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Found 11 results

  1. I have a few more but wanted to get started posting. First one is a nice Navy Arms .22 long rifle, '73 clone. It is a full size/weight 1873 Winchester Carbine replica. Beautiful wood. I've shot it some and it is a real shooter. Hits POA and groups exceptionally well with generic, bulk 22 ammo. Functions perfectly. If you have kids or a better half you'd like to get started shooting lever guns or into Western Americana this is a wonderful place to start. No box. $875 and I'll pay the shipping in CONUS via priority mail. Next up is a Navy Arms Civilian Model Henry, 24" barrel in 44-40. Nice rifle. Navy Arms took some extra effort to make the wood look right on these. It is unfired and I'll include a tooled leather Henry saddle scabbard with the rifle. $200 bonus there. Shipped CON US priority mail for $990. Scabbard goes with the gun since it will only fit a full size Henry. Makes for great display or carry rig to and from the range if you don't have the need for it horse back Browning 1895 Rifle, originally in 30-06 that rechambered to .375 Scoville (.375-06) by the late Dick Nickels. Shot by well known author and .375-06 cartridge proponent Dave Scovill. High grade, checkered, Browning wood, Winchester hard red rubber pad and an action/trigger job. No box. Shipped CONUS via priority mail $1200. Some extras with this one.
  2. I have a .45 caliber 1894 Marlin Cowboy with a 20 inch barrel, worked over by Widowmaker. It feeds anything in .45 caliber and is smooth as silk. Oh, and it is stamped with JM indicating it was made before Remington bought Marlin. It has the normal use wear and tear and is ready for your next match. $900 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I also have an IAC 1887 Winchester that has an action job from Lassiter. I'm not too familiar with these guns but this one has been worked on by Lassiter and has his "drop 2" loading feature. $650 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I'm heading to the Four Corners Regional in Utah at the end of April. You can pick them up there and save shipping. Contact me on the wire or direct at [email protected] if you have interest.
  3. Cowboy Guns For Sale

    Cowboys/Cowgirls, I am selling the following guns for a retired cowboy shooter and wife. JM Marlin 1895 450 Guide Gun With Tasco Scope $600 shipped Winchester 1885 Japan Highwall 45-70 With Pedersoli Tang and Spirit Level Front Sight $1200 Shipped SOLD JM Marlin 336 With Tang Sight $600 Shipped cal 30-30 Winchester Model 97 with Choke Tubes and action job (12.25 LOP) $650 Shipped JM Marlin 1894 .44 Mag Cowboy $700 Shipped--SOLD Uberti 1873 Pioneer Gunworks Carbine (Will only accept 10 shortened 357 cartridges) $1,150 Shipped SOLD Ruger .32 Single Six's with Lassiter Action Jobs $1,300 for pair shipped Please forward any questions to; Smokie [email protected] 417-894-4208
  4. I'd like some advice. I am interested in buying a lever action rifle and single action revolver (ideally in the same caliber, but not required). I'm a Marine and have a lot of experience with semi-automatics, but little experience with revolvers or lever action rifles. I primarily want them for novelty and fun shooting, which makes me think I should get a pistol caliber such as 357 or 45 LC 1873 or 1892 Winchester. I have no experience with these types of guns, so I don't know what else they are well suited for besides Cowboy Action Shooting, which I'd enjoy getting into someday. So essentially I'm wondering (to figure out which brand/caliber would be best): 1. Which is better between the 1873 and 1892? I've heard that the 1873 has a smoother action, and the 1892 has a stronger action (Although I admit I don't really understand what that means). 2. If I want to use the rifle for hunting, would the 30-30 caliber 1894 be better? 3. For the 1892, is the Chiappa Alaskan Takedown better or worse than the Winchester? 4. Rifle vs carbine vs musket argument? (Picture of musket attached) 5. For the pistol, which is better between Ruger Vaquero and Uberti? Or is there a better one than those? 6. Do Cowboy Action Shooters shoot a lower caliber so they can shoot faster and more accurately? (Such as using a 357 pistol with 38 special rounds in it). Or do they typically go 45 LC or 44-40 for authenticity?
  5. For Sale - Coyote Cap IAC 97 Pump Shotgun - SOLD

    Newer IAC Coyote Cap 97 in 12 gauge. Has Winchester stock. Cap warranties his work for life, just had him touch it up at Winter Range. $500 plus $25 for shipping.
  6. Rifle advice

    I've been looking at Buds Gun Shop (because they do layaway) at the various 1866 & 1873 rifles. The have Winchesters and Cimarrons in .44-40 both for around $1K. Which would be the best seeing that the money is basically the same? Also, I kind of like the aesthetics of the brass receiver on the 66, but I'd like to know if there is any functional advantage of the 1873 over the 1866. Since I plan on shooting Frontiersman, I'll be reloading my own cartridges with BP, and I understand that the necked down cartridges such as the .44-40 are the way to go to minimize back fowling. Your opinions on this as well, please. Steers y'all
  7. fs: Winchester 1876, 45-60

    Okay, I've decided to sell my Winchester 76. I really doubt anyone wants this for Cowboy Shooting, but if you're like me, you fell in love with old Winchesters and Marlins after getting involved in the sport. So, here's what I have. A Winchester 1876, 45-60, very nice condition with lots of bluing. Manufactured in 1882 complete with a factory letter from 1978. I bought this from the person whose name is on the letter and he had it for almost 40 years. You'll see that this has a lot of bluing remaining, and that the caliber on the bottom is clear and easy to read, not worn off like most. The bore is in very nice condition and the action is nice and smooth. (P.S. Please don't write if all you want to do is complain about this rifle, which is what I've discovered on other posts. The gun is almost 136 years old so yes, it does have wear.) Asking $6,700, including shipping in the continental US.
  8. Winchester value needed

    Winchester rifle (US made) 1894, 38-55, oct barrel, may have been fired but very little. What is approximate value? thanks
  9. I have 2500 once-fired Red Winchester featherlite 12 gauge hulls for sale that my wife & I fired ourselves. $170 shipped to you in the CONUS. I'll take a money order or a personal check if you're a SASS member & registered on this forum.
  10. Marlin 1894CB, 44-40, Hornady 240gr SWC-HP #11118 and a load of Reloder 7. Velocity about 1,425fps. High Pressure, High Velocity not for the Henry, Winchester 66' and 73' weak action style rifles. Deer hit at about 60-75 yards. Hit the top of the shoulder broadside, turned 90deg, road down the spine and stopped in the hind quarters. Processor gave up looking for the bullet until he was cutting up the hind quarters where he found it. Buck dropped straight down, never took a step.
  11. I have two Winchester 1897 shotguns for sale. Just have to many to fit in the safe. One is a compilation of several guns, has a new stock and works well. It has a hole in the receiver from a past repair and is definitely not stock, it has a Cowboys and Indians ejector and past action job. I want $400 for it and I'll pay shipping to your FFL. The other is in good shape. The stock is worn and the forestock does not match. The gun ejects fair but could use a new quality ejector. I want $300 for that one shipped to your FFL. Take em both for $650 or make me an offer! As far as trading goes, I could use a 1911 I could use for Traditional Wild Bunch. I have pictures I can email on request till I figure out how to post them here.

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