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Found 1 result

  1. C. Sharps Boss Gun For Sale

    Howdy Folks, Well, the old tractor finally bit the dust, and I need to get a new one. To that end, I offer up my prized C. Sharps Arms Model 1874 Boss Gun with Grade 1 engraving. It's in 45-70 and has a few goodies that come along with it, including a Quigley Style Leather Gun "Case". (See pictures), and a Deluxe Long Range Sight with windage. I'll dig around in the safe, and storage and see what else I can find, but I know exactly where those are. In the pictures, you can see that it has a few options built in to it, most notably the front barrel sight, the No.1 Tapered Heavy Octagon barrel (which wasn't standard at the time, but now is), and the fancy walnut stock. It's been shot, but not much. I'll be glad to take more pictures if you want. It's got some normal safe damage that may not show up on the pictures, but I'll try to add some pics of anything I find. (just a few minor scratches on the stock which can be easily fixed if you care), and two on the Schnabel Fore end, see pic, which can be buffed out) Here's a link to C. Sharps Arms, Inc.'s page for it. http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/47/Model-1874-Boss-Gun-Grade-I-Engraving.html . Here's the link to the "case"; http://csharpsarms.com/catalog-detail/135/Quigley-Style-Sharps-Rifle-Case.html To answer a couple of questions that I've received; a. The barrel measures 29 1/4" from the forcing cone. b. When I ordered this from John Schoffstall, the founder and President, at his shop in Big Timber, I asked him to put the longest No. 1 heavy barrel on it he could, but to keep the weight down under 12 lbs., with the long range sight attached. The thought being, at the time, to make sure it was "legal" for Cowboy Silhouette (He and I thought). He did so, just under. When I weighed it with him back then, it was 11lb, 15 oz. That was a few years back, and I don't have a scale capable of weighing it with precision. But I can't imagine it grew in that time. (Unlike me, but we won't go there) I am asking $4000, which I think is reasonable considering it cost over $5500 new. But, I will consider other reasonable offers. I am an individual, so your FFL will need to be willing to accept firearms from an individual. I ask that you pay in US Post Office Money Orders. A certified check from a national bank that I recognize will do, but funds will have to clear before I ship out the gun. This is a fine "buffler" rifle, and deserves a good home. It's the real deal, not some Italian attempt. Unlike other US manufacturers, C Sharps Arms mill the action from high quality billet steel, rather than cast the parts and mill it down. Send me a PM if you are interested. Include a phone number if you want me to call you. Include your Email if you want more pics. I still work for a living, dagnabit, so I can't check my email more than a couple times a day. Also, since I live out in the backwoods of Tennessee now, my internet connection is bad, so I can't always get on to the forums. Finally, I'm a GOFWG and go to bed early. But, I will make every effort to get back to you in a timely manner. If we get serious about a transaction, we'll switch to the phone so that I don't have to chicken peck on this darn confuser. Best regards, Judge Injury (AKA Eric Klotz)