. Beefalo Bill

    What do you put chili on?

    Fritos Cornbread Cheese burgers hot dogs
  8. Beefalo Bill

    Types of firearms legislation being introduced

    From a legal stand point I cant buy my grown child a gun and give it as a gift.
  9. Beefalo Bill

    Best Bus Joke Ever

    Now that's funny !!
  10. Beefalo Bill


    I was in the same boat as you. HUH????????? what shotgun? lol
  11. Beefalo Bill

    pietta 1873 not firing

    So they can be removed from the Cabelas model ?? is it a big pain for a gunsmith to reconfigure??

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