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  1. Two 71 Winchester, collector ammo, 86 Winch.

    Price lowered on the lot of .348 Winch ammo to 650.00 + shipping X
  2. Two 71 Winchester, collector ammo, 86 Winch.

    Yes sir, a tang safety is included, 1886 Winchester badged made in Japan, very nice rifle thou. Patrick aka Executioner
  3. Two 71 Winchester, collector ammo, 86 Winch.

    Lets reduce the price 100.00 per rifle and ammo lot of eight boxes. X
  4. Two 71 Winchester, collector ammo, 86 Winch.

    Price lowered 50.00 for the lot of 348 ammo and the rifles. Patrick
  5. Two 71 Winchester, collector ammo, 86 Winch.

    A Tuesday morning bump please. X
  6. Howdy all. I have two 71 Winchesters and 8 boxes of 348 ammo for sale as well as a newer production 86 Winchester 45-70 for sale. The 1 st 71 is a 1954 prod. in I call 80-85 %, you be the judge by photos and questions. It does have inlaid wooden diamonds in the for and butt stock, which are very nicely done. I am asking 1600.00 plus shipping. I also have 8 boxes of factory ammo, all but one are full and the one box has 16 rounds, all good shape, no tarnish. Some are 200. a box and some are 75. a box, I would take 600. plus shipping for all eight boxes. Last is a later production 1886 Winchester in 45-70 24" barrel, very pretty stock in great shape. It has a Smith ( I believe ) ladder sight for 1200.00 or the original rear sight for 1200.00. I do have more photos I can email if you would like. The ammo is all factory. One Western, 6 Winchester and 1 Remington. Thank you Patrick aka Executioner It looks like I forgot to mention the newer production 71, sorry. I am asking 1050.00 plus shipping for the newer 71.
  7. Price dropped to 1250.00 and shipping. Executioner
  8. A fresh bump, this has a 140.00 or so Marlbes rear sight on it also. Executioner
  9. How about a Sunday bump, this is a great rifle. Executioner
  10. Happy New Year to you all. Executioner
  11. Reloading items added to post. And thank you Big Iron Ranger. X
  12. Price reduced to 1300.00 plus shipping and insurance. X
  13. Howdy all, finally decided to let my Marlin Cowboy 24" barreled .44 mag. go. I bought it new about 15-16 years ago. It is in very good used condition. It was always accurate, reliable and is smooth like butter. It also has a Marbles tang sight on it which makes it even quicker to get on target. I am asking 1350.00 plus shipping and insurance. Please email for a photo if you interested. [email protected] Thank you Patrick aka Executioner 19733 Price reduced to 1250.00 plus shipping and insurance. I also have Hornady Loc n Load die bushings (11) at 2.00 each. Shell plates #, 16,45, 10, 6, 1, 16 @ 25.00 each, also near new Hornady dies, 6.5 Grendell and . 243 Winch at 20.00 all plus shipping, will ship the cheapest flat rate I can. Patrick