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Colt SAA mfg. 1893 value & buying advice

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I'm interested if anyone has any thoughts about the value of this pistol? I'm considering buying it and not sure what it's worth. Always dreamed of owning a first gen. black powder frame Colt SAA from the 1800's.

As you can see the grips have been worn smooth and the blueing is all gone. The bore is good, action functions and the lock up is tight.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.











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Tough to answer without a physical inspection.  Based on pics alone, $1,000-$1,250.  If it's to be a shooter then a thorough exam by an experienced gun smith would be necessary before a final price.  If it's a wall hanger then absent any historical significance $800-$900.  First generation prices can fluctuate a bit depending on the condition and historical importance.  Nettleton Colts in good shape can go for $9-10,000 while run of the mill Colts can be had for less than $1,000.   There is a Colt Collectors Forum web site where you might get a better idea as to value.


The serial number puts the manufacturing date in 1893.  Based on that date, it looks to be in good shape.  In the end, it's up to you to pay what YOU think its worth to YOU. 


BTW, the cylinder pin seems to be partly out of the frame, but it's correctly seated in the third photo.

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I've been watching for a shooter and seen several black power frame Colts prices.  One example is a 41 Colt that had been polished to death and nickel plated.  No markings left on frame and big patch of nickel off one side of the cylinder. The shop is asking about $1900 for it.   Even at a good price, loading for the 41 Colt would be problematic and expensive.   


The same shop got in a black powder frame 45 Colt made in 1873 that had mixed parts, badly polished and old finish warn ofg and looked awful.  They had the hammer zip ties to keep folks from trying the action.  Asked $2300 and sold the same day.


There are two on GB that are really ragged out and polished and refinished to death and been modified for quick draw with a starting price of $1,000.


Another I've only seen pictures of and had the testimony of a buddy that looked at it is a black powder frame around 1885 in 44WCF.   But it's been poorly polished until no more markings and none of the serial numbers match.  The cylinder looks like a modern reproduction.  The barrel is marked Frontier Six shooter.  It's a real junkyard dowg.  They are asking $1200.

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Good information here. Whatever you do do not price compare with Cabela's on original Colts. They tend to ask more money on 1st and 2ND generation Colts in poor condition than a brand new supercharger for a Ferrari.

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Someone else went ahead and bought the Colt whlile I was deliberating and researching! It sold for $2,200. 

Thanks again everyone for the ideas and knowledge shared. 

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