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  1. Wild Willi

    FS Kirkpatrick Holster and Belt

    Yes the holster is stiff it is a lined holster and Belt as well this is a quality product Constructed of 8 oz. American leather, all holsters are hand dyed for rich lasting color and all edges are burnished and painted for durability and beauty. Hardware is of the highest quality, from the solid brass buckle to the chicago screws. The holsters are hand molded to your revolvers for a perfect fit and the full welt design makes sure your holsters will last. The nearly three inch wide belt is made of 9 oz. leather and is fully suede lined. Belt & Holster may be purchased separately. Available for most popular calibers, the "Tequila" rig comes equipped with twenty four hand molded bullet loops and a solid brass buckle.
  2. Wild Willi

    FS B Movie Double Rig

    See new pic with the measurments
  3. Bore pic added I am sure I could clean the bore with a metal brush but did not want to take anything from the originallity of the gun as I got it.
  4. I was going to order a history letter and called Colt to do so. They told me they had limited information on the Colt Lightnings and the information I have in the post wold be what was on the letter. So I did not follow through for the $150
  5. I believe that stock is original to the gun, seem to have been refinished. I think only Colt would have used that piece of wood with the large are of sap wood in the stock, that had it stained to match I am sure but when refinishes the light spot was not stained to match the rest of the wood. I replaced the screw years ago i the forarm. Here is the info I have from Colt and more pics. I will not ship the gun myself to any state and must go through my FFL.
  6. Wild Willi

    WTB Double Barrel

    excellent choice,very fair price
  7. This is an Octagonal barrel not a round barrel,Thought that was clear in the pics, it functions correctly, loads and ejects great. I have not made it go bang in the years I have owned. However the fellow I bought it from said it shot well.I will take some more pics this week and will include the info from Colts Web page and a bore pic. One more round then off to GB at a much higher price tag
  8. you think those are nice wait till you see the holsters
  9. Has anyone fitted a Winchester 94/92 stock on a Rossi 92?
  10. Wild Willi

    WTB El Paso Doc Holiday rig

    Looks like this
  11. Wild Willi

    FS Kirkpatrick Holster and Belt

    there is abet is 42 inches rule inthe pcture

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