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  1. J-BAR #18287

    Driver better hope that truck driver doesn't catch them.

    Any idea where this was?
  2. J-BAR #18287

    Blowby a Problem in a .44Mag 1894 Remlin?

    Disclaimers: I have not owned/shot a Marlin, Remlin, or .44 Magnum/.44 Special firearm. My experience with blackpowder is .38/.357 and .45 Colt in 1873/1866 rifles. Fouling causes problems in two locations; in the action and in the bore. If the bullet you use carries enough lube for your barrel length, then it should not cause inaccuracy. Once upon a time I owned a long barreled 1866 and it would start spraying bullets when I shot conventional bullets with small lube grooves. The rifle is gone. I now use Big Lube bullets with lots of beeswax/crisco in Uberti 1873 rifles with 20 inch barrels and have good lube stars at the muzzle, good accuracy on even distant targets. Fouling in the action can be prevented with adequate lubrication. I know some are loath to lubricate their rifle actions; it has never bothered me. A spritz of aerosol Ballistol into the rifle's action between stages or every other stage gives much peace of mind. I assume it would be as effective in a Marlin as in an 1873/'66. The brand of black powder is also a variable. I think Goex sucks. I much prefer Schuetzen, or it's Americanized twin, Graf's. And (heresy alert!!) Pyrodex burns cleaner for me than either of those two, but yes you need to clean the rifle promptly after shooting Pyrodex (within a day, it is not like cardiac arrest). If Pyrodex's corrosiveness scares you, invest in 777 and use tap water for cleaning; Evian is not really necessary. No matter what propellant I am shooting, I find very little residue behind the carrier in my 1873s. If you lube the guts of your rifle with a good grease, and use Ballistol liberally, I think you can sleep well at night and not feel like the rifle must be disassembled after every match. This being the SASS Wire, expect some to disagree with me, so at some point you will have to determine what works for you. This will involve lots of shooting, which is not a bad thing.
  3. J-BAR #18287

    Easy guide to identify men of the Old West.

    The original J-Bar, my paternal grandfather, railroader, rancher, State Representative (New Mexico), boarding house proprietor, amateur boxer. He was mean enough to be an outlaw!
  4. J-BAR #18287

    South Carolina - Myrtle Beach Area - Suggestions

    Great seafood! Ask the locals for their non-franchise recommendations. I like to avoid national chain restaurants on a trip. My son and I played golf there for several days after he graduated from high school in 1993, so I don’t know what to recommend these days, but the golf, the ocean and beach, and the seafood was fine!
  5. J-BAR #18287

    My alleged smartphone..

    You are OK. It's probably 5:30 in Nova Scotia or thereabouts...
  6. J-BAR #18287

    AYA single trigger

    I am not an expert on AYA shotguns. Most of them on Gunbroker sell for a lot more. If it looks good to you and the stock fits you, I would buy it. I might not ever use it for CAS/SASS completion, but a well made shotgun is a treasure in itself. Go bust some clay birds or make some feathers fly; life is short.
  7. J-BAR #18287

    Charles Krauthammer

    Mr. Krauthammer has passed. A sad day.
  8. J-BAR #18287

    Ruger Old Army 5.5" Stainless Fixed sight

    I believe Noz and I created a monster!
  9. J-BAR #18287

    Stage design

    Make sure the loading table and unloading table are well behind the gun’s muzzle position when the shooter is shooting. It can be a concern on some stages where everything is laid out on a straight line. If the shooter is well down range from everyone else I wouldn’t have a problem with it.
  10. J-BAR #18287

    Dead Men

    I wish some down and out director would put me in one of these grade Z westerns; a dream come true. I’m still jealous of the shooters who were in “Hell To Pay”!
  11. J-BAR #18287

    End of Trail Yesteryear

    Those are priceless! Thanks.
  12. J-BAR #18287

    Something to get your brain moving

    Write it as an unfinished diary which was found in the victim's possessions after he died. Kinda like the movies, "Cloverfield" or "The Blair Witch Project."
  13. J-BAR #18287

    Herters Shotgun Ammo

    6 -point crimps have never shucked easily for me. Most 8-point crimped hulls behave pretty well in my doubles. Clarification: I used the Herter's 410s for hunting, I have not used Herter's shells for CAS. But I have used shotgun shells that did not shuck easily for practice; I just did one and two shot drills to practice loading from the belt and did not worry about it. It was valuable cheap practice.
  14. J-BAR #18287

    Looking for some info on cap gun supplies and holsters

    A couple of years ago I killed some winter days by making an 1851 Navy video for YouTube. Maybe it will answer some questions. Welcome to the madness!
  15. J-BAR #18287

    Herters Shotgun Ammo

    My box of .410 shells says they were made in Italy. They work fine in my gun. A quick look at posts in other forums reveals the Herter’s label is used by more than one ammo manufacturer, but generally gets good reviews. inexpensive shells, not much risk to try ‘em.

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