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  1. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Svede gets on the train and reads the letter from Maddog. "Get 2 ex-members of Brett black's gang for scapegoats. You have 3 days to find them. Will meet you on day 4 at #3 hideout."
  2. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog met the train and 3 men got off. One walked up to him and he handed him a letter. He looked at it and got back on the train. The other two men, Halfbreed Lou, expert tracker and scout, and Mathis, former army medic and gunsmith walked up to Maddog. "Come to my office, I need 2 depuities" They nodded and followed Maddog to his office.
  3. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    The next morning,Hector and Rico walked in to he saloon and saw Maddog sitting alone eating breakfast. They walked over to the table next to him and sat down and ordered breakfast. Maddog said to them on low voice in Spanish"Acuéstese, lo enviaré cuando sea necesario" (lie low, I will send for you when you are needed). Rico nodded once. Maddog knew Brett was checking up on him, and did not like it as it could mess up his plans. However, they would make good scapegoats if they were needed. Maddog left the saloon and went to wait for his friends at the train depot.
  4. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog was sitting in the empty saloon as everybody was down watching the shooting display. Maddog had watched from the second floor of the saloon long enough to see what he may come up against. they were good, but the real test is can they kill without as much as a blink of an eye. When Maddog saw Irish-Pat coming to the saloon, he met him at the door with a bottle and soon knew everything that had been discussed while he was in jail. The sheriff was looking for him, the banker had spilled his guts and gold was coming. Maddog then went and sent a cripted telegraph and got a reply that help would be there tomorrow.
  5. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog looked at both of the men and knew they were ready to draw on him if he was not careful. "Well, should either your change you minds, the job pays $25 a week and I need a man to patrol the town when I am gone on business and a good jailer. However, I understand not wanting to be tied down to one spot for too long. The next time we see each other in the saloon, the first round is on me. If you know of a couple good men, please sent them to me as your recommendation would all they would need for me to hire them, have a good afternoon." Maddog turned his back to them and walked back to the saloon.
  6. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog saw Pat Riot and his friend leave the saloon and decided Madame Loreli Longshot could wait. Maddog cut out the back and thru the alley and walked out in front of Pat and his friend. Pat stopped and looked Maddog and set his hand on his revolver. Maddog smiled, " Gentlemen, you two look like you could use a job and as the Town Marshall, I am in the position to offer you honest work for good pay. Would you like to step back in to the saloon and discuss this opportunity?
  7. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog walked into the saloon and walked up to the bar. Bottles walked over and with a disgusted looked asked if I wanted a bottle. I told no, just coffee and if he had to make a living on what I drink, he would go broke. Bottles brought me a coffee and I told him that I enjoy the meals they make, and I had several places to eat around town and would usually only take one or two meals a day and maybe a a bottle on occasion as I did not want to hurt his business. Bottles looked at me, nodded his head and went back to tending the bar. I finished my coffee and went upstairs to talk to Madame Loreli Longshot.
  8. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog stopped by the mayor's office and informed him it was time for the town to pay him for his services. The mayor stated that there was not enough money in the town treasury until the bank was resupplied with money to pay him. Maddog handed the Mayor a list of supplies and told to get a large wagon and collect the items for his payment and to let Bottles and Madame Loreli Longshot know of his requirements for room and board and entertainment.
  9. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog "I have $500.00 cash to loan the bank, and my terms are when the shipment of money from out east comes in, you pay me back a $1000.00 or you pay me back in 30 days, which ever occurs first. Here are the papers, just sign the them." Banker "That's highway robbery!" Maddog" I have seen how you run your bank, you will make it up in 30 days or less, and right now you are losing money. Take it or leave it, but you will have to answer to the town folks and the mayor if you don't sign the papers" Banker " Fine, I will sign them, I have a shipment of money coming and it will be here by Wells Fargo under heavy guard in about 10 days" Maddog" How much is coming, I want to know what protection I may need to provide since part of it is my money" The banker hesitated," Well it will cover most of the $25,000 that was stolen, but we are not keeping that much here any more and it will cover your loan" Maddog smiled and picked up the papers and handed the $500.00 to the Banker. "It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Smith."
  10. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog left the stage stop and saw the banker and mayor outside the closed bank. The mayor was insisting he reopen as the town needed the bank open for the town to prosper, and the banker stated he could not reopen without money, and he was not sure when the funds he sent for would be there. Maddog offered to loan the banker cash to open the bank, the mayor insisted he take the money. The banker and Maddog went into the back to discuss the deal.
  11. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    The stage came roaring into town and as Marshall, I felt it was best to see who was coming and going. As the stage was loading, Pat Riot and Allie walked up to the stage with her bags. Pat had his hand resting on his revolver. I looked at them and smiled "I don't think I ever had a lady get tired of me that fast before" and reached my in vest and handed Allie an envelope. Pat and I helped Allie on the stage and watched it drive away. I looked at Pat "I have yet to hurt a lady, but somebody like you is a different story"
  12. Want to beg, borrow, or steal (And I will Return it)

    Coyote Cap should have a part or know the answer. coyotecap.com/
  13. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Maddog told Allie she must not know him very well as those that have tried to cross usually ended up worse than dead, however, he would take her with him if she provided him information on what was going on in town and the saloon and she keeps him warm at night in his room upstairs. Maddog also promised her that when he gets done picking the town dry, she can leave with him and stay with him until we tire of each other and then he will set her up in a new town doing whatever she desires at that time. However, if you don't agree with my plan, you can figure you will not see the sunrise tomorrow.
  14. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    The citizens of the town jumped at Maddog's offer to protect the town and agreed to make him Town Marshal at $200 at week. The banker and the store owners were concerned that they would not be able to pay Maddog, but Maddog told them that he would take part of his salary in trade goods and services provided by the town.
  15. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    The mayor, shop keepers, banker and important citizens of the town were complaining about the lack of protection from the never-do-goods and riffraff coming into town due to posse chasing Brett Black's gang when Maddog interrupted their meeting and offered his services to protect the town.