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Title: .45 acp levergun
Post by: mortman on March 09, 2017, 11:46:39 AM

Watched a codymatic .45acp 1873 in a match.

It jammed frequently.

unusual or normal?

would v. much like a levergun in .45 acp.

Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: Garrison Joe on March 09, 2017, 12:12:55 PM
They can be made to run very reliably, at least, if not quite as "perfectly reliably" as a bottleneck-rimmed-cartridge lever gun.

If you want one, make sure it is built by someone who has built quite a few, and who lives close enough to help you tune out any problems. 

I know of a few that the owner gave up on after getting the conversion done.  And a few that the owner has resorted to special ammo loading techniques to achieve excellent reliability.

When a lever gun is built that tailors the action length to the actual length of .45 Auto, I would be somewhat enthusiastic.  Until then, what gun designs and chamberings that are commercially sold in pistol-caliber lever rifles suit me to a T.   ;D
Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: mortman on March 09, 2017, 12:22:40 PM
my shotgun boogie .45 colt 1873 runs like crazy.  reliable too.
sticking w. it.  8)
Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: Boggus Deal on March 09, 2017, 07:55:36 PM
Mica Maguire won the Traditional Category at Winter Range last month shooting one. If I am not mistaken, Capt Sam Evans won overall shooting one. While some of them I have seen can be ammo sensitive, most of them run extremely well!
Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: DUSTY BODDAMS on March 09, 2017, 08:16:55 PM
MM, I would call one jamming all the time very odd. The money bet would be the ammo being used or how dirty the rifle.  I personally know of a 1/2 dozen that run perfect. Mine have been used extensively since I came up with the idea. I think that was 2011 or 12 and I won the Louisiana state championship overall using that rifle. Lots of wins since then and very few problems. It's got to be remembered that all 73's are sensitive to overall length, heck 92 winchesters are sensitive to overall length.  ;D bottom line I like mine.  easy to feed, fun to use. It's just convenient not better than anything else ,  ;D well other than it cures blow by and an accuracy increase....... Dusty Boddams
Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: Goatneck on March 09, 2017, 10:17:35 PM
I have 2 model 73's in 45 ACP.  They run flawless.  Between the two rifles I have over 8,000 round fired.  With no problems.  As Dusty stated most of the time it is ammo issues that cause 1911's and the 45 ACP Rifles to cause problems. Codymatic ACP Rifle is the only one I would consider.

Title: Re: .45 acp levergun
Post by: UnionJack on March 10, 2017, 01:12:20 PM
I have one that runs flawlessly now,I had a problem in the beginning that was easily solved ,I load with  the same set up as for my 1911 ,just use a 200gr bullet instead of a 230. I love it,I think I cleaned it once in the last 2000 rnds other than a squirt with some One Shot.It worked very well with the 230s too just have a lot of 200 sitting around .