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"Big Boston"

Winchester 452AA powder

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Winchester 452AA powder was discontinued a while back. For some time after that Hodgdon sold a similar powder, Trap 100. They are the same color, and for the most part, handloaders have been using the load data interchangeably. The only difference I've noticed is that 452AA is slightly more uniform in kernel size and the density is slightly different. I use a Lyman Accumeasure and the difference was a tenth or two of a grain for a give rotor. 


I've burnt through a few pounds of each, using up or selling off the better part of an eight pound box of Trap 100, and when that was gone I started using up a few cans of 452AA. I've got less than a pound left now, and the chances of finding any more are pretty slim here in Manitoba.


For the last couple of days I've been familiarizing myself with the nuances of loading some cowboy loads in 38 Long Colt brass. 


For base line testing I loaded a few shells with Bullseye and 150 gr bullets. This established a safe PRE. I did the same with a Universal load and a 358156, to get a max load.


Somewhere along the way the light bulb went on. I looked back at all the 452AA loads I've tested over the years, and compared the charge/velocity with data for Bullseye. 


For what it's worth, there wasn't much difference. Case expansion is similar as well. Even at the starting loads, both will expand the cases the same. It burns a bit cleaner IMO.


So, if you ever come across a stash of 452AA and are wondering what you can use it for, I'd say anywhere you can use Bullseye, 452AA should work. 


Just a FYI post, I don't have any unanswered questions, thanks for reading my post. 


Big Boston. 




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Mourned the passing of 452AA, emptied numerous kegs before it went away.  Great powder in 45acp and 12ga.   Jusy another in a long list of discontinued powders.   GW

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Anything that 452AA was used for, WST can now be substituted at almost same weights.  


Burned a lot of 452 shooting trap in the 70s.


Good luck, GJ

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