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  1. I have an original Coyote Cap 1887. I waited over 2 years to get it but have never shot it! It has Coyote Cap engraved on the gun, As I recall Cap said if it had his name on it he will make it work correctly! It is time for me to move some unused guns on down the trail. I should have have everything that cam with the gun in its box. I will post some pics later. This will ship from my FFL to yours and I will pay the FFL on my end, price is $950 plus the shipping! WW
  2. Wild Willi

    FS S&W Performance Center Schofields PICS ADDED

    Did I mention these bring Style Points with them!
  3. I am looking to buy a pair of "Take Off" old model Vaquero grips frames in stainless. They must be Take Offs and old model, no after market like Midway or Brownells Thanks, WW
  4. Wild Willi

    Smith and Wesson model 19-5

    The holes are too small on the 19, they fixed that on the 29.
  5. I have a pair of Smith and Wesson performance center Schofields. I bought these about 10 years ago as new condition. I have never fired them ans they are still as new. I have faux ivory grips on them and the original grips. I also have the factory wood display cases. I have a pair of closed toe El Paso Saddlery holsters to go with the guns. I want to sell them as a pair $2300, $4600 for the pair plus shipping. They will go from my FFL dealer here to your FFL dealer. I will pay for the ffl dealer on my end. They are 45 Schofield! they WW
  6. Got these on a gun I bought $70 plus the shipping
  7. Wild Willi

    New SASS Member Needs Starter Gear

    Here is some free addvice(so you know what it is worth) 38 Rugers are as strong as a vault, parts are plentyfull and Ruger is a phone call away. 38s are cheeper to shoot but more to buy if you are buying used guns. Colt Clones are usually cheaper to buy but parts can be a problem if you ever need any.
  8. Wild Willi

    WTB - I.A.B. 1874 Sharps Lock Plate

    I am out of town but will check when I get back. However I would bet these guys can help with this they import all Italy firearms http://www.italianfirearmsgroup.com/contact-us
  9. Wild Willi

    WTB - I.A.B. 1874 Sharps Lock Plate

    You can get parts from IAB but it takes a month or two. You need to get their contact info and email them. Make payment then wait they have very few parts on hand but make runs from time to time. I order 5 or 6 of the parts I needed if I recall correctly it took like 6 weeks then about 15 days after they were shipped
  10. Wild Willi

    His and Hers Roll Top Gun Cart

    I am glad I don't own that cart! I would never use it. That is a work of art! Yul that is some super woodwork the seen wood jointery is outstanding!
  11. Wild Willi

    FS Montana Silversmith Rodeo Buckle and Belt

    Goody, you are a sharp reader and a clever fellow
  12. Wild Willi

    FS Case Rio Grande Bowie--SPF

    I have one of these with stag grips, first one I ever saw was at a street sale on the warf in San Fran Cisco. I was sorry I didnt buy it the second we left the place. Took about 10 years to find another one. This is a fantastic knife
  13. Montana Silversmith Rodeo Buckle. This is a serial numbered buckle. Silver and Gold with two stones looks like rubies. The belt is leather and is new size 36. $100 plus shipping to you.
  14. Wild Willi

    WTB S&W Schofield Grips

  15. Wild Willi

    WTB Rossi 92 Ranch Hand .357 .38 Mare's Leg

    Does anyone want to sell one now that we have given you great ideas on how to ccw

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