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  1. if you have it that bad why not quit

    I agree. Gun free zones don't work, and having armed security in all schools, whether they are LEOs or trained teachers is fine with me. And that should deter many potential shooters. My point is that even with those measures there will be the occasional person who is crazy enough to not be deterred, so there must be additional measures taken to prevent an undeterred armed person from getting inside the school; fences, gates, guards at restricted entry points, etc. The toughest problem will be to prevent the kind of situation that just occurred; a student or faculty member whom everyone knows belongs at the school goes off the deep end and sneaks a weapon in. Inspecting everyone going into the school like TSA inspects airline passengers would simply take too much time every morning. I don't know how to prevent that from happening again. I don't know that it is even possible to prevent the kind of situation that happened in Maryland on Tuesday. Home schooling or remote teaching by computer, eliminating school buildings altogether I guess.
  2. if you have it that bad why not quit

    Your question assumes that a mentally disturbed/batsh*t crazy person will somehow make a rational choice. Probably not gonna happen. Rational people must realize that crazy people will always get guns, and will always pose a threat. Preventing armed crazy people from causing harm should be the goal, not trying to understand their "motivation". I don't really care why the shooter did what he did. I really care about how easily he was able to get a gun into the school. That is the question that must be addressed.
  3. So, who builds the best....

    I have a '73 Codymatic, a '73 with a Pioneer short stroke, and a '66 with a first generation something from someone that I bought used. I hate to tell you this, but it ain't the rifle. Pick any of the good reliable rifles listed in the above posts, buy one. Practice. What else can be said?
  4. NC Ordnance "Ivory-Like" White Polymer Grips -- Can They Be Aged?

    If all else fails, take 'em out into the back yard, sprinkle blackpowder on 'em liberally, and light 'em up! Then clean and polish and see what you got. They gonna look unique, no matter what!!
  5. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    That is terrific music! If the little bugger had been flying instead of eating it would be inspired!
  6. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Now I know who to consult on my next video!
  7. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Sharpies are accipiters, very quick darting aerobatic fliers, weaving in and around trees and buildings, reminds you of a dove dodging hunters in a cornfield. Red tails just lumber through the air by comparison. If you can see it fly, you will know for sure.
  8. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Rusty red feathers in the pile...probably a robin. The hawk gets a gold star for cleaning up everything else on his plate, though!
  9. Unexpected Guest at Breakfast

    Red Tail Hawks and Turkey Vultures are a dime a dozen in southwest Missouri, but Sharp-Shinned Hawks are more rare. A Sharpie shared breakfast with us this morning and gave me an excuse to post a video. It's a silent movie. I could not think of music appropriate for the subject...anyone??
  10. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    Thanks! I failed to hear “Mrs. Bates” on the soundtrack!
  11. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

    Dang! I want to know what movie it was! Maybe my cat, Book, would enjoy it.
  12. Shooting a "significantly modified" firearm?

    It would only bother me if you beat me.
  13. Ben Johnson’s life

    Thanks, I enjoyed this.
  14. Mixed Messages

    I hope that was sarcasm. It probably is not a good idea to promote counter protests, I admit. But recent polls indicate a larger percentage of Americans want to ban a particular firearm, or have no understanding of the Second Amendment, or want more gun control laws, or all three. it is proof that the anti-gunners are winning the propaganda war. That should concern us. Propaganda today can become policy tomorrow, and laws next year. Getting Civics classes back into schools would help, but educating enough future voters will take time. Instead of asking for a refund, we should be flooding the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups with donations. I sent my check last week.
  15. NC Ordnance "Ivory-Like" White Polymer Grips -- Can They Be Aged?

    I can’t get their website to open. Are the grips worth a lot or are you comfortable risking ruining them?