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Found 1 result

  1. RANGER'S JUSTICE - Desert Trail

    Well Forum readers we have an Official Title to our Short Story. Here are samples of some of the POSTS as they will appear in the final version. Here are the contributors to the story-line in order of appearance: Join the fun and read the continuing story of undercover Texas Rangers, the Brett Black gang, and other nefarious characters. Pards: Together let's create a short (or as long as it may become) Old West Story written entirely by the SASS WIRE SALOON writers. I will start it off with an opening sentence. Each POST should include a sentence or two that will keep the story line going, whatever that turns out to be. The end result will be an OFFICIAL SASS WIRE SALOON Short Story that we can consider submitting to the Cowboy Chronicle. What say we get this story going........ RANGER'S JUSTICE - DESERT TRAIL The Lazy Boy Kid was hurting bad, his left shoulder throbbing from the 45 Colt slug that torn through him like a freight train with no brakes.