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  1. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    If this is not allowed delete.

  2. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Loading 44 Special cowboy - smokeless

    No, I switched to 44 Russian about the time Trail boss came out and never tried anything else. I use trail boss and win231 as my 2 powders in about everything.
  3. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    California Bound...Real Soon

    I have been a lot of places but only to CA one time. I flew in, spent a week in a hotel for training, and flew back to Chicago. I am not in Chicago any more, but have considered going back if the right reason comes alone. I guess some day I will take a road trip and travel the entire coast line out there, but not any time soon. I will probably live in the Midwest for my entire life, it has it good and bad points. Good luck on your move and enjoy your family.
  4. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Loading 44 Special cowboy - smokeless

    I have been using 44spl revolvers for years for SASS. I am using 44 Russian brass with 3.3 grains of Trail Boss with a 160grain bullet. I am using Remington large pistol primers. Great for your revolver, never tried them in a rifle.
  5. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Sad Day

    I am eating the small bird that was sitting by him for supper right now. Is that a bad thing?
  6. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Morel Compass

    I don't have any morals, life is more fun with out them (FYI: since I am now single, they seemed to make me think all my ideas were bad) I don't eat the other ones either (morels)
  7. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Am watching The Blues Brothers, and have a question

    If you look close at the plate it has a M and a number, which is the correct number for a police car plate in Illinois and Illinois requires 2 plates. I have have been stopped for missing my front plate and it was in the trunk as the bracket broke. I got a warning ticket and told to get it fixed. I know a guy who have his plate stuck in the back window and had a front plate correctly that got a ticket ($100) for not having displayed properly. I am not surprised Illinois made them stick plate on all the cars as they love your money over there and enjoy removing it from your wallet to the Illinois governments' empty pockets.
  8. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Would you recommend the surgery?

    To me, this is a quality of life question. I will not put any of my family thru anything that would just allow them to hang on a short time longer if the quality of their life was zero. Just being alive is not the same as being able to enjoy one's life, and when the time comes, I will not do anything that will prolong a person's life just because I don't want them gone. We put our pets to sleep to end their suffering and it is considered the proper and humane thing to do, but to end a persons life or with hold treatment when it only prolongs their suffering it considered a cruel and inhuman thing to do. When one of my grandfathers went in for surgery and had been bedridden for several years, they gave a 50/50 chance that the surgery would improve his life or it would kill him. In the middle of the surgery, things went bad and the doctor came out and told the family things were not going well but that thought they could try some surgery on his brain to improve the chances that he would live. The family said no and about 5 minutes later they told the family he was gone. My dad told me one time right before the surgery when grandfather was having a clear moment, he was tired of living in this bed and not being able to do anything. This was about 15-20 years ago so I may have parts of this wrong, but saving his life for him to lay in bed and not be able to do anything was not what he would have wanted them to do. The things you ask are hard personal choices, and I have had to make some of those in the past and I know I will have to do it again. My time will come to be judged on those decisions, and I am not looking forward to it as I will most likely burn for them. Maddog McCoy
  9. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    When It Ain’t Real

    Unless you are close enough to administer the Crocodile Dundee test, all you can do is look and guess.
  10. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    “Square” credit card app. BEWARE !!

    Slick, Sorry that they are messing with you. I mailed you a money today. Maddog
  11. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    For Those Who Don't Know The Show "Firefly"

    Not the best copy, But it was uploaded to Youtube.
  12. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    SOLD P.F- Factory SKB 100

    Sent a PM
  13. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672


    Jason and I are headed that way tomorrow. I am not sure what time we will get there but will be at the range Thursday morning if not tomorrow evening. Looking forward to the fun. Maddog McCoy and Just Jason
  14. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    The Husband Store

    Think of it this way, at least you are not in the bargain basement.
  15. Maddog McCoy SASS #5672

    Browning B-92 in 357 Mag- (Sold)

    Sold-Made a trade with Hawkeye Earl.

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