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Found 37 results

  1. old vaquero's 4 5/8 38/357

    A pair of Ruger old Vaqueros in 357 4 5/8 with a Jim Bowie short stroke / action job with the lowered hammer. 56-96542 & 56-62282. Great condition. Light normal holster wear at muzzle, ejector rod housing and front edge of cylinders. These were my back up set that I luckily never had to call on. I prefer the "new" vaqueros and want to get a new pair to replace these. Ajax grips. I believe these real stag grips ( thx Mudflat) $1400 No allowance in that price regarding shipping or any FFL requirements.
  2. 38-40's

    Cimmarron Model P 38-40. $450. In excellent condition with a $150 Bob James action job. I know everybody thinks "their" guy is the best but our guy out here in Arizona REALLY is the best. Only gunsmith Colt have on their speed dial. These were mostly dry fire practice guns when I was shooting colts. Gun maybe has had 50 live light smokeless rounds through it, I truly cant remember. Its nail polish!! American Arms uberti REGULATOR 38-40 $ 350. ditto as above. These American arms revolvers dont have the quality of the Cimmarons, hence the price difference. $750 for the pair If you are interested we can discuss shipping options etc. I have not allowed for any shipping or FFL requirements in those prices.
  3. A nice unlined Galco Left hand 4 3/4" Molded Holster, strong side. light brown in color. SA 5 1/2 " Revolver is shown for size only. Revolver is not for sale with holster. $40.00 sent to your US Postal zip code.

    Changed out this sight for a Montana Long Range. This is a C Sharps sight that goes up to 3.5 adjustments. It is for 1874 and 1875 C Sharps. The measurement from center to center is 2.260, which is standard for the C Sharps 1874 and 1875. There is not a dail to adjust windage, but it can be adjusted by moving the eye peep sight left or right and then screwing it down tight. This would be good for up to 300 yards. Anymore yardage, you would want to be able to fine tune the windage. Asking $57.00 with shipping to the lower 48. Located in Raleigh NC for local pick up for $50.00. Can email directly at [email protected]
  5. Holsters for sale

    Howdy Folks I have a set of Holster that are like brand new , they are for 7.5" bbl. six shooters Colt Or Remington will fit, The Manufacture is Classic Old West Styles ELPASO TEXAS. How About $100.00 plus Shipping. THANKS Dusty Ed
  6. For sale UniqueTek Micrometer SPF

    For sale a new UniqueTek Micrometer powder Bar Kit for Dillon auto powder measurer. $ 75.00 shipped.
  7. Charter Arms 9mm Stainless Revolver

    Like New! Shoots Great! Works Great! No moon clip needed. Charter Arms Custom Wood Finger Grip included. Nice addition to your nine family. $500+ Invested. Make offer!

    new tapered 2.5" gun belt[see photos] $50.00 shipped SOLD
  9. SOLD Pending Funds!!

    SOLD PF I got this to shoot Cody Dixon and it is not going to happen. It is a Winchester 1894 produced in 1966 to celebrate 100 years of the 1866 rifle. It has a 24" barrel and is chambered in 30-30. I bought it as never being fired, but who knows? I have not. I do not have the box. It is in great shape except for some discoloration on the butt plate. Maybe it was stored on end on some material that did that to the finish. I would like to get $600 $ 550 $525 for it and would not want to ship, but I will. Probably cost about $45 to ship in a hard plastic case. I live between Houston and Galveston in Friendswood. I can get over to Trailhead in Columbus this week if you are going to that match. Thanks, Paisano

    This group is left handed except for two. One is a belt holster for a Browning High Power and the other a shoulder holster for a snub nose revolver. Some are for a Sig P226 or similar size sig, two are for a Walther PPK being an inside the pants well seasoned Sparks and a Legster ankle holster. Two are for a model 39/59 smith and wesson. One of them is an inside the waistband. The Fobus is for a 1911 and the magazine pouch that goes with it. One magazine for the group or sell for $30 including shipping . Thank you.
  11. WTT/WTS SASS leather

