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Found 3 results

  1. Lyman tang sight SOLD

    I have a Lyman tang sight I took off a Marlin 1892. It’s got a nice patina on it. I don’t see a model number but there is a small s and a larger m on the bottom. There is a ding on the top but the aperture is still perfectly round and it adjusts up and down and locks as it should. Comes with the mounting screws. $55 shipped. Lyman chart says it should also fit Marlin 1897, 39, and 39a. It DOES NOT fit a 1894.
  2. Want to know more about 1892

    Perhaps I have been watching way too many John Wayne movies lately, but I have this hankering lately for an 1892. So I was hoping to get as much info from the fire as possible. I've done limited research on my own, but I was hoping to get some expert advice as well. I've broken down the available options that I know about, so hopefully those with experience in them can chime in and help me out here. As always, thanks for the help Rossi: The cheapest option available. Also likely the most used in sass I imagine. The biggest disadvantage I have found for this rifle is option is that it's been a bit hard to find one in 44-40. Did I forget to mention that I only shoot BP? Winchester/Miroku: A lot more than a Rossi, but also a lot better looking. They can be had in 44-40 for around $1000, plus the carbine comes with a big loop lever. I did mention the recent slew of John Wayne movies? Chiappa: Price seems to be about the same as the Winchester, but I know next to nothing else about these rifles. Any information would be helpful Original Winchester: For just a bit more than the last two options, an original post 1900's can be found. Might not be the prettiest, but it'll get the job done. I am hesitant to go this route, since I already have an original 73 and don't use it all that much. Am I missing anything? Again, thanks for any help
  3. This is one of 500 produced. It's new in the box and has not been fired. The pictures say pretty much everything. It's chambered in 38-40. Questions answered for gratis. Located in New Mexico. Gopher Gold 42911L 1300.00