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Found 7 results

  1. I have a .45 caliber 1894 Marlin Cowboy with a 20 inch barrel, worked over by Widowmaker. It feeds anything in .45 caliber and is smooth as silk. Oh, and it is stamped with JM indicating it was made before Remington bought Marlin. It has the normal use wear and tear and is ready for your next match. $900 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I also have an IAC 1887 Winchester that has an action job from Lassiter. I'm not too familiar with these guns but this one has been worked on by Lassiter and has his "drop 2" loading feature. $650 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I'm heading to the Four Corners Regional in Utah at the end of April. You can pick them up there and save shipping. Contact me on the wire or direct at [email protected] if you have interest.
  2. Cowboy Guns For Sale

    Cowboys/Cowgirls, I am selling the following guns for a retired cowboy shooter and wife. JM Marlin 1895 450 Guide Gun With Tasco Scope $600 shipped Winchester 1885 Japan Highwall 45-70 With Pedersoli Tang and Spirit Level Front Sight $1200 Shipped SOLD JM Marlin 336 With Tang Sight $600 Shipped cal 30-30 Winchester Model 97 with Choke Tubes and action job (12.25 LOP) $650 Shipped JM Marlin 1894 .44 Mag Cowboy $700 Shipped--SOLD Uberti 1873 Pioneer Gunworks Carbine (Will only accept 10 shortened 357 cartridges) $1,150 Shipped SOLD Ruger .32 Single Six's with Lassiter Action Jobs $1,300 for pair shipped Please forward any questions to; Smokie [email protected] 417-894-4208
  3. SET OF SASS 45 And 12 ga sxs

    SOLD - PENDING FUNDS I am selling my back up pair of Bisley Vaqueros in 45LC. Action work done by Wes Flowers aka West Fargo. One of the best with Rugers. Work includes: Removal of Transfer Bar-Short Stroked Hammer With Half Cock-Serrated Front Sight-Opened Rear Sights-Beveled Cylinder and Ejector Rod Housing-Shortened Base Pin (Helps in ejecting empties). Guns have been shot occasionally but mainly used as backups. Eagle Gunfighter grips and original Ruger grips. $1650 shipped for the pair. I SOLD PENDING FUNDS. Stoger Coach gun that is very slick and ready for competition. $350 shipped. Marlin 1874CB in excellent shape. Single piece firing pin, one piece trigger, peep sights, JM stamped good one. $1200 shipped. Savage SXS stock with double beads. Excellent cowboy trap gun or slick it up for competitive shooting. Single trigger. The Savage has 28 inches barrels and original wood. Nothing has been cut or modified on it. $300 shipped.
  4. Need funding, PM with reasonable offers. Thanks for looking. AWA Lightning carbine 45 (tang sight not included) Runs very fast, very reliable! $795.00 + shipping 1995 Pedersoli 28" heavy barrel Sharps 45-90. DST straight stock with RHO 6x Malcolm telescope. Hard case, decapper, blow tube. $2150.00 + shipping 1931 Winchester Model 12 - 30" full choke, 2 3/4" 12 gauge. Very smooth, nice patina. $400.00 + shipping JM Marlin 1894 .45 tuned, with Slick trigger/extractor/pin/safety delete. Runs great. $1000.00 + shipping LQ
  5. Marlin Jam

    Got the jam on my 45 marlin. Aside from purchasing a new carrier, what's the latest suggestions on this problem? Does anyone make an improved carrier? Thanks!
  6. Marlin 1894CB, 44-40, Hornady 240gr SWC-HP #11118 and a load of Reloder 7. Velocity about 1,425fps. High Pressure, High Velocity not for the Henry, Winchester 66' and 73' weak action style rifles. Deer hit at about 60-75 yards. Hit the top of the shoulder broadside, turned 90deg, road down the spine and stopped in the hind quarters. Processor gave up looking for the bullet until he was cutting up the hind quarters where he found it. Buck dropped straight down, never took a step.
  7. Marlin 1894 32 H&R SPF

    Hello the fire, My wife has decided she is going to stick with her Codymatic instead of switching to the Marlin in 32. That said, it is time to make space in the safe. This is a stock Marlin 1894 in 32 H&R Mag. We have not done any work on it or had any done. It has been shot just to test it out. $1600.

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