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2015 End of Trail Mounted Entry Form

Follow the link below to download the Official 2015 End of Trail Mounted Entry Form!
Sign up before June 8th and get 10% OFF your main match.
For any other questions Contact Ice Lady @ icegait@hughes.net



Although SASS is not sponsoring Buffalo Stampede this year, BRR Mounted will hold their own State Championship Match, Border Wars, which will be a State Match for riders from New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado (as Texas and Colorado do not have a state championship match of their own).
There is a 10% discount for early registration for Buffalo Stampede, so send in your registration form and entry fees by May 1st for the best deal! The entry form will be available soon at:

Mounted Shooting Tips

The best way to introduce a new rider or horse to Mounted Shooting is to attend one of our New Rider Clinics. We have three clinics scheduled in 2014.......

Making Mounted Shooting History at END of TRAIL 2012

If you ever thought about becoming a Cowboy Mounted Shooter, now is the time to saddle up, and END of TRAIL is the place to ride as SASS and CMSA join forces to make this championship the ride of a lifetime!

New Stuff Today

Today we have added to the Members Only Page and to the SASS Mercantile.

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