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  1. J-BAR #18287

    Winchester 97 - needs a little TLC

    Save it for a gun buy-back program.
  2. J-BAR #18287

    Showing Respect

    The missus and I attended the funeral for our son-in-law’s mother in West Memphis, Arkansas today. She was a lovely lady. The graveside service was a 15 minute drive from the funeral home; about 30 cars in the procession. West Memphis Police provided escort service and they were impressive. The officers stood at attention beside their vehicles while they were blocking intersections as the procession passed. But even more impressive were the other drivers along the route. 95% of the cars and trucks we passed pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. Even commercial vehicles, tractor-trailers, garbage trucks— all paused as our cortège drove to the cemetery. It was remarkable demonstration of good manners and respect for the deceased, and I will remember it longer than the preacher’s words. So I got to wondering, do drivers in your part of the country do the same?
  3. J-BAR #18287

    Gifts for old folks?

    Postage stamps.
  4. J-BAR #18287

    More funny truck signs....

    Sign on local septic service truck: “Carrying messages from Congress.”
  5. J-BAR #18287

    Elevated lead levels in new/young(ish) shooter

    Not drinking water at a match in Arizona will get you into other troubles pretty quickly!! I doubt the drinking water is the source of your lead exposure.
  6. J-BAR #18287

    Mixing ammo

    I have heard that some folks alternate shot shells with slugs in revolvers and pump shotguns. Can't say I have done it myself, but I can see the value in having options.
  7. J-BAR #18287

    Thoughts on buying recreational land

    I am the luckiest man on earth. I have two friends with contiguous property one hour's drive from my home, and they let their friends hunt deer. I always let them know when I am coming, and I give each of them a $30 Bass Pro gift card each year, plus a couple hundred bucks for stand maintenance (they have about a dozen ladder stands set up) and they treat me like a king. One gutted my deer for me (which I am fully capable of doing for myself but he insisted) and then loaded it on his 4-wheeler and drove me and my table trophy to my van about a mile away. Find someone who has good hunting land and make friends. It is much cheaper and more enjoyable in the long run! Put your money into something else. Silver or diamonds maybe.
  8. J-BAR #18287

    The Lazy Man

    At one management training seminar that I was required to attend, a case study was presented and we were asked to describe how we would handle it. Most participants responded with a detailed description of escalating disciplinary measures they would take to correct the employee's actions. I replied that I was lazy and would not consider disciplinary measures until they were necessary. I would simply tell the employee that what he was doing was wrong, please don't do it anymore. No threats, etc. I got big smile from the instructor! My father told me I had lead in my pants and lacked motivation because I did not enjoy doing things they way he told me to do them. Other than a couple of thousand dollars spent in counseling services for my midlife crisis, I won.
  9. J-BAR #18287

    Breakfast Just Went Into The Oven

    Unfortunately for you, yes!
  10. J-BAR #18287

    Breakfast Just Went Into The Oven

    Oh my mistake. That just makes you strange!
  11. J-BAR #18287

    Breakfast Just Went Into The Oven

    A delicately flavored apple and cranberry creation, covered in syrup? I love maple syrup, but like ketchup it can be overdone!
  12. J-BAR #18287

    Breakfast Just Went Into The Oven

    Maple syrup?
  13. J-BAR #18287

    age categories

    We usually think that age categories protect the older shooters from the more agile and less arthritic younger shooters, but that is not always the case. There are quite a number of capable competitive old folks out there, and if they compete in a younger age category, just to prove they “still got it”, the younger shooters may feel abused. It’s a case of “Hey, you have your category, let us have ours!” Most of the time I’m in a blackpowder category, but if I want to shoot in an age based category I will shoot what I really am, an Elder Statesman. I don’t want to step on any toes.
  14. J-BAR #18287

    What happens when your cat watches too much of the Food Network!

    OK, I took a screenshot and forwarded it to the other cat people in my family. Delightfully gross!
  15. J-BAR #18287

    Got that winter wonderland thing goin on

    Methinks UB and Big Sage are secretly enjoying the snow. I’m enjoying the photos. Keep’em coming guys, all I have to endure for the next few days is rain and rush hour traffic in Little Rock while we take care of our 4 year old grandson for a few days. This is bypass 430 at 5:00 PM, doing about 5 MPH in drizzle. I’ll trade you!

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