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The question has been asked " How do I find an old THREAD in the Forums?"

Many THREADS are repeated, or have the same general discussion on a Forum (Mostly the SASS WIRE Forum), based on New Shooters joining SASS and asking similar questions that have been asked by past New Shooters and answered on the WIRE.

Here are just a few of the options available to you.


(1) Use the Search Option on each Forum.


In the upper right hand section of the Forum page you will find the Search Box.


Clicking in the search box will open up the left side Parameter which defaults to "This Forum".


Click on the drop down arrow for the menu.


Then choose the area you wish to search.

Once done, type in the search parameter you are looking for.




In this case looking for POSTS in This Forum for sxs.

Hit enter or click on the magnifying glass icon in the search box, and the results show:




Your results will appear, highlighting the words you typed.

Clicking on the TITLE of your selection will take you to that THREAD.




Notice that the search item typed in "sxs" appears.


(2) Page search (Historical)




Searching using the historical page numbers is a slower method as there are no parameters; however, items can be visually scanned.




There already is a more detailed explanation of this method in my other post Titled:






This is one of my favorites. ;)





Type in your search information. Be sure to include the word "SASS".




The results will appear and if you see a line item that looks like what you want, choose it by clicking on the title.

In this case I'll chose the "Side by Side" title.




If you wish to get more results, choose the "More results from www.sassnet.com" title.




Which yields the following:



Merely choose the topic that appears to be what you are looking for.


HOPE THIS HELPS. If so give this POST a 5a277b2708c64_LIKEIcon.JPG.615eca1cc4371f962122cc7f2349de44.JPG.


Ms Allie Mo Search Feature in F.A.Q. Forum.JPG

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