    I would like to trade or sell these western holsters and book group for one of the above magazines or $30 including shipping. The holsters are left handed except for one. The loading strips are for 44/45 calibre. The shotgun slide is 12 ga. The brown holsters are for Colt or New Vaquero type frame. The smaller black holster would fit 1860 type revolvers. The larger one would be more suited for a Walker. Thank you.
  12. Hello i have a sight removal tool for glock firearms i only used this twice so its like new.im asking 75.00 with free shipping i can send pictures to email or text them or you can see the same kind on e-bay thanks for looking
  13. ***** SOLD ***** Up for sale is a Winchester Model 1897 pump shotgun in 12 gauge. This is a take-down “E” Model, produced circa 1934 with a Full choke, that’s been around the block a few times. The barrel looks to have been cut down to its present 22 inches, and the finish has browned all over with freckling throughout. The furniture is worn, but there are no visible cracks. The action is still nice and smooth, and the box of target loads I put through this shotgun caused no issues at all. I took it apart and cleaned it up, applying fresh oil and grease where proper. If I didn’t already have several of these ‘97s, I’d keep this one. Some pics attached. That’s a scratch in the hand guard, not a crack. It doesn’t continue through the grooves. My price is $450 shipped CONUS in a plastic CMP case in a cardboard box, FFL to FFL. PM with questions or offers, and thanks for looking.
  14. This is a sweet shooting rifle. 20" barrel with pistol grip. Hoping for a buyer in the North Florida area who I can meet up with. will also ship. Excellent condition. Contact Jack Cushman (AKA Alligator Jack) Ph: 352-445-0283 or email at: [email protected] Price: $995.00
  15. SOLD 45 JHP bullets

    2 boxes Speer, 1 bag Remington. 300 total count. See pictures for details. $60 shipped USPS priority Mail.
  16. SOLD: Mini 14 w/GB Barrel and Scope

    SOLD Nice Stainless steel 185 Series Mini 14 with GB barrel in .223/5.56. Nice wooden stock has typical safe dings, nothing egregious. Includes Tasco AccuDot scope mounted on solid B-Square mount. Comes with one [1] non-factory 20 or 30 round magazine, your choice. Make sure your dealer will accept guns from private individuals.
  17. .50 CVA WOLF WITH ASSY AND 3X9 SCOPE.gun fired less than 10 times on pyrodex only. $200.00 shipped
  18. Uberti SASS PRO

    I have a slightly used SASS pro for sale in 45lc. It might have 60 rounds through it. I had intended on picking up a second, but ended up changing to .357 and this is the last I have in 45. It has 4 3/4” barrel, and as stated before, hardly shot. Pm or text 713-825-0079 with any more questions $475 shipped Leadleg
  19. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    These are new never used in the box, they are not compatible with Square Deal B Asking $ 60.00 shipped SOLD
  20. SOLD E Garcia Spurs

    SOLD Very nice set of spurs by Eduardo Garcia spur maker. These have some wear on the blueing in spots but are overall very nice. Jingle bobs. $250.00 shipped.
  21. SOLD Heavy leather suede (sure has a nice leather smell). It is nicely lined. Fringed and Indian bead decorated. Chocolate color, not black as it might appear in pictures. Measures about 51" long. Perfect for the Henry. $115.00 shipped.
  22. I'm am putting up for sale my hydraulic Spolar Gold, the Cadillac of shotgun presses. I will be posting this next week on the trapshooter forum where I know it will sell in just a few minutes but I wanted to give my first love friends, my cowboy pards, the first crack at it. If you seriously load shotgun you'll know exactly what this machine is. This machine will load even the junkiest hulls into factory crimped shells at the rate of 30-35 per minute depending on your ability to run it smoothly (practice). There is no finer machine on the planet. This machine new cost $3400 plus shipping I an asking $3000 plus the actual shipping costs for everything here. I will send you the loader, in the factory packaging, with all of the included items i.e. the DVD instructions, the extra hull fingers, the dry lube, etc. The Spolar hydraulic unit in the factory packaging, approximately 1800 once fired gun club hulls, 600 once fired AA hulls, 150+lbs #8 shot, 3000 Claybuster lightning wads, the MTM hull and wad boxes, and 11000 Winchester 209 primers. That's over $800 in supplies. This machine is a working piece of art and it's like brand new. it is still on the first set of hull fingers and cleaner brush. The wait on one of these machines from Spolar is over a year, but you can get it right now with everything you need to start loading the most perfec shells specifically loaded to your game. I am guessing the shipping to be around $300 with the HazMat fee, and that's an educated guess, not a quote.I will start checking the exact shopping costs on Monday and this will need to be shipped in multiple boxes. PM me with any questions
  23. SOLD I have been forced to retire from the game and I am selling my Spur Marlin chambered in 44 spcl/44 mag. This gun was tuned by Cowboy Carty who is one of the best on Marlins. I think this rifle was only used in one or two matches. It is very smooth and tuned to run the 44 specials. It has a couple of "chigger marks" from being a safe queen or from being in the cart. The basic gun is a JM marked Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp model with the 20 inch octagon barrel. Then Carty did his magic I want $1000 shipped to your ffl for this gun. If you want a Spur by Carty, you probably already know that he has a fairly long waiting list. Here is your chance. I love the roar of a 44.
  24. Great starter shotgun for Cowboy Action Shooting. Action work be Silver wolf. Used very little. $350.00 + $35.00 shipping to your FFL. Sorry for the upside down pictures.

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