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  1. J-BAR #18287

    Pheasant Ammo

    Whatever shells you settle on, invest a couple of boxes at a skeet or sporting clays range. Pheasants are mostly tail... getting shot on their heads increases your game bag weight.
  2. J-BAR #18287

    Leftists VS liberals

    That was Super!! Thanks, will be forwarded widely.
  3. J-BAR #18287

    Praise for BP shooter

    PBT, As you can see, there are several ways to get plastic wad residue out of shotgun barrels. Don’t let the cleanup keep you from away from BP! It has been my experience that chromed barrels (SKB) may be a tad easier to clean than non-chromed barrels, but the methods above will work on any of them.
  4. J-BAR #18287

    Remington gun club shot

    If you don’t trust Driftwood Johnson (gasp!), open up a shell and check the shot yourself. A pellet should deform with a relatively gentle hammer blow if it is lead. I’m betting they are lead. I like Gun Club hulls, they usually shuck out nicely.
  5. J-BAR #18287

    Spreadable Whiskey

    As if I needed another temptation.
  6. J-BAR #18287

    What pistol do you think isn't up to snuff....

    I know you asked about handguns, but seeing as how you are from Short Pump, VA (love it!!) you may someday be tempted to get a copy of the Colt Lightning for a rifle. Don’t. Edit: I have 5 pairs of main match revolvers. I’m not quite convinced that is enough. The best handgun can vary from category to category...which gives us the delightful excuse to buy more revolvers! However if budget is a consideration, remember that fixed sight percussion revolvers, 36 caliber or larger, are legal in EVERY category. And that the Colt style open tops, as beautiful and historic they may be, are not as reliable as the Ruger Old Army. Just in case you are interested in blackpowder guns.
  7. J-BAR #18287


    I was not able to confirm my schedule and therefore was not able to submit a registration by the September 15 deadline. This is a fun match hosted by terrific folks at a unique range. Those who are lucky enough to make it will remember it with good memories. My best to all those who will shoot this match. Have fun, be safe, and shoot clean!!
  8. J-BAR #18287

    The Secret to a Long Life is a Dram of Whisky a Day

    Tonight I’m having the dram for February 9, 2037...
  9. J-BAR #18287

    Man I hate baseball...

    A recorded baseball game is better than most other stuff. Sleep well, enjoy tomorrow! I will pull for the Rockies.
  10. J-BAR #18287

    New fur friend

  11. J-BAR #18287

    Need help

    If OLG’s two eyed method doesn’t work out, cover the left lens of her safety glasses with masking tape. Without confusion from the left eye her right eye will take over just fine.
  12. J-BAR #18287

    The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Tuco’s advice: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sTcBgs2huRo
  13. J-BAR #18287

    Political Correctness in 1957

    Stan died too soon. I bet another edition of “The United States of America- the Obama and Trump Years” would have been hilarious!!
  14. Don’t give money to people you don’t like. Assuming you have a choice...
  15. J-BAR #18287

    Question for leather workers. Updated with photos

    I think I salvaged it! As I said in my first post I am not a leather worker. I was worried about riveting or lacing pieces together. Then an inspiration from my Mexican loop holsters! I figured a way to avoid rivets and laces altogether. And I did not have to soften the leather to work it. Now my weight is supported over the broader crutch tips which cover the sharpened leg ends, and whole thick leather rather than thin laces. Sits well as is. Photo 1: the problem. Photo 2: the solution Photo 3: leather loops on the legs

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