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Found 7 results

  1. Sitting here enjoying the snow pile up outside got me thinking. Scary I know. Around here we pretty much shut down for winter. By request from a few guys at work that will be trying sass this year.I have been teaching a few classes at our farm. We put up a small range last fall and the previous owners had turned a grainary into a guest house. So I use that as a class room. So far it's turned out better than I expected it to. Anyway I was thinking of turning this into a regular thing every winter if I have enough interest. So if you had a choice what would you like to see taught? I was thinking maybe ro classes, maybe get a few local leather to do a class on proper care and fit of a rig. Or a demonstration on cleaning/ breaking down a revolver/ rifle/ shotgun. Loading classes? Anyway What does the combined knowledge of the sass crowd think. Good idea or waste of time.
  2. Ralphie Parker

    Skb 100 12 ga

    Really really nice Skb 100 numbers matching factory gun 26" barrels mod/imp 14" lop splinter forend wood is in great condition a few nicks on the stock NO cracks blueing is in great shape as well gun locks up super tight. It has a Decelerator recoil pad $1250 shipping included to your ffl. First I'll take it and it's yours ready to ship
  3. Wild Ben VanDorn

    "New" Parker Bros Shotgun

    Just received my "new" Parker Bros 10 gauge shotgun. Best I can tell from serial numbers, it was made between 1867-1870. 10 gauge, and it is in very nice condition. Suffice to say, I cannot wait to work up some loads for this beast, and take her out to a SASS match! Ohhh, baby . . . don't be so mean!!! More pictures to follow, but here's a nice one of the receiver and the tubes! Hubba hubba hubba! Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  4. O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

    fs: Stevens 235, 12ga

    I'm selling my Stevens Model 235 SxS. It's a 12ga with 28" barrels. The action is nice and tight. Nice wood with some figure to it. The receiver still has some color to it. Bores are in very good condition. Some roughness to the bottom exterior of the left barrel. Original Stevens butt plate. Everything is shown in the photos. If you've tried to find a Stevens 235 in decent condition, you'll know it's not easy. I always felt that if I couldn't get a Stevens, I'd shoot a Rossi Overland. Asking $525 plus shipping.
  5. Ralphie Parker

    Skb 200e 12ga

    SOLD......Skb 200e 12ga with splinter forend 28" barrels choked full/modified 14" lop with kickeez pad installed one scratch near the lever hairline cracks on both side of the stock see pictures light freckling on the barrels see pictures and thin blueing on underside on the receiver again see pictures this is a beautiful example of a solid shooter skb with super nice dark high gloss wood asking price is $1200 plus $25 shipping to your FFL
  6. O. P. Hanna, SASS #17282

    fs: Rossi Overlands, 3 12ga, 1 .410

    I have some Rossi Overlands for sale. Three are 12ga with 20" barrels, one is a .410 with 26" barrels. Factory Engraved Model Price $875 (plus shipping) SOLD Rossi Overland in 12ga. This is a factory engraved model. I've only seen three in all of the Rossis I've seen over the years. Two of them are just like this, blued and silver. The third one is the gold plated one that I also have on this site. Regular Model is As-New condition Price $600 (plus shipping) Still Available, you won't find a nicer one Rossi Overland in 12ga and 20" barrels. I've had several Overlands from time-to-time and this is the absolute nicest one I've ever seen. Perfect condition, and beautiful wood. Many of the Rossis have stocks that have dark spots in them where it looks like they had used wood filler to patch them, then varnish. Others, are very plain, boring wood and no varnish. This one is has a beautiful light-colored wood, which I've never seen before. Just beautiful. Factory Engraved and Gold Plated (23 made) Price $1075 (plus shipping) Rossi Overland in 12ga, 20" barrels. This is a factory engraved model and special, because it's also gold plated. I've seen a lot of Rossis over the years, but this is the only engraved, gold plated one I've ever come across. I've seen two other factory engraved one, and one is here. It is factory engraved and gold plated, even the butt plate screes were plated. From the research I've done, these were only produced one time for employees of the Original Rossi Firearms Company back in the 60's. I'm also told by 2 different people that only 23 of these were made. The gun is solid. Some minor flaking new the one chamber as shown in the photo. And the only "problem" is that the toe had been chipped and repaired. Very minor and too bad it wasn't done right. Still, a beautiful gun. Here's the .410 Price $750 (plus shipping) .410s are hard to find Rossi Overland in .410 and 26" barrels. the Rossi .410's are really cute. They didn't just stick .410 barrels on a 12ga frame. The entire frame is reduced to fit. This is a beautiful Rossi and I don't think it's been fired but you can see that there are a couple of marks on the barrel. The bolt face still had grease on it and I can't find a mark on the wood. These Rossis are desirable not only because they have external hammers, but because they don't have any additional, and unnecessary, tang safety. Truly an exceptional example, and the perfect gun for that young Cowboy Shooter, or someone wanting a nice, solid SxS. I'm told I can't link to my site with all of the details, so just let me know if you're interested in any and I can point you to the additional photos. O. P. Hanna
  7. HossMunny

    Rifle/shotgun suggestions

    Howdy all. I need to pick up a lever gun and SXS shotgun for Nora Mae. She has her heart set on a 1873 Winchester clone but is open to suggestions. Are there any makers that are better than others? Is there a good place to pick one up where the gun has already been short stroked and tuned? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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