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Found 5 results

  1. Left hand Dixie Tennessee Mountain Rifle in 50 caliber. Excellent condition, fine bore, near new gun with few minor handling marks. $495 shipped in CONUS. Reasonable offers?
  2. Howdy all. I have two 71 Winchesters and 8 boxes of 348 ammo for sale as well as a newer production 86 Winchester 45-70 for sale. The 1 st 71 is a 1954 prod. in I call 80-85 %, you be the judge by photos and questions. It does have inlaid wooden diamonds in the for and butt stock, which are very nicely done. I am asking 1600.00 plus shipping. I also have 8 boxes of factory ammo, all but one are full and the one box has 16 rounds, all good shape, no tarnish. Some are 200. a box and some are 75. a box, I would take 500. plus shipping for all eight boxes. Last is a later production 1886 Winchester in 45-70 24" barrel, very pretty stock in great shape. It has a Smith ( I believe ) ladder sight for 1200.00 or the original rear sight for 1200.00. I do have more photos I can email if you would like. The ammo is all factory. One Western, 6 Winchester and 1 Remington. Thank you Patrick aka Executioner It looks like I forgot to mention the newer production 71, sorry. I am asking 1050.00 plus shipping for the newer 71.
  3. rifle,and,shotgun for sale

    Remington rolling block in 45-100 for sale, price reduced to $1200 plus shipping to your FFL. Also Stoeger 12 gauge coach gunasking $350 plus shipping to your FFL.remington comes with dies from Lyman, and amunition if you're local. The Stoeger is slicked up a bit, safety is reactivated to stock condition. Some cart dings, but otherwise good condition.
  4. More stuff from storage: S&W 627-8 - 4" 3/4 lug barrel 8 Shot Revolver came with Pachmeyer Finger groove Grips, adjustable rear sights and red ramp front sight. I believe this was the last production of this model with the 3/4 under-lug round barrel only made 2008-2009 , subsequently they went to the Pro Series slab sided barrel style. I am the original owner, less than 500 rounds through it mostly, .38 specials. NEW PRICE $725.00 Shipped my ffl to yours To see pics use these links: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Nmil352OCc3DkhlV2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/iTcOZvy7WQlMezZf2 Must ship my ffl to yours, be sure it is legal to own/purchase in your locality. PM me with any questions. TInpan McGurk SASS# 82891
  5. For Sale - Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Military Rifle. Full Stock, beautiful Bore in 45-70. Is outfitted with Leatherwood 6X Malcolm full-length scope with offset kit and Fine Adjustment kit on rear mount. Comes with leather sling. Front sight has been removed and previous owner had attempted to cut 3/8" dovetail that needs a professional to straighten out. Beyond that, the rifle is in excellent condition. Will ship via Fedex ground to your FFL, who must be willing to accept from a non-FFL (I only have a C&R). Will ship in hard case and cardboard box. Asking $1400 , now $1000 plus shipping. Slideshow link below. First "I'll take it" followed by PM gets it. Will accept USPO Money Orders, cashier's checks or personal check (will hold shipment for ten days after receipt for check to clear). http://s1221.photobucket.com/user/oscarlovel/slideshow/Sharps%20For%20Sale

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