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Found 22 results

  1. Dillon 38/357 Dies

    These are new never used in the box, they are not compatible with Square Deal B Asking $ 60.00 shipped SOLD
  2. SOLD E Garcia Spurs

    SOLD Very nice set of spurs by Eduardo Garcia spur maker. These have some wear on the blueing in spots but are overall very nice. Jingle bobs. $250.00 shipped.
  3. SOLD Heavy leather suede (sure has a nice leather smell). It is nicely lined. Fringed and Indian bead decorated. Chocolate color, not black as it might appear in pictures. Measures about 51" long. Perfect for the Henry. $115.00 shipped.
  4. I'm am putting up for sale my hydraulic Spolar Gold, the Cadillac of shotgun presses. I will be posting this next week on the trapshooter forum where I know it will sell in just a few minutes but I wanted to give my first love friends, my cowboy pards, the first crack at it. If you seriously load shotgun you'll know exactly what this machine is. This machine will load even the junkiest hulls into factory crimped shells at the rate of 30-35 per minute depending on your ability to run it smoothly (practice). There is no finer machine on the planet. This machine new cost $3400 plus shipping I an asking $3000 plus the actual shipping costs for everything here. I will send you the loader, in the factory packaging, with all of the included items i.e. the DVD instructions, the extra hull fingers, the dry lube, etc. The Spolar hydraulic unit in the factory packaging, approximately 1800 once fired gun club hulls, 600 once fired AA hulls, 150+lbs #8 shot, 3000 Claybuster lightning wads, the MTM hull and wad boxes, and 11000 Winchester 209 primers. That's over $800 in supplies. This machine is a working piece of art and it's like brand new. it is still on the first set of hull fingers and cleaner brush. The wait on one of these machines from Spolar is over a year, but you can get it right now with everything you need to start loading the most perfec shells specifically loaded to your game. I am guessing the shipping to be around $300 with the HazMat fee, and that's an educated guess, not a quote.I will start checking the exact shopping costs on Monday and this will need to be shipped in multiple boxes. PM me with any questions
  5. SOLD I have been forced to retire from the game and I am selling my Spur Marlin chambered in 44 spcl/44 mag. This gun was tuned by Cowboy Carty who is one of the best on Marlins. I think this rifle was only used in one or two matches. It is very smooth and tuned to run the 44 specials. It has a couple of "chigger marks" from being a safe queen or from being in the cart. The basic gun is a JM marked Marlin 1894 Cowboy Comp model with the 20 inch octagon barrel. Then Carty did his magic I want $1000 shipped to your ffl for this gun. If you want a Spur by Carty, you probably already know that he has a fairly long waiting list. Here is your chance. I love the roar of a 44.
  6. Great starter shotgun for Cowboy Action Shooting. Action work be Silver wolf. Used very little. $350.00 + $35.00 shipping to your FFL. Sorry for the upside down pictures.
  7. Ruger 45LC 4.62" BBL

    Cleaning out the safe. Used very little Model 5102 Vaquero 45LC 4.62" bbl. The only work this gun has had is springs replaced with Wolf springs. $450.00 + $25.00 shipping to your FFL
  8. This carbine was used by my wife when we first started shooting. It has a complete action job by Johnny Meadows and is one of the smoothest 92's I have ever shot. It has a 20"BBL. $650.00 + $35.00 shipping to your FFL.
  9. SOLD

    Gonna sell 2 of my not used for some time toys. 2-- 58's Pietta7 1/2 barrel .36. Used in 1 WR match and 2 week end matches. Slicked up and ready to go. Never had a FTF. Can send PIC's in email if needed. Can't get them to load in this laptop. Laser on grips. $500.00 shipped to your door flat rate PIC way &do=edit#.url
  10. Savage Arms Model 24 O/U .222 Rem, .20 gauge. 3” chamber. Has a scope rail and open sights. Good condition. Asking $425.00 buyer pays $35.00 shipping to an FFL. Lenny Composto aka Dice- [email protected] PM if interested
  11. Lyman #55 with drop tubes and large and small case adapter. $110 shipped.
  12. Renegade 73

