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Title: Need suggestions on 30 06 BAM load
Post by: Back 40 on August 13, 2017, 08:50:30 AM
Finally got my BAM rifle.   Remington 03A3.   Now I need suggestions on a good load to shoot. 
Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Need suggestions on 30 06 BAM load
Post by: Garrison Joe on August 13, 2017, 11:59:42 AM
Each mil rifle seems to like a different cast bullet load.  But if you look in the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook #4, and look for a 170-200 bullet design, and think powders between 2400 and 3031 burn rates, and load to about 1500-1800 FPS, you can usually find a gem in there someplace.

I've not yet got an '06 load I like well enough to shoot BAM matches, but I'm getting closer with a 200 grain bullet and some Reloder 7 powder.  (That's why I shoot a 6.5 Swede or an 8mm Mauser (Yugo) in BAM matches).   I'd rather shoot 4759 powder, as it just loves to push cast bullets down range, but I'm afraid to shoot up my last bottle in case IMR never wises up and makes it again.

Here's an interesting place to find loads that worked well enough to win their Cast Bullet Association military rifle matches recently:

The Lyman design 311299 or 314299 usually shoots real well for folks.  Night Owl Enterprises also cuts a very nice copy of that mold.  Usually weighs about 200 grain in linotype or Lyman #2 alloy.

Here's what that looks like:

Good luck, GJ
Title: Re: Need suggestions on 30 06 BAM load
Post by: DUSTY BODDAMS on August 13, 2017, 05:24:05 PM
Good places to start GJ!
Back 40 to get more of what you want and less of what you don't need a 170 grain bullet gas checked running 15-1600 fps does wonders in bamm. My load is a proven match winner featuring Norman Purcellas hytek coated gas check 170 sil bullet sized at .310 with a standard win rifle primer and 18 grains of imr sr4759. Several other powders work well including 2400.
03a3's usually are easy to get shooting with reduced load ammo.
Don't want to mess with all this? Call HooDoo Brown he is a fine custom ammo loader that is a bamm shooter and trophy winner, he can load 30/06 to your specifications with lead and ship it to you quick so you'll be ready for the Texas state championship bolt action military match!
Title: Re: Need suggestions on 30 06 BAM load
Post by: Goatneck on August 14, 2017, 03:10:36 PM
Back 40

Glade you found a BAMM Rifle in 03A3.  Dusty is right on for the loading information.  I shoot the same load as he does with the same bullet. I have 2 03A3 rifles.  With that load I am running 1550 PFS.  both of my rifles shoot  1 MOA at 100 yds.  I shoot my rifles out to 430 yds and they are dead nuts on.  The only difference in my loads as Dusty's, I use a Federal Gold Medal Large Rifle Primer.  Hope youall can join us at The Texas Wild Bunch State Championship in Nov.  We will be hosting 2 BAMM Matches also.  Come join us for a fun weekend.