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END of TRAIL needs you!


Waddies are a crucial workforce for END of TRAIL. The success of the event as a whole hinges upon the dedication of the folks who sign up to volunteer their time as Waddies. These renowned folks play an immeasurable role in the success of END of TRAIL!

The term "Waddie" originates in the true American Old West. A Waddie is defined as: One of the words for cowboy, especially a cowboy who drifted from ranch to ranch and helped out in busy times. Just like the waddies of the Old West, END of TRAIL waddies are Cowboys who come to Founders Ranch to help out in our busiest time- END of TRAIL! In exchange for your volunteering as an END of TRAIL waddie, you'll receive your meals when working, camping, parking, and many other goodies exclusive to waddies! You'll earn a gold dollar a day as an homage to the true Old West waddies, and- earn points toward SASS membership, merchandise, Founders Ranch Range fees, and even EOT Entries! 

The END of TRAIL schedule is jam-packed with opportunities for you to help. And we need you! Whether you have just a few hours here and there, want to volunteer for a special event or task, or if you'd like to attend END of TRAIL as a Full time Waddie, we'd sure love to have you!





If you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss being a Waddie Volunteer at END of TRAIL, please dont hesitate to reach out to us:


Angela Bellarose, Waddie Ramrod: [email protected]

Misty Moonshine, Event Management: [email protected]

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Howdy pards and pardetts,


Being  a Waddie at EOT is actually a lot of fun AND you get the satisfaction of knowing that  you helped stage the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. There is always something that needs doing during EOT and you get to meet the top performers in our game and the folks that helped make our sport what it is today.


Misty Moonshine and her crew really take care of the shooters and the Waddies. When you leave the ranch on your way home you’ll leave with a lot of memories and the satisfaction of making EOT what it was. So come on out to New Mexico territory and enjoy a week at Founders Ranch making EOT great.


Your pard,


Yul Lose



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A week from today all of you EOT attendees will get to see my smiling face at the front gate!!   Can’t wait!!!

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