Outlaw Trail, The SASS Four Corners Regional Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting!

4 Stage Cowboy Action Shooting Warm-Up Match
10 Stage Wild Bunch Match also offered at Outlaw Trail

12 Stage Action Shooting Regional Championship Match

Wild Bunch Categories - Traditional, Ladies Traditional, Modern, Ladies Modern

Cowboy Action Categories -All SASS Categories will be offered.



August 20-24, 2014


Founders Ranch, New Mexico



Camping is available for RV's and tents. No hook-ups, but chemical toilets are available. Camping is restricted to one RV or one tent and one car per site. Day parking for shooters is provided in a separate, adjacent area.

CAMPING is FREE at this event.




Extreme drought conditions currently exist at Founders Ranch, and extra precaution must be taken. All Event Attendees must follow the following restrictions:

• Absolutely NO Open fires of any kind. • NO Fireworks. • Smoking is allowed only in developed areas, in enclosed buildings, or in private vehicles. Proper disposal of butts is mandatory. Anyone see throwing a butt on the ground will be asked to leave the property. • Parking is allowed only in developed areas under the direction of parking personnel. • Vehicles and ATV's are to be operated only on developed roads and parking areas . • Cooking fires, including charcoal fires/charcoal grills (open flame) are NOT allowed. • Propane/gas grills (enclosed flames) are allowed with constant supervision by the operator.

We want your visit to Founders Ranch to be an enjoyable one. The areas "Tinder-box" conditions warrant the need for strict fire prevention measures. Please contact Event Management with any questions you may have.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided at reasonable cost from on-site food vendors all days.

Saturday night Dinner is included in your entry fee.

Water will be provided in abundance!

Evening Social functions will be BYOB unless otherwise advertised.



Gun cart rental is available through the SASS Mercantile. $25.00 for the entire match. The corral will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday. Overnight storage of your cart (no guns) is also available.


Handicapped Parking & Motorized Carts


Golf Carts, ATV's, and single seat carts for the handicapped are permitted when proper state issued handicapped credentials are provided.

You must check in your vehicle and get a Founders Ranch Permit authorizing you to use the vehicle at Founder Ranch. Golf Carts and ATVs, even with permits, are not permitted in town and my not be parked in town. They must be parked in the designated parking areas on the west side of town (near the bridge) or along the fence line (grassy area) on the range road. NO Carts or ATVs may be parked on the range road, in bays or the mouth of a bay, behind the vendor buildings, or in front or around the Copper Queen / Belle Union.

SASS does not provide vehicles for the handicapped. Handicapped parking is provided for vehicles with proper handicapped identification placards and transportation between parking areas and the shooting range is provided. Powered gun carts are permitted as long as they are not drivable vehicles.


Match Dates
AUGUST 20 - AUGUST 24, 2013

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