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Subdeacon Joe

Arrested Because He Followed The Law

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Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/01/yunsong-zhao-charges-dropped-on-obscure-rifle-law-after-eight-months-in-custody/#ixzz5cp3ItCUy 
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We rightly condemn other countries for holding U.S. citizens for months and years without proper trials.

Yunsong Zhao was caught in a trap of U.S. paranoia, obscure weapons law (which he obeyed!) and insane University regulations forbidding the possession of a knife.

The authorities said they were concerned he had purchased a former police car. He had looked at how much police lights for the car cost online. He had looked up what bullet-resistant vests cost. He had looked online at the cost of 5,000 rounds of ammunition."






Zhao had been charged with an obscure law making it illegal for a non-citizen to put a magazine that holds more than 20 rounds into a semi-automatic rifle. Zhao had legally purchased the rifle, which originally had 30 round magazines with it. Because Zhao had researched the law, he knew he could not legally put the magazines in the rifle. He traded them for a sling and purchased 20 round magazines. He was arrested after firing the rifle at a range. Fortunately, a friend had videotaped him. The video showed him changing the magazine after 20 rounds.

An undercover officer had followed him to the range.  The officer claimed he saw a 30 round magazine in the rifle. That is what resulted in the arrest. A search of Zhao's possessions only turned up 20 round magazines. The officer claimed he did not video the firing, because his cell phone ran out of battery power at exactly that point. The judge did not buy the officer's explanation.


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