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  1. Tequila Chase

    Saving a Draft?

  2. Tequila Chase

    Cost per round of reloading

    Maybe I'm a little different but I've never calculated my cost. It's not that I'm rich by any means (disabled VET) but it is something I enjoy doing. I don't cast my own bullets, I like the coated ones. I load my own shotshells also because I can't find a pre-made load that my shoulder can take. Again the other thing is the enjoyment of just getting some quiet time and producing something I can use and be proud of.
  3. Tequila Chase

    Saving a Draft?

    Thank you guys, I guess I'll have to put it to the test. TC
  4. Tequila Chase

    Slow Wire? NOT ANYMORE!

  5. Tequila Chase

    Powder coated bullets

    J.R. - If I may be so bold to jump in. Here is a link to molly coating http://www.mssblog.com/2018/10/19/reloaders-corner-what-happened-to-moly-coated-bullets/ As you'll read it's an older process that never really caught on. Polymer coating is more common today, it's a baked on finish that comes in different colors, with red being very common. Here are 2 sites that sell coated bullets https://bulletsbyscarlett.com and http://www.bayoubullets.net I hope this answers your question. I personally prefer the coated bullets, I find them much cleaner than the lead bullets that I was using.
  6. Tequila Chase

    Dillon Charge Bar w/ Trail Boss

    Good question. I'm using 5.6 with 200 gr RNFP and that's in both pistol and rifle.
  7. Tequila Chase

    Saving a Draft?

    When starting a new post is it possible to save a draft without posting? I'm wondering because I want to start a post and due to the length and content I'd like to be able to start it save it go back and review it before I post it.
  8. Tequila Chase

    Advice - shotshell loading

    I tried (in practice) to shoot from the hip, it would take me 2 shots to hit 1 target.
  9. Tequila Chase

    Advice - shotshell loading

    Does it matter what size shot? I thought the Cheddite primer was only used on Cheddite hulls, not questioning just asking.
  10. Tequila Chase

    Advice - shotshell loading

    I use a SxS coach 12gauge and I'm going to start loading my own shotshells. I'm looking to load very light loads due to a shoulder problem, does anyone know of a site that has load data for this? Or maybe a book? This has been the only thing I've been able to find reducedrecoilshotshellloads.pdf Thanks -TC P.S. I forgot to say (if it's important) that I'll be using a MEC Sizemaster.
  11. Tequila Chase


    Welcome Doc!
  12. Tequila Chase

    Hello from a new guy!

    TooSlow - from one greenhorn to another Howdy Pard!
  13. Tequila Chase

    Looking for Long Gun Opinions

    Thanks everyone, I know I'll love whichever one I decide to get. And I agree with most here this is not going to be a show piece, I plan on using it as often as I need to.
  14. Tequila Chase

    Looking for Long Gun Opinions

    Just so everyone can see what I'm faced with: Only 350 made Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Engraved 150th Anniversary Edition February 6, 2016 - 9:20am Posted in: RIFLES And this is the Winchester
  15. Tequila Chase

    Looking for Long Gun Opinions

    Was out today and saw 2 rifles and thought I'd see what others thought. Both are new, both are .45 LC, both have round barrels, the 1866 has a shorter barrel, the actions on both feel about the same. Up first is a Winchester 1873, fit and finish look good on this one with nice wood and it has a color case hardened finish on the receiver. The other is a Uberti 1866 Yellowboy with a lot of fancy engraving on the brass. It has been in the shop for about 3 years and has some nicks on the stock and the salesman said that chances are they'd come down on the price a little. The Winchester is listed for $100. more than the Uberti. I want the gun for shooting, not a wall hanger, what do you think?

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