    I have a Roughneck Rod tuned Beretta Renegade 1873's in 38/357. It has a XS large white front sight. It comes with the lever wrap in the pics but not the butt cover as it is personalized. This gun comes with the $20 lever wrap and the $75 front sight. $1350.00 includes shipping to your FFL. This will be the last price drop, get yourself one of the BEST rifles in the game that are no longer available nor is the awesome smith who did the action work. PM or email me with any questions or for more photos [email protected]
  13. Used, very good condition. Sight has 3x power and green/red adjustable reticle. Comes ready to install on Picatinny style flat tops. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Waterproof, fog proof, shock proof. 32mm objective lens. Flip up lens covers. $175.00 shipped.
  14. I have a pile of 1911 gun leather from Mitch Rosen, Galco, Don Hume and High Noon. Holsters and mag pouches. All leather will accommodate a 5" 1911 except for the High Noon holster which is for a Commander length or shorter 1911 and the Mitch Rosen 29505 which looks to be for the 3" Micro 1911. Pictured in some of the leather is a 5" Springfield GI for illustration purpose only... gun NOT included in sale. All leather and mag pouches are in very good condition. New retail on all this leather combined goes for over $650.00. The used value of the magazines is in the $75.00 range. (3 Nighthawk 8 round mags, 1 KimPro stainless 8 round mag.) I'll sell all this together for $350 shipped, USPS Priority Mail. 1st "I'll take it" gets it. Please PM me for payment arrangements. At this time I prefer to sell all of this as one order. I do not feel like parting this collection out. If it does not sell as a whole only then will I consider selling the individual pieces. Included in this sale: 3 Nighthawk 8 round 45 acp mags 1 KimPro 8 round mag 1 single 1911 mag pouch Galco 1 double 1911 mag pouch Galco 1 double 1911mag pouch Don Hume 1 Don Hume JIT 1911 Slide holster 1Galco Quick Slide 1911 holster 1 Galco Concealable 1911 holster 1 Galco IWB 1911 holster 1 Galco 1911 Yaqui Slide holster 1 Mitch Rosen 1911 Belt Slide holster 1 High Noon Holster 1911 Slide Guard holster
  15. Uberti 44 - 40. $750. The rifle has had very little use. This is their "aged" or "antique" look model or what ever they call it. The "wear" in the pictures isn't real. It has had an action job of some sort but NOT a short stroke kit. I bought this at Winter Range 3 years ago to shoot wild bunch. I only shot it three times. If you are interested let me know we'll sort something out for shipping. If you are coming out for Winter Range we can do the deal there or have some friends who are attending pick it up for you if you don't want it shipped. You will need an FFL holder otherwise. Also selling my Mernickle Wild Bunch rig. I assure you that this has only been used 3 times also. There is the slightest bit of wear obviously at the mouth of the holster but that's it. Other than that it looks brand new. Also included a Mernickle loading strip and 3 (x2) mag holders. The belt is 44" I am a 36. I spent well over $300 on this rig, will sell for $225. If any of my buds at Cowtown are interested in either of these let me know I will bring out to the Cowboy match this Sunday. The Reverend
  16. .32 mag &.357 mag sherrifs Rugers--Tenn only

    Hate to be letting go of things but age (getting old) making me do things-----thought I'd start out by seeing if anyone in Tenn. interested in a pair of Ruger Baby Vaqueros-.32 mag.-stainless--short gripframes-white factory grips----maby 200 or so cowboy rounds thru each of em--$one thousand for the pair of em!----------Pair of Ruger stainless .357 sheriffs models Vaqueros-white factory grips--darn near virgin maby 75 to 100 rounds o cowboy loads thru each of em ! $ Eleven hundred for the pair of em!! For now only looking to sell within state of Tenn.
  17. For Sale: Colt Firearms Franklin Mint. Single Action Army Pocket Watch with Stand AND Chain. Like New. (Kept in Curio its entire life). See photo one, small mark on stand. Works never worn. FREE Shipping to the 48 States. Officially Authorized by the Western Heritage Museum. THE LEGENDS OF THE WEST. $59.00 Deputy King 22910
  18. SOLD 38 Special Brass cleaned and primed. 500 rounds, $60.00 plus postage via USPS. Medium flat rate box is 13.60, from what I see on line. Got this bag in trade from a fellow shooter, no need for them, so letting them go for what the tag says. 60+13.60=73.60 Looked at a handful and they seem mostly Winchester, but there are others. This brass has new primers installed. Sorry, but I do not know what brand the primers are. That’s about all I know, except they are from a trusted pard.
  19. Kirkpatrick Leather LH-09 Holster Rig

    Long Hunter Design featuring slotted screw variable retention, Wide skirt paddles, Angled away left and right strong hand holsters, Kydex lined, Belt channel, Flared out top, Exposed trigger guard, 2 inch drop, Ranger Belt includes adjustable bullet slide. Like New. Never worn in match. Size 48 can be sized to your size requirements for free. Paid $675 (basket weave) Sell $575 OBO. Free Shipping.
  20. Kirkpatrick Leather PS-2 Shotgun Belt

    Hold 12 gauge shells. Inside suede leather lining grips your clothes for snug fit. Size 48 can be sized to your waist requirements for free. Like New. Paid $185 Sell $150 OBO. Free Shipping
  21. Winchester 1894 38/55

    winchester 1894 has been rebarreled and reblued 26 in barrel $1000 sorry not looking for any trades
  22. SOLD: Two Ruger New Vaquero's, 5 1/2", 38spl/.357", These Are Like New In The Boxes, Zero Holster Wear. Never Been Shot In A Match. Factory Stock Condition. Only $1,025.00 shipped [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// $1,025.00 Shipped to your FFL. Cashiers Check or Postal Money Orders Only. Thanks For Looking Ringer