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Found 8 results

  1. Whisperin' Wade SASS #36209

    Engraved 1866 Uberti Short Rifle FS

    I have a well used 1866 American Arms Winchester made by Uberti in 38 Special. It is hand engraved by the late Frank Leman. It has a Super Short Stroke kit from Pioneer gun works as well as springs from Slix Springs. Been a great rifle and still works well, just time for me to move on to a '73. The finish is worn and the stock is too, it's been a shooting gun not a safe queen. I'd like to get $1200 for it but am open to reasonable offers. PM me or email direct to [email protected]
  2. Redwood Kid

    Need 1892 help.

    Howdy all. I’m in the process of swapping out the lever of my 92 for a big loop I bought from Stevesguns. He did say it may require some fitting or it may drop in. It does require some fitting. There are two places where the shape of the new one differs from the original one. Here is the first area, where the lever fits in the bolt
  3. The safe is getting a mite crowded and it is time to find a new forever home for some of these safe queens. I offer the following original and repro lever guns for your consideration. 1. ORIGINAL 1886 Winchester, 45-70, 25 inch barrel, serial #125xxx. I shot this one at side matches and 200 yard ram bashes. Nice shooter. $3300 Gun is at least 50% take a look at photos 2. ORIGINAL 1893 Marlin, 38-55, 27 inch barrel, , serial #180xxx, 180xxx, another nice shooter and side match gun. $800 Gun is at least 50% take a look at photos 3. 1894 Winchester commemorative Legendary Frontiersman, 38-55, won both Virginia and Delaware long range rifle caliber lever gun at their respective state matches. Beautiful walnut stock and forearm. $800 4. SPF- Marlin 1894 carbine, .45 colt, nice action job and has all the original parts that had been replaced if you want them. $750 5. Rossi 1892, 38/357, stainless steel with a very nice tack job if I do say so myself. Very smooth action. $800 Photos of marlin 1893 rifling inserted Big Gus #66666
  4. all sold , thank you!
  5. Smokie, SASS # 6061

    Cowboy Guns For Sale

    Cowboys/Cowgirls, I am selling the following guns for a retired cowboy shooter and wife. JM Marlin 1895 450 Guide Gun With Tasco Scope $600 shipped Winchester 1885 Japan Highwall 45-70 With Pedersoli Tang and Spirit Level Front Sight $1200 Shipped SOLD JM Marlin 336 With Tang Sight $600 Shipped cal 30-30 Winchester Model 97 with Choke Tubes and action job (12.25 LOP) $650 Shipped JM Marlin 1894 .44 Mag Cowboy $700 Shipped--SOLD Uberti 1873 Pioneer Gunworks Carbine (Will only accept 10 shortened 357 cartridges) $1,150 Shipped SOLD Ruger .32 Single Six's with Lassiter Action Jobs $1,300 for pair shipped Please forward any questions to; Smokie [email protected] 417-894-4208
  6. I have a .45 caliber 1894 Marlin Cowboy with a 20 inch barrel, worked over by Widowmaker. It feeds anything in .45 caliber and is smooth as silk. Oh, and it is stamped with JM indicating it was made before Remington bought Marlin. It has the normal use wear and tear and is ready for your next match. $900 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I also have an IAC 1887 Winchester that has an action job from Lassiter. I'm not too familiar with these guns but this one has been worked on by Lassiter and has his "drop 2" loading feature. $650 plus $50 for shipping to your FFL. I'm heading to the Four Corners Regional in Utah at the end of April. You can pick them up there and save shipping. Contact me on the wire or direct at [email protected] if you have interest.
  7. I'd like some advice. I am interested in buying a lever action rifle and single action revolver (ideally in the same caliber, but not required). I'm a Marine and have a lot of experience with semi-automatics, but little experience with revolvers or lever action rifles. I primarily want them for novelty and fun shooting, which makes me think I should get a pistol caliber such as 357 or 45 LC 1873 or 1892 Winchester. I have no experience with these types of guns, so I don't know what else they are well suited for besides Cowboy Action Shooting, which I'd enjoy getting into someday. So essentially I'm wondering (to figure out which brand/caliber would be best): 1. Which is better between the 1873 and 1892? I've heard that the 1873 has a smoother action, and the 1892 has a stronger action (Although I admit I don't really understand what that means). 2. If I want to use the rifle for hunting, would the 30-30 caliber 1894 be better? 3. For the 1892, is the Chiappa Alaskan Takedown better or worse than the Winchester? 4. Rifle vs carbine vs musket argument? (Picture of musket attached) 5. For the pistol, which is better between Ruger Vaquero and Uberti? Or is there a better one than those? 6. Do Cowboy Action Shooters shoot a lower caliber so they can shoot faster and more accurately? (Such as using a 357 pistol with 38 special rounds in it). Or do they typically go 45 LC or 44-40 for authenticity?
  8. I have two Winchester 1897 shotguns for sale. Just have to many to fit in the safe. One is a compilation of several guns, has a new stock and works well. It has a hole in the receiver from a past repair and is definitely not stock, it has a Cowboys and Indians ejector and past action job. I want $400 for it and I'll pay shipping to your FFL. The other is in good shape. The stock is worn and the forestock does not match. The gun ejects fair but could use a new quality ejector. I want $300 for that one shipped to your FFL. Take em both for $650 or make me an offer! As far as trading goes, I could use a 1911 I could use for Traditional Wild Bunch. I have pictures I can email on request till I figure out how to post them here.

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