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Found 11 results

  1. Whisperin' Wade SASS #36209

    Engraved 1866 Uberti Short Rifle FS

    I have a well used 1866 American Arms Winchester made by Uberti in 38 Special. It is hand engraved by the late Frank Leman. It has a Super Short Stroke kit from Pioneer gun works as well as springs from Slix Springs. Been a great rifle and still works well, just time for me to move on to a '73. The finish is worn and the stock is too, it's been a shooting gun not a safe queen. I'd like to get $1200 for it but am open to reasonable offers. PM me or email direct to [email protected]
  2. Headhunter, SASS#107011

    1866 Yellowboy from American Arms

    I have come across an 1866 yellowboy, 45LC, reproduction from Italy (Uberti?) that appears to have been imported by (now defunct) American Arms in Kansas City. The Gun Blue Book values these significantly less than that of a used Uberti reproduction now available on GunBroker, etc. Does anyone know if the American Arms imports have any mechanical issues? Why the price disparity if both manufactured by Uberti?
  3. Hey, all. I want to have Gary Barnes make me one of his Thuer conversions but first I need an 1860 Army. He recommended a Colt (2nd or 3rd gen) for looks, but I know those aren't plentiful and can get expensive, so if you have a Uberti I'd love to take a look at that as well. The Uberti would have to be made prior to 2015 (Uberti made some changes to the gun that make the conversion more difficult). Anyone have one of these? Thanks, all!
  4. all sold , thank you!
  5. Anyone got a Uberti 1873 butt stock with pistol grip for sell? Thanks Lefty, God bless
  6. I'd like some advice. I am interested in buying a lever action rifle and single action revolver (ideally in the same caliber, but not required). I'm a Marine and have a lot of experience with semi-automatics, but little experience with revolvers or lever action rifles. I primarily want them for novelty and fun shooting, which makes me think I should get a pistol caliber such as 357 or 45 LC 1873 or 1892 Winchester. I have no experience with these types of guns, so I don't know what else they are well suited for besides Cowboy Action Shooting, which I'd enjoy getting into someday. So essentially I'm wondering (to figure out which brand/caliber would be best): 1. Which is better between the 1873 and 1892? I've heard that the 1873 has a smoother action, and the 1892 has a stronger action (Although I admit I don't really understand what that means). 2. If I want to use the rifle for hunting, would the 30-30 caliber 1894 be better? 3. For the 1892, is the Chiappa Alaskan Takedown better or worse than the Winchester? 4. Rifle vs carbine vs musket argument? (Picture of musket attached) 5. For the pistol, which is better between Ruger Vaquero and Uberti? Or is there a better one than those? 6. Do Cowboy Action Shooters shoot a lower caliber so they can shoot faster and more accurately? (Such as using a 357 pistol with 38 special rounds in it). Or do they typically go 45 LC or 44-40 for authenticity?
  7. I am selling 2 Uberti 7 1/2 pistols. One is a Cimarron 1875 Army outlaw and one Stoeger Cattleman model 4465. I am asking 400 for each or both for 650 plus shipping from my FFL to your FFL. both are only about a month old.
  8. Up for sale is a Stoeger / Uberti Lightning pump rifle with a 24” octagonal barrel, chambered for 45 Colt. The receiver has a color case hardened appearance. The rifle is in very good condition with a few minor dings in the stock, and there’s a bit of surface pitting in a few places on the barrel. Looks like it was put away wet, but the pitting is superficial. I’ve decided to switch to 44-40, and have never shot this rifle nor have any idea if the previous owner did any work to it. It did cycle dummy cartridges without issue. My price is $650 shipped CONUS. $550 local. No trades. PM with questions or requests for more pics of specific details, and thanks for looking.
  9. Marlin 1894CB, 44-40, Hornady 240gr SWC-HP #11118 and a load of Reloder 7. Velocity about 1,425fps. High Pressure, High Velocity not for the Henry, Winchester 66' and 73' weak action style rifles. Deer hit at about 60-75 yards. Hit the top of the shoulder broadside, turned 90deg, road down the spine and stopped in the hind quarters. Processor gave up looking for the bullet until he was cutting up the hind quarters where he found it. Buck dropped straight down, never took a step.
  10. Uberti / Cimarron's Expertly Tuned and Short Stroked by Ken Griner of Griner GUNWORKS: 1873 Short Rifle .357 / .38 CA271 $1620.00 1873 Short Rifle - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA213 $1690.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper .357 / .38 CA2022 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip .357 / .38 CA2025 $1690.00 1873 Short Rifle 45LC CA281 $1620.00 1873 Texas Brush Popper - Pistol Grip 45LC $1690.00 We have other rifles in stock ready to be tuned and short stroked. It only takes a short 3-6 weeks for Griner GUNWORKS to complete. We also have a pair of Vaquero's .357 4.62" barrel - Tuned and Ready to Ship! $1500.00 for the pair! And an 1878 Coachgun Tuned with reversed triggers -Ready to go! $715.00 Call us at 970-385-4141 or visit our Website http://evilroy.com
  11. Looking for a used Uberti 1866 Yellowboy Short Rifle, with 20 inch barrel, chambered in 45 LC. Would be great if it was already match ready.